Vusi Shongwe helps 100 families in his hometown of Breyten

Vusi Shongwe helps 100 families in his hometown of Breyten
GIVING BACK: Community safety MEC Vusi Shongwe embarked on a donation drive giving back to the needy in his hometown of Breyten. PICTURE Supplied

Shongwe said this is part of his dream to continuously give back to those who raised him.

Community safety MEC Vusi Shongwe has given away 100 blankets and groceries to elders in his home town of Breyten.

The Community safety MEC said he does this every year to give back to those in need. 

The 63-year politician who is also Mpumalanga’s leader of government business says he will always cherish the love he has always been receiving from the elders who showed him that he could lead the province.

Community activist Muziwakhe Malang said the MEC asked him to organise the event and ensure that people are compliant with Covid-19 regulations so that they don’t get infected with the virus at the event. 

“Very few people attended and others were told they will get the parcels at their respective homes as we were not having enough chairs to accommodate them.

“He did 50 per ward and we have two wards in the area and he has been doing so for many years now since being appointed a leader,” Malang said when he spoke to the 013NEWS reporter.

Shongwe said, “I did this because it pains me to observe the love that people have for us as leaders of the ANC government”.

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“You are raised in a particular area. You know everyone and their situation, and that is where this is coming from, one is obligated to assist especially now that it is winter. Our people must get certain things that are basic to their daily needs.

“Some other times we did it in December and now we are doing it in winter and I have always been telling them that I will never forget them and I will continue to be there for them and my cellphone is always on,” said Shongwe.

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