Mpumalanga’s long-awaited TV drama begins auditions 

Mpumalanga’s long-awaited TV drama begins auditions
UBUKHOSI: A brand new drama series which aims to showcase the rich culture of the province will hold auditions starting today. PICTURE BY Facebook

The drama is cast in siSwati and isiNdebele and auditions will take place from 15 to 31 January 2021. WhatsApp to 079-123-1925 or email to or visit

Ubukhosi, an upcoming Mpumalanga TV drama, is looking for talent that will represent the province on a national stage in siSwati and isiNdebele.

Auditions will take place over the last two weeks of January 2021.

The producers actually wants to unearth hidden talents in young and old actors who are fluent in the two Mpumalanga languages.

They aim to fill the positions of 10 characters for the drama series.

Those who are interested will be given the opportunity to choose one character they would be auditioned for.

Producer Delizwe Shabangu said Mpumalanga is a beautiful province and Ubukhosi will seek to promote it as a tourist destination.

“We aim to showcase tourist attractions in Mpumalanga and make it the place for shooting movies and TV shows,” said Shabangu.

He said Ubukhosi is centred around love, culture, leadership and wealth.

“It is a television series filmed primarily in siSwati and isiNdebele about a community that still upholds its traditions, culture and way of living in the modern day,” he said.

It touches on themes such as love, classism and gender equality, said Shabangu.

“It aims to educate, create awareness and shed light on cultural and mostly royal matters, while at the same time being entertaining,” he said.

Ubukhosi director Kekeletso Mphuti said those who are interested will be given the opportunity to review the character they are auditioning for, their profile and mood, and prepare a short monologue describing the character.

The character will exist in a script…

“You choose one character you will be auditioning for and prepare your audition monologue,” she said.

The first step in the audition video is that you introduce yourself, give us your name, your phone number and the character you are auditioning for. 

Then record your audition, no longer than two minutes. 

Upload the audition video and send it to us either on WhatsApp (079-123-1925), to or visit

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