Cars that are currently targeted by hijackers

Cars that are currently targeted by hijackers
HIGH RISK: A top security company has released data showing the top 3 vehicles that are most likely to be hijacked in South Africa. PICTURE BY Vision Tactical

Durban, Pretoria and Johannesburg have the highest incidents.

Drivers of the Toyota Hilux, VW Polo, Toyota Quantum and Nissan NP200 are currently the target of hijackers in South Africa, according to a security company.

Gauteng leads the list with Johannesburg and Pretoria, followed by Durban in KZN.

Most of the hijackings in Gauteng are the result of thugs impersonating cops.

In KZN, it is mostly violent armed gangs forcing victims out of their cars at gunpoint.

Motorists are therefore advised to always close their windows and never stop at deserted areas.

Cars that are currently targeted by hijackers
SA’s most popular workhorse. PIC Autotrader

Between April 2021 and May 2022, Gauteng reported 231 incidents of hijackings and KZN 186.

Security group Fidelity advised car drivers to not stop if they suspect that the person stopping them might be a bogus cop. Instead, motorists should drive to the nearest police station, shopping complex or any other busy area.

The popular VW Polo. PIC Autocar

Data for stolen Toyota Quantums and Nissan NP200 bakkies is high in KZN, Pretoria is high in Toyota Hilux jackings while Johannesburg shows a higher percentages in VW Polo and Toyota Quantums too.

Toyota Quantum, South Africa’s people mover. PIC Autocar

Police said they have noticed that a double cab Toyota bakkies and the VW Polo are often used to commit the crime of hijacking.

Police has asked members of the public to provide any information regarding any individual involved in hijackings.

Ford Ranger bakkies are also targeted by the thugs and most of these stolen Ford bakkies were found to have been traveling towards the Mozambican border gate.

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