Time to unite is now – Peter Nyoni

Time to unite is now - Peter Nyoni
CAMPAIGNING: Mpumalanga ANC senior member Peter Nyoni has urged the party to unite ahead of the 1 November local government elections. PICTURE BY 013NEWS

Senior Mpumalanga ANC member Peter Nyoni has asked party members to leave their differences aside and come on board as a united force.

He campaigned for the ANC in the village of Mkhuhlu in the Bushbuckridge area with NEC member Reginah Mhaule and provincial ANC chair hopeful Lucky Ndinisa who also runs the Nkangala district municipality as speaker.

The area’s Bhunu Malandule formed part of the event and other party members.

Peter Nyoni with deputy basic education minister Reginah Mhaule and Nkangala district municipal leader Lucky Ndinisa who launched the ANC’s ward campaign team the past weekend

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Speaking on the sidelines of the campaign ahead of the 1 November 2021 local government elections, Nyoni said: “We can’t continue tearing ourselves apart. We have a mandate for the people we lead, not to tear ourselves apart”.

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“If ever there was a time when the ANC needed all its cadres, that time is now,” Nyoni said. 

“Now is the time that all of us should put the ANC first and our hunger for leadership positions last. I am appealing to all former members of the ANC to come out in their numbers and help the ANC on the ground as opposed to the engagements on social media,” he told 013NEWS.

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“When Alexander the Great said, ‘an army of sheep led by a lion, will always defeat an army of lions if they are led by a sheep’,” Nyoni said.

“Comrade President Cyril Ramaphosa is leading from the front and some of us who are sheep get motivated and inspired because of the investment he is making into the account of trust that at some point seemed depleted as a result of corruption. 

“Now our people are beginning to deposit in the account of trust because of his fight against maladministration and corrupt practices.

“He is traversing the length and the breadth of this country instilling hope to the majority of our people who as a result of corruption coupled with the Covid pandemic see a bleak future, we are led correctly and I have no doubt that the ANC is going to emerge victorious in the coming local government elections,” Nyoni said.

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When asked if he is still interested in running for any position in the top five of the Mpumalanga ANC, Nyoni replied: “Now is not the appropriate time to talk about such matters. But going forward it will be appropriate to build a strong ANC that would be able to respond to challenges faced by our people”.

“We need to create a platform of engagement on how we can best unite and renew the ANC. We have been consistently calling for a dialogue with those that are now members of the defunct, illegitimate PEC on building a strong foundation of unity based on the character and values of the ANC. 

“The forum must consist of everyone who loves the ANC. Like how Jesus responded at some point; if you love me keep my laws, therefore if we claim to love the ANC we are expected to keep its laws.

“Comrades are talking of a conference immediately after the local government elections, I don’t see it that way. 

“There is a lot that must be done before the conference, otherwise we will be doing the same things and hoping to yield different outcomes. I think why people are afraid is that they attended the same school, same syllabus and same principal. And now the thinking must change and it is now a mountain too high to climb. Remember all the groupings graduated from the same school,” said Nyoni. 

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