Petrol stations no longer allowed to pour petrol into container

Petrol stations no longer allowed to pour petrol into container
FILE: Minerals and energy minister Gwede Mantashe has issued a ban on the sale of petrol poured in containers. PICTURE BY Business Tech

This is meant to quell the protests that have engulfed South Africa since the incarceration of former President Jacob Zuma.

South Africa “may not retail and dispense petrol or diesel into a container.”

This is according to the latest regulations issued by energy minister Gwede Mantashe in terms of the Petroleum Products Act.

This is part of government’s response to quell the riots that have been taking place in parts of the country calling for fomer President Jacob Zuma to be released.

At least 72 people have died since the unrest took place in Gauteng and KZN, with scores injured and arrested.

Shops have been looted and burnt, in rampant damage that is estimated to be worth billions of rands.

Petrol stations in South Africa will be breaking the new law if the pour patrol into plastic bottles or other containers

The new regulations say this is in line with “public safety associated with the ongoing unrest.”

The law is called “Regulations Prohibiting The Sale And Dispensing Of Petrol And Diesel Into Containers” and was published Thursday morning this week 15 July 2021.

Any licensed patrol station owner is forced by the law not to pour petroleum into a container.

“The department assures the nation that while there are challenges with regards the movement of petroleum products to some parts of the country, there is sufficient product and government is working to secure the movement of all petroleum product,” Mantashe said.

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