Backlash over BP getting liquor license

Backlash over BP getting liquor license
BOOZEY PETROL: Filling station chain BP goes beyond petroleum as it adds wine as part of it's forecourt offering, raising the ire of some in society who say this will fuel drunk driving. PICTURE BY Twitter

BP wants to have liquor sold at all its filling station forecourts across South Africa.

The granting of the liquor license to BP has been met with fierce opposition. 

They say this undermines the government’s efforts to reduce road accidents as liquor will now be sold on the very same road.

The liquor license was given to BP to be allowed to sell wine at its Pick n Pay Express stores and is already being rolled out in Johannesburg.

However, the Southern African Alcohol Policy Alliance South Africa (SAAPA SA) says this is uncalled for and BP should stop it.

SAAPA SA says a law passed in 2016 prohibits petrol stations or areas near petrol stations from selling alcohol, worse being awarded liquor licences.

“The long-awaited Liquor Amendment Bill of 2016 also specifically outlaws the granting of licenses to such premises,” said SAAPA SA director Maurice Smithers.

“It will serve to undermine the efforts of the Department of Transport to reduce alcohol-related incidents through the Road Traffic Amendment Bill, which is currently being considered by parliament,” Smithers said. 

They have now asked liquor authorities to consider not awarding licenses to such areas – citing that it will increase the risk of drunk driving, which is not allowed by the South African law.

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