4 sports that are most frequently watched in 2022

SPORT: With different people from different regions enjoying differing flavours of sports one thing for sure is that is has an ability to unite everyone. PICTURE BY Pixabay

Yeah, soccer is the leader of this chart, but who are the others?

The sports industry is changing so rapidly that you never know for sure who is the leader in the world’s fans chart. Probably, you won’t be surprised or confused to hear that football is the TOP-1 in the chart of the most frequently watched sports. Yeah, soccer is the leader of this chart, but who are the others?

We won’t speculate with you, so here are those TOP-4 guys: football (soccer), cricket, basketball and hockey. Everything is okay with your eyesight. Cricket is the second in this chart after football, having over 2,5 billion followers. Soccer, by the way, has over 3,5 billion fans. The third place goes to basketball with 2,2 billion followers, and the fourth – to hockey with 2 billion.

All these sports have one thing in common – more people prefer betting on them. Fans can find various possibilities for that, for example, on platforms like betting Mr Green. Online platforms like these make it possible for sports fans to bet on their favourite teams using their laptop or phone. Quite often people do it in companies with friends, watching their favourite team’s match on TV. But it’s not just about betting, as these sports were historically popular among people of different ages, professions and locations.

Now, let’s talk about the four most frequent watched sports in 2022:

Football (Soccer)

Every person used to play football at least once. It’s really hard to tell in which country football is more popular. Every country is proud of its team and supports it in matches all over the world, having a huge fan base. Soccer unites not only players and fans, but also families and friends, who watch World Cups together. Football built a huge culture around itself, since its appearance. It’s interesting that there were even so-called “Football Wars” in the history of this sport.


The secret of cricket’s popularity lies in the countries, where it is mostly popular. As you might have already understood, India is the number one fan of cricket. Due to its population, it is not surprising to take second place in the chart. It is a very fast kind of sport and if you watch it once, you won’t be able to resist the temptation not to watch it again.


This sport was always popular, so no one is surprised to see it in this chart. The United States is the place of birth and the biggest fan of basketball. It used to look different when it appeared. Even a ball wasn’t the same from the start. Firstly, basketball was played with a soccer ball. We know it is hard even to imagine that, but it’s true. What if we ask any basketball player to try it with a soccer ball? Probably, we’ll see such an experiment one day.


One of the fastest sports, which is always interesting to observe. Believe it or not, despite the fact most hockey players have some issues with their teeth, (you know, the issues with having no teeth actually) mouth guards are still optional. So, it’s up to a player to decide whether to wear it or not. Probably, that is a real reason why the players are not usually smiling while taking photos. Even The Hockey Hall of Fame is not full of smiles.

Let’s sum up!
Every person has his own ranking of the most popular sports to watch. It depends on the country you live, the family you grew up in, the hobbies you like and so on. Remember, that the world’s ranking doesn’t mean your favourite sport is not popular. It depends on many factors. The main thing is that sport plays a significant role in the life of every person and should be present in any possible way, as it helps us to be healthy and feel better in all spheres of our lives.