Load-shedding costs Mpumalanga R69-miĺlion per day

Load-shedding costs Mpumalanga R69-miĺlion per day
POUND FOR POUND: The CSIR has calculated that the devastating cost of load-shedding on the Mpumalanga economy stands at a staggering R69m per day and the ripple effect of this was causing untold harm on the people of Mpumalanga. PICTURE BY BusinessLive

The figure is calculated by the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research.

The ongoing load shedding caused by Eskom’s reduced generation capacity is costing Mpumalanga between R49-million and R69 million per stage per day.

This gives one an idea of the extensive economic damage it has caused over the years.

In response to a question by the FF Plus in the legislature, Mpumalanga economic development MEC Vusi Mkhatshwa agreed to calculations by the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) about the damage caused by power cuts.

According to these calculations, stage 4 load-shedding costs between R196-million and R276 million per 24-hour period, or between R8.2-million and R11.5 million per hour.

The basis used for the calculations is the number of hours of load-shedding and the national cost of load-shedding, which was between R500-million and R700 million in 2021.

This figure is then assigned to the various stages thereof…

The estimated cost per stage per day for the provincial agricultural industry amounts to between R1,4 and R2 million.

For the provincial mining industry, the projection is between R13-million and R19 million per stage per day.

Reports of ongoing load-shedding are therefore very alarming. Thousands of job opportunities are lost every day, plunging the province as well as the country deeper and deeper into trouble.

It is unacceptable that there has been no improvement even though Eskom’s problems have been well-documented over the past decade.

Appointing competent and properly trained staff is the first step to take.

Meanwhile, making use of alternative sources of power must be seriously considered to avoid higher stages of load shedding. Maintenance must also be a priority.

It remains shocking to think that for years the ANC stood idly by and looked on as Eskom collapsed.

– Issued by FF Plus Mpumalanga leader and legislature member Werner Weber