Mpumalanga gets 2nd highest votes for ANC – almost 71%

Voting continued on Friday, with 97% of vote capturing completed in the province.

The ANC in Mpumalanga has repeated what it did in the 2014 general elections, getting the second highest votes in Wednesday’s elections. 

It comes in second to Limpopo which is sitting on 77%.

The ANC leads in the province with 70.53% of the votes on Friday mid-day, the EFF follows with 12.84% and the DA with 9.70%. 

Afrikaner rightwing organisation FF+ got 2.41%.

The EFF is set to become the new official opposition in the Mpumalanga legislature.

Nationally, the ANC has 57.15%, DA (22.36%), EFF (10.21%), IFP (3.43%) and FF+ (2.41%).

In Limpopo the ANC got the highest votes, receiving 77% while counting continued on Friday. Eastern Cape is at number 3, getting 69% of the national votes tallied. 

The counting of votes will continue and official results are expected to be announced on Saturday. 

Small parties have staged a protest, accusing the Electoral Commission (IEC) of conducting unfair elections. 

Reports of ‘double-voting’ have been reported in some parts of the country. The IEC has promised to launch what they called “a sample audit” to determine whether double-voting did occur during the 8 May 2019 general elections. 

Meanwhile, election observers from the Southern African Development (SADC) said the elections were fair, professional and in line with South African law. 

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‘Since I left Mpumalanga people feel neglected’

He embarked on a three-day campaign in the Mpumalanga province whole weekend, listening and making promises to people.

ANC deputy president DD Mabuza has said that he discovered that most people are feeling “neglected” by the ANC in the Mpumalanga province since he left.

Mabuza campaigned the whole weekend in the province, listening to communities and making lots of promises.

He said from now on he will begin to “frequent” the province and assist his successors.

He was elected deputy president during an ANC national elective conference in December 2017.

“The little time that I was out of the province the people feel neglected, they miss me but I think we can pick up on that,” he said while answering journalists on Sunday.

He said he had received “mixed feelings” from people and believed he should frequent the province more to assist.

“Though the new Premier [Refilwe Mtshweni] is trying but I think I must come to the province more often to help them to gel,” Mabuza said.

He said that the disunity in the ANC “has reached a point where it threatens the life of the ANC and if we must do any sacrifice for the unity of the ANC the time is now”.

He said by “sacrifice” he meant that “people should not think about themselves, like who is going to be minister, who is going to be this and that but people must think about the ANC first”.

“Probably you can compromise and not be a minister for the sake of the ANC. Let’s fix what is wrong,” he said.

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Asked if he did not think the issues of disunity in the ANC would push potential voters away from the party, he said “No, our people will vote for us”.

“They understand that the problems will be fixed and I’m not denying it myself that we have got problems and we are committing ourselves to fix them. There is no other way.

“We are a generation that must fix these problems,” he said.

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DD Mabuza expects large number will vote ANC in Mpumalanga

He was in the province on a three-day campaign.

ANC deputy president DD Mabuza expects large numbers of people will vote his party in Mpumalanga on 8 May 2019.

“It will go back to 80% or 82%. The DA might reverse,” said Mabuza.

Mabuza visited areas in Gert Sibande, eHlanzeni and Nkangala regions, promising unhappy ANC members that issues of infighting in the province would be solved. He also told potential voters that the ANC does listen to them.

He said certain mistakes were done by the party and they were apologising as ANC as “it will never happen again”.

He met with traditional leaders and engaged in door-to-door campaigns.

He said that he expects the Bushbuckridge Resident Association, a splinter group of the ANC that has various seats at the Bushbuckridge local municipality and one at the Mpumalanga legislature,  will not return after 8 May 2019.

He also added it is only the ANC that will live forever.

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ANCYL cries manipulation of Mpumalanga list conference votes

They believe the outcomes are not a reflection of the views of branches.

The ANCYL in the Mpumalanga province has come out gun blazing against what they term “abnormalities” in the outcomes of a recently held provincial list conference.

Held at the Mbombela stadium on 9 December 2018, the list conference was a process to select leaders who should go serve in the legislature and Parliament after next 2019’s general elections but is now being slammed for its exclusion of young people.

Provincial league spokesman Bheki Sithole said the exclusion of the youth in favour of “old retiring people” was as a consequence of “an abusive dominant faction in the PEC of the ANC in our province”.

“The ANC in Mpumalanga undermines the youth,” Sithole said.

“Young, competent and capable leaders were removed from the consolidated list and replaced with old retiring people,” he said.

This comes amid the NEC’s postponement – to next year – of the national list conference that was scheduled to take place on 21 December 2018.

The ANC leadership said the reason they have decided to postpone the conference is because of the rife allegations of manipulations in the provinces.

Sithole said the outcomes of the Mpumalanga list conference were not a true reflection of the BGMs.

He said the late ANC leader Oliver Tambo once warned that “a nation that does not care about its youth does not have a future and does not deserve one”.

“We however don’t believe that this undermining tendency is a product of ANC branches through their BGMs to nominate competent comrades to represent and implement progressive policies for a better life for all.

“To the contrary, the branches of the ANC have affirmed young leaders to take over the responsibility of being representatives of our people as a whole in legislatures, National Council of Provinces and National Assembly,” Sithole said.

He said as a league they were aware of certain individuals in the PEC of the ANC who “abused their positions to temper with the list that was duly a consequence of branch nominations”.

“It is a tendency that undermines not only the youth but the branches of the ANC as well. It’s a gross misconduct at worst, a tendency very foreign to the values of the National Liberation Movement,” he said.

The outcome saw Premier Refilwe Mtshweni bank the most votes, followed by Pat Ngomane at number 2 and Sasekani Manzini at 3.

Amongst those listed as young people in the top 30 is Manzini, Nompumelelo Hlophe, Gabisile Shabalala, Makhosazana Masilela, Bobo Mtshweni and defected BRA secretary Cleopas Maunye.

“We want to put it categorically clear that those who are referred to as youth in the results hold no membership of the ANCYL because of their age, therefore they do not represent us but themselves,” Sithole said.

“We want to urge the national leadership of the ANCYL as we go to the national list conference to rescue the will of Mpumalanga branches, intervene and correct this abusive abnormalities.

“We further warn the dominant faction in the PEC of the ANC to desist from their foreign tendencies, repent and allow corrective measures to be taken,” he said.

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Sasekani Manzini tops Mpumalanga legislature nominations

She is ahead of Premier Refilwe Mtshweni who has the second highest number of branch nominations.

Mpumalanga ANC spokeswoman Sasekani Manzini has the highest number of branch nominations to go to the 30-seat legislature.

Premier Refilwe Mtshweni is behind her by only two branch votes.

Of the 288 Mpumalanga branches that sat for their BGMs to nominate members who should go fill the seats at the legislature after the 2019’s general elections, Manzini was nominated by 206 with 204 nominating Mtshweni.

The list was released by acting provincial secretary Lindiwe Ntshalintshali ahead of a provincial list conference scheduled for 7 December 2018 at the Nutting House in Mbombela.

ANCWL provincial chairwoman Busi Shiba has the third largest votes – with 188 branches nominating her to come serve as a legislature member, followed by Nkangala ANC regional leader Speedy Mashilo with 183 and PEC member Pat Ngomane who received 180 branch nominations.

The provincial list has 58 nominees, which includes current legislature members like Vusi Shongwe, David Dube, Bonakele Majuba, Sibusiso Malaza, Gillion Mashego, Fidel Mlombo, Gabisile Shabalala, JJ Skhosana, Thandi Shongwe and Violet Siwela.

Others in the list include ANC contender Peter Nyoni, Lucky Ndinisa, Sarel Mtshweni, Mandla Msibi, Charles Makola as well as Nkangala ANCYL leader Bobo Mtshweni, eHlanzeni ANCYL leader Bheki Lubisi and league deputy president Desmond Moela as well as others like Gert Sibande ANC leader Muzi Chirwa and eHlanzeni’s Jesta Sidel.

In a statement this week, the ANC said that it was pleased by the “tolerance and maturity” displayed during the nomination process.

It said of the 400 branches the province has a total of 341 that were able to pass audits and 288 were able to conduct BGMs.

Anyone who has objections regarding the list should direct them to party provincial headquarters in Mbombela no later than Thursday 6 December 2018, it said.

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