Witbank High deputy principal faces sexual harassment charges

Witbank High deputy principal faces sexual harassment charges
SEXUAL HARASSMENT: Female teachers at Witbank High are working in fear, this as deputy principal, Hamilton Tjatjie returns to work after his three months suspension over sexual harassment charges. PICTURE BY 013NEWS

The education department has confirmed that Hamilton Tjatjie’s hearing will sit in the second week of November 2021.

Witbank High School has in past years endured quite a bad reputation as a result of a decay in leadership and a rabid decline in its academic performance.

Now the deputy principal of one of the town’s biggest schools is in hot water for not being able to keep his hands to himself when around his female colleagues.

Deputy principal Hamilton Tjatjie will face a disciplinary hearing after he allegedly touched a female educator inappropriately during a teachers’ workshop in Tshwane earlier this year.

Tjatjie was reported to the department of education soon afterwards and was charged with misconduct and suspended from his position.

But Tjatjie’s suspension has now been lifted, which is now a cause for concern amongst other educators.


The victim has since stopped teaching at the school while Tjatjie is back and in charge of the school again.

School governing body member Pascaline Mazibuko has slammed this as an injustice against the victim and other female teachers.

“The department has been very reckless in handling this matter because they were supposed to guarantee the rights of women in the workplace.

“How can they let someone accused of such to return to school where there are girl children. What if he does this to a learner next time? This is unacceptable,” Mazibuko said.

A female teacher who asked not to be named said she doesn’t feel comfortable at work anymore.

“There were more than 10 other female teachers who witnessed what happened. It happened in front of all our eyes, why is there no action? Personally, I don’t feel safe around that man,” she said

Mazibuko said she is busy mobilising other parents and community members and should the disciplinary hearing not take place as promised by the department then they will march to the school and shut it down.

“We know it’s exam time but our children’s safety and the safety of female teachers is something we can’t compromise on. 

“We can’t allow that man to be around our kids knowing what he can be capable of,” Mazibuko said when speaking to 013NEWS.

Witbank High School Deputy Principal, Hamilton Tjatjie who is accused of touching a female educator during a teachers’ workshop in Tshwane earlier this year.

Department spokesman Jasper Zwane said Tjatjie’s suspension was uplifted after the 3-month period within which an employee can be suspended.

“The department is aware of the allegations and has since charged the official with misconduct but the matter was postponed due to the non-availability [of his] representative.

“The official was suspended however in keeping to the dictates of the Employment of Educators Act which prescribes that an official may only be suspended for a period not exceeding three months, the department uplifted the suspension,” Zwane said. 

Tjatjie’s hearing will sit in the second week of November 2021.

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