DA calls for Govt effort in reducing increasing MP crime


The party acknowledges the decrease in rapes but more should be done to reduce levels in Mpumalanga.

The DA in Mpumalanga province has called for concerted efforts in reducing increasing Mpumalanga crime.

It said the need for rural safety units in Mpumalanga is now more important to avert farm murders but also murders in general.

According to the 2017 crime stats released police minister Fikile Mbalula, 954 people were murdered in Mpumalanga during the 2016/2017 financial year.

This means 3 people were killed daily.

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Bosman Grobler of the party in the province said the 11.1% increase is the highest percentage increase when compared to other provinces.

Crime in overall increased by 1.4 % in Mpumalanga.

The report also shows an increase in:

·         contact crimes by 2%,

·         property related crimes by 1.5%,

·         attempted murder by 19.1%,

·         robbery with aggravating circumstances by 11.8%, and

·         common robbery  by 7.4%.

The DA welcomes the decrease in sexual offences which dropped by 3.5%. We hope that this is indicative of better efforts being made in fight for the protection of women and children,” Grobler said.

“The DA calls for a more concerted effort in resourcing the South African Police Service (SAPS) to make sure that our police force is properly equipped and trained to fight crime,” he said.

“Rural safety units must be established to protect the thousands of people living in rural areas because curbing specialised crime requires specialised units with specialised training,” he said.

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