Mduduzi Manana believes ‘completely new people’ should lead NEC

Mduduzi Manana believes 'completely new people' should lead NEC
UVUKAYBAMBE: ANC NEC member Mduduzi Manana believes the ANC top brass must be comprised of new faces after its 55th national conference. PICTURE BY 013NEWS

He addressed a birthday celebration of the ANCYL in Nhlazatshe.

ANC NEC member Mduduzi Manana has said that if delegates were serious about renewing the ANC then new people should be elected into its national executive committee (NEC) at its coming congress in December 2022.

He also said that comrades should just be careful of “generational jealousy” as it also tears the party apart.

He was invited by the Gert Sibande ANCYL to deliver the keynote address at its 78th birthday celebration held in Nhlazatshe last Friday.

Manana said there are a lot of capable young leaders across South Africa who can be elected to serve in the NEC and as such “the face of that NEC should change”.

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He said in the 5 years he’s been serving in the NEC, he has observed how they have failed to take decisions that took the ANC forward.

It appears Manana belongs in the “generational mix” camp of justice minister Ronald Lamola that calls for young people to “swell the ranks” of ANC leadership.

They argue that some NEC members had been there since 1994 and were old now to understand newest political battles in our society.

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Manana said: “If we are really serious about renewal we need young people into the NEC”.

“We miss the opportunity of back in the days when ourselves were not even NEC members and when we really were inspired by the NEC decisions, knowing very well that we are in charge of our society.

“But today we sit there and discuss ourselves the whole weekend, and you wonder what it will benefit an unemployed person these discussions, like the step-aside,” he said to applause.

Mduduzi Manana believes 'completely new people' should lead NEC
Scores attended the 78th anniversary of the ANCYL in Nhlazatshe Friday 16 September 2022

The league currently wants Lamola to lead the ANC as its deputy president and for President Cyril Ramaphosa to get a second term.

But other leaguers are opposed to this – they want current deputy president David Mabuza to return to the post and for Lamola to wait “a little bit” so that Mabuza succeeds Ramaphosa at the next congress and becomes President.

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Also former ANCYL NEC member Mahlengi Bhengu addressed the gathering and called on the ANC to include intelligent young people into the NEC to build an “intellectual capacity”.

ANC PEC member Ndumiso Mokako said the renewal project cannot be postponed.

“We are going to renew the ANC both in form or in content. In content we will deal with the ideological outlook of the ANC and in terms of form we will introduce a new layer of leadership and we are not looking for any young person but we are looking for key, committed and ethical young people,” Mokako said to applause.

Mduduzi Manana believes 'completely new people' should lead NEC

Gert Sibande ANCYL leader James “Castro” Nkosi said the league is celebrating its 78th birthday during a hard time for the ANC.

“There are a lot of expectations from the ANCYL and we need to define ourselves, and our first programmes must be to take over the ANC and try and save it from itself because those comrades that we had trusted to lead the ANC have failed us dismally.

“Those who come and tell us that in the ANC there is a queue we must declare those ones as people who are not our friends because we won’t agree to that,” Castro said.

The ANCYL was founded on 10 September 1944.

The idea behind the formation of the ANCYL came a year before its founding in Soweto at Walter Sisulu’s house and the people that pumped the debate were Anton Lembede, A.P. Mda, Jordan Ngubane, Nelson Mandela and Oliver Tambo who felt that the ANC was dominated by conservative and older generation who cannot relate to the youth.

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