“We are a top 6,” Mantashe preaches unity at 106th birthday party


He addressed scores on Saturday morning in Mpumalanga.

ANC national chairman Gwede Mantashe has rejected the impression of a highly divided ANC, saying what exists there is a top 6 and not a top 3.

Mantashe, who was elected the chair on a slate of President Cyril Ramaphosa together with treasurer Paul Mashatile at Nasrec, told scores who attended the party’s 106th birthday celebration at the Elukwatini stadium, Mpumalanga that they are not a top 3.

“We are a top 6,” the chair said to applause.

“The ANC today is led by a Buffalo, deputised by a man called Unity and the secretary is Ace Magashule. Do not send SMSes and WhatsApps to me. Send them to Ace, he is the secretary and deputised by Jessie Duarte. The treasurer is Paul Mashatile,” Mantashe said.

“We are 6. We are not 3-3, we are not 4-2 or 1-5. We are six. That’s what you must know,” Mantashe said to applause.

He said when the ANC went to its 54th conference it was divided between those who supported NDZ and those who supported CR but “delegates did something very amazing”.

“They took people from the NDZ camp and those from the CR camp and merged them,” he said.

“They said we don’t want CR, we don’t want NDZ. We want ANC,” Mantashe said.

He then warned those who were not prepared to respect the newly elected leadership to be careful of ‘punishment’.

He said they hoped all ANC members will accept the “directives of the delegates” and not undermine each other based on the fact that others were NDZ and others were CR.

“If you don’t recognise an elected leadership you are not being purged. But you are being punished and this punishment is to teach you to know that in any organisation we respect an elected leadership,” he said.

"We are a top 6," Mantashe preaches unity at 106th birthday party

He called on all to be patient as talks between Ramaphosa and head of state Jacob Zuma are continuing.

“We must take the ANC to the people. We must unify our country. We must unify society and mobilise our allies behind the program of the ANC and these are the tasks given to us in the January 8 statement,” he said.

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Phosa wants Mabuza to explain Unity candidate… in court

He says the Mpumalanga ANC is breaking party rules for not nominating anybody.

ANC presidential contender Mathews Phosa is filing court papers to have the Mpumalanga ANC provincial executive committee (PEC) dissolved.

He says the PEC violated party rules when it cajoled branches into nominating nobody during BGMs.

“The nomination guidelines are clear that a person with a name and surname must be nominated,” Phosa’s campaign organiser  Ronnie Malomane said .

“Mabuza and the PEC misled the branches and we want the PEC to be disbanded,” he said.

He said they also want the court to declare the nomination processes that took place as lodged disputes were not attended to by the PEC and NEC.

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“We want the nomination process to be re-run because 35 branches lodged disputes and there was no report-back,” Malomane said.

On Friday, the ANC in Mpumalanga pronounced Unity for all the positions in the top 6 after this particular candidate received 223 nominations for the position of president against Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa’s 117 and Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma’s 123.

Though Dlamini-Zuma was announced as the winner for the nomination of president for her narrow defeat of Ramaphosa, provincial leader DD Mabuza said the province’s stance is Unity over any other contestant.

“Unity has won,” he said after the provincial general council had concluded at the Mbombela stadium on Friday evening.

Mandla Ndlovu, the ANC secretary, said it was fine if Phosa is taking them to court.

“It’s up to them. They can go to court and we’ll defend,” he said.

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Unity’ leads in Mpumalanga nomination meetings

NDZ is said to be in second place as Mpumalanga branch general meetings are underway and about to conclude. 

‘Unity’ so far is leading nominations in Mpumalanga BGMs, regional leaders have said.

They say though there are other branches that have put someone’s name on the nomination forms but they are few and therefore the rest had nominated ‘Unity’.

They say Unity is better than destroying the ANC with slate leaders.

Ehlanzeni, Premier David Mabuza’s region, will send the largest delegation to the ANC’s 54th national congress after eThekwini.

Mpumalanga says they will consolidate the nominations during a general council to sit soon and then pronounce a position.

It will send 736 delegates to the ANC’s 54th congress in Gauteng.

Bohlabela regional ANC secretary Follas Sibuyi said Unity was the way in their nomination meetings, saying even the branch of their leader Gillion Mashego in Thaba Chweu nominated Unity a week ago.

“Even my own branch we nominated Unity. Generally, we are saying Unity, all of us,” he said.

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Regional leaders oversee the branch nomination meetings and take the nomination forms to higher structures.

This happens once members in attendance have signed it. By signing it, branch members agree on the candidates on the form.

A branch chairman in the ward of Nkangala ANC leader Speedy Mashilo’s ward in Leeufontein, JS Moroka said they had their BGM on 21 October 2017 and after discussions they chose Unity.

“It was after discussions that we resolved to put nobody’s name on the nomination forms for the top 6,” branch chair Steve Aphane said.

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A week ago, the branch of Gert Sibande leader Muzi Chirwa also resolved to put nobody’s name on the nomination form, choosing Unity instead.

In eHlanzeni, many branches are said to have nominated Unity as well.

Sources say though there are other branches that had nominated NDZ and CR but they are very few.

NDZ is said to be having the hearts of some branches in Nkangala. In Gert Sibande, they are said to be ditching both slates for Unity.

In Bohlabela, CR is said to be having the hearts of some branches after Unity but officials in the four regions said it was hard to know who is leading who as “these are branch meetings, happening in branches”.

Bohlabela ANCYL secretary Nhlamulo Mayindi said his own branch nominated Unity and was aware of “one or two” that nominated CR in the region.

“It’s Unity one way my brother believe me,” he said.

“A majority is Unity. It’s known. Unity one way, that’s how BGMs go here,” he said.

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Mabuza shoots down Phosa’s nomination

DD Mabuza questions how was Mathews Phosa nominated earlier this year when the process of nominating leaders had not opened.

Mpumalanga ANC chairman David Mabuza has said that the nomination of ex-national treasurer Mathews Phosa’s for the position of President is an indication of the problems that the ANC is faced with.

Mabuza said the processes of nominating candidates ahead of the party’s 54th congress has not yet opened and that the ANC “is still busy dealing with the guidelines”.

“[As Mpumalanga], we are not aware that he is standing as a candidate,” Mabuza said.

He was being interviewed by journalist Justice Malala on his Justice Factor show on eNCA on Monday night this week.

When Malala told him that some branches have already put Phosa’s name forward, Mabuza said: “Well, I don’t know which branches might have said that because the process of nominating leaders had not opened, we are still dealing with the guidelines. I’m aware that there are a number of horses that have bolted [and are] out there campaigning, and that is very unfortunate and is an indication of the problem in the movement”.

Phosa, a Mabuza rival, accepted nomination by some branches in the Western Cape to stand as President.

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Mabuza, who has embarked on a national unity campaign, is seen as the king-maker in the 2017 ANC national elective congress and has been hard at work mobilising provincial chairmen as part of his ambition to emerge as the ANC’s 14th president in December 2017. He is suspected to be planning to be nominated from the floor for the position of president.

He told Malala that he’ll only accept nomination for the position of deputy president but not on a slate ticket.

He said he believes they will have to meet and reach a leadership consensus as the ANC.

“We see an ANC that is gradually depleting itself,” he told Malala.

“Yes we have participated, all of us, in factional battles, Polokwane, Mangaung. At that time we thought we were right but now looking back we realise that there’s a irreparable damage because senior leaders of the ANC left the ANC painfully so,” he said.

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ANC GP, MP agree ‘to work very hard to foster unity and cohesion’

The working committees of the two ANC provinces met and dwelled on the issue of unity and cohesion.

The ANC of Gauteng as well as the ANC of Mpumalanga want to see a united African National Congress.

The two provinces said the unity of the ANC remains “sacrosanct”.

“The meeting agreed that the unity of the ANC remains sacrosanct and its pursuit must always put the interests of all South Africans first,” a joint statement they released afterwards read.

“The two PWCs agreed to continue with bilateral engagements among themselves and other provinces ahead of the 54th national conference,” it said.

This follows one the Mpumalanga ANC had with Limpopo ANC a week ago.

In that meeting, Limpopo and Mpumalanga agreed to “remove” the Gupta family from “all government making decision because people voted for the ANC not for the Guptas,” as Mpumalanga secretary Mandla Ndlovu put it.

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Before the Limpopo meeting, Mpumalanga had had a meeting with ANC KZN.

In a joint statement, both Ndlovu and KZN ANC secretary Super Zuma said they committed to work for the unity of the ANC before calling on the Gupta family to stay away from the party and its government.

Ndlovu and his Gauteng counterpart, Hope Papo, said their meeting on Monday (21 Aug) this week was “a historic and long-overdue bilateral meeting”.

“The engagement was aimed at discussing a wide range of organisational issues post the recently held 5th national policy conference.

“It was also to prepare for the ANC’s 54th national conference to be held in December 2017.

“We have collectively agreed to take critical steps in the next four months to work very hard to foster unity and cohesion not only within the ANC but within the broader society.

“Furthermore, we will develop a joint programme of action between now and December 2017 to have meaningful engagements with all ANC structures in our respective provinces and other provinces,” Papo and Ndlovu’s statement read.

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