Men found in shallow grave on Valentine’s Day

Men found in shallow grave on Valentine's Day
HORROR: Community member in Kroomdraai discovers shallow grave in the bush as he collects firewood. PICTURE by SAPS

The cops are still trying to establish their ages and identity and track their families.

The cops in the Mpumalanga area of Kroomdraai have found two men who were killed and then buried in a shallow grave.

The horror finding was made on Valentine’s Day.

Cops say the bodies of the two men were half-naked.

The police say they were alerted about something that looked like a grave in the area by a community member who was busy collecting firewood in the bushes in Kroomdraai. 

The community member soon noticed something like a grave; he then called police to notify them about a possible shallow grave.

“Police went to investigate the allegations. Upon their arrival at the scene, they confirmed that indeed it was possible a shallow grave where a hip of soil was covered with tree branches,” SAPS said in a statement. 

“It was impossible to establish the age of the victims given the stage of decomposition of the bodies. One of the victims faces were covered with a black refuse bag and the other was half-naked and seemed to have serious injuries on the head,” SAPS added. 

A murder docket is now being investigated.

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