EFF begins 1-million membership recruitment drive

EFF begins 1-million membership recruitment drive
JOIN UMZABALAZO: South Africa's fastest growing political party, the Economic Freedom Fighters has in earnest begun the titanic task it set for itself of recruiting 1 million member by end 2022. PICTURE BY Mpumalanga News

The party’s Mpumalanga leader says he is pleased with the response received during door-to-door campaigns.

The EFF in Mpumalanga has already begun its groundwork of recruiting new members to achieve national leader Julius Malema’s envisioned target of 1-million membership before 2022 ends.

Provincial leader Collen Sedibe led a team of fighters who did door-to-door in various areas like Sabie and Volksrust to convince communities to join the party.

“We will do our part. We will work the ground as we have been doing all along,” he is quoted saying in the Mpumalanga News.

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Last month, Malema said he wanted each and every home in Soweto to have atleast one member who is a fighter in good standing, reports TimesLive.

“We must make society aware of who we are and what we represent. One million members is a minimum, not a maximum. Don’t say by December ‘we have 1-million members, we have arrived’. That is the beginning of getting all 54-million citizens of SA to believe in the EFF,” said Juju.

And in Mpumalanga that battle has already begun…

The EFF in the province is the official opposition since the 2019 national government elections when it took over from the DA.

“The ANC led-government has dismally failed our people.

“It is not right that 28 years into democracy, communities are still without clean running water, streets and roads are in a bad condition and young people are without employment. This is why we say as the EFF that we are the hope for the hopeless and we want to commit ourselves to work with our masses to rebuild this country,” Sedibe told the Mpumalanga News.

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