BREAKING: Constitutional Review Committe resolves to amend section 25 of the constitution

The EFF sponsored the motion to amend the constitution while the DA sponsored a different motion opposed to the amendment of section 25.

The Joint Constitutional Review Committee on Thursday adopted a resolution that Section 25 of the Constitution be amended to allow for expropriation without compensation.

Following a lengthy process of public consultation and deliberation, the EFF’s Floyd Shivambu sponsored a motion on Thursday recommending that the Constitution be amended, mirroring the recommendation the ANC proposed to the committee previously.

The DA’s Annelie Lotriet offered a different motion, recommending that the Constitution not be amended, as the Constitution already makes provision for land reform.

The committee dismissed her motion with 12 votes against four, and adopted the EFF’s proposal by the same margin.

As part of the EFF’s recommendation, it also states that Parliament must appoint a mechanism to now draft the amendment, and that this must be done before the Fifth Parliament rises before the 2019 general elections.

The process will now go through a number of phases.

This report will be tabled in the National Assembly this term, and if it is adopted by the House, another committee will be tasked with drafting the amendments.

This process would entail another public participation process and would have to be passed with a two-thirds majority in the National Assembly.


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Survey shows ANC is still hope for many South Africans

Released this week, the survey featured 1, 800 participants who were interviewed between August and September 2018.

A latest survey by Afrobarometer has shown that the ANC is still the hope for many South Africans ahead of next year’s general elections.

48% of the people interviewed say they will definitely vote for the ANC.

This survey figure is down compared to the one of 2011 – where 55% of the participants said they would definitely vote for the ANC.

Towards the 2016 local government elections, 48% of Afrobarometer’s participants said they would definitely vote for ANC.

Currently the ANC enjoys majority support in the Eastern Cape (69%), Mpumalanga (65%), Limpopo (60%), and North West (55%) provinces.

Over 27% of those interviewed say they don’t know who they would vote for – they would not vote or they refused to answer the question.

Both the DA and EFF are equallyprojected to each take 11% of the vote.

In fact according to Afrobarometer – the DA has lost ground  .

Towards the 2016’s Afrobarometer survey, the DA got 17% vote from the participants compared to this year’s 11%.

The survey shows the ANC is stronger in rural areas (59%) than in cities (43%).

The DA has 4% of rural support and 14% of urban while the EFF shows rural support of 11% and also urban (11%).

The only province where the ANC does not have the largest share of support is Western Cape, a DA strong-hold province, though 39% of the participants refused to answer.

In KZN, 34% of the participants refused to answer.

More than 60% of those interviewed say they will vote if the political parties can create jobs.

30% of all those interviewed say they believe the ANC-led government has done more to improve the standard of living.

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Mabuza hails Zuma’s peace-building skills, says without it we’d be “a war-zone”

He delivered his State of the Province Address (Sopa), speaking job creation, unity and the forging of a better future for all.

ANC deputy president DD Mabuza has showered former leader Jacob Zuma with praises, saying without him South Africa was going to form part of the many failed states across the world.

Mabuza delivered the State of the Nation Address (Sopa) in his capacity as the Premier of Mpumalanga on Friday (23 Feb).

He described the period of transferring power from Zuma to current leader Cyril Ramaphosa as “a difficult period for all South Africans”.

Under pressure following an NEC decision recalling him, an emotional Zuma resigned on the night of 14 February 2018, saying the violence that occurred outside Luthuli House on 5 February 2018, where his supporters and those of Ramaphosa clashed, disturbed him.

He said he would not allow blood and ANC division to occur in his name.

Mabuza said Zuma played a very important role and was in the forefront in ending the political conflicts between the ANC and IFP of the early 1990s in KZN.

Of the transfer of power from Zuma to Ramaphosa, Mabuza said: “We need to appreciate that out of all the choices we could have made, collectively and individually, thepath we have chosen will lead us to a brighter future.

“These events and decisions we made are a demonstration of a maturing democracy andthe supremacy of democratic governance,” he said.

Mabuza told the legislature he salutes Zuma’s courage and his patriotic spirit “that prevailed on him to respond in the positive manner that he did”.

“He proved to all of us, that his personal circumstance and challenges he faced are subservient to the wishes of the ANC as a legitimate representative of the people,” Mabuza said.

Mabuza hails Zuma's peace-building skills, says without it we'd be "a war-zone"

Former President Jacob Zuma. PIC BBC.

“His selfless contribution in the struggle for our freedom, will remain ingrained in the history books of the revolutionary struggle against colonialism and oppression.

“We thank him for his service to our country. We are grateful for his peace-building skills that he had put to great use during the darkest period of our history. He was at the forefront in ending political conflict and violence that ravaged KwaZulu-Natal.

“Without his contribution, we could have easily become a permanent war-zone and a statistic on a list of failed states,” he said.

“We are confident that he will avail himself in the near future to the service of our country in various capacities,” said Mabuza.

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Mabuza admits alliance at its weakest, repeats call for unity

He says it occurs for the first time in history that alliance partners call for an ANC president to step down.

Mpumalanga ANC leader David Mabuza has taken his campaign for unity to a greater height using the policy conference to admit the house is falling apart.

Mabuza addressed the ANC provincial policy conference held at the Mbombela stadium on Saturday and said if the ANC-led mass democratic movement failed to unite it will not see the light of day.

The provincial policy conference was attended by all branch executive committee members, regional and alliance leaders as well as municipal deployees.

He said the alliance partners were calling for President Jacob Zuma to step down but they didn’t do this through thorough engagement with the structures, “this is done in the media”.

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“If you say to the ANC, as an alliance partner, that Jacob Zuma must step down, what do you want the ANC to do? Knowing very well that Jacob Zuma was elected by branches of the ANC,” Mabuza said.

“No one anywhere can call for the head of the ANC president except for the branches of the ANC,” Mabuza said to thunderous applause.

“We are at our weakest. We are at our weakest,” he said while on stage.

In April 2017, Cosatu called for Zuma to resign as both ANC and government leader, saying it has lost confidence in him as a person capable of uniting the movement.

This followed a cabinet reshuffle that saw finance minister Pravin Gordhan and his deputy Mcebisi Jonas sacked and replaced by Melusi Gigaba and Sfiso Buthelezi.

The SACP also wants Zuma to resign, with SANCO endorsing his deputy Cyril Ramaphosa to succeed him.

“The unity and cohesion of the alliance is at its weakest. It’s at its weakest,” Mabuza said.

Mabuza admits alliance at its weakest, repeats call for unity

He said the national congress in December 2017 is the right platform to tell the President to step down.

He said in December 2017 Zuma will step down as ANC president and will do so in 2019 as South Africa’s president.

But he warned the 6000 plus delegates that when Zuma leaves “our problems will remain,” adding Zuma only contributes 1% of the problems “and the rest of the problems we’re all participants”.

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“We have forgotten our duties as the ANC together with the alliance to mobilise society into our programs of transforming society, busy fighting one another.

“And this has affected the movement. If still we want to lead this country and transform society for the better we must understand that that requires a united revolutionary movement. That is the only instrument you can have to transform society, if you don’t have that instrument you must just forget,  you can sing nice slogans but it will be the end of you,” he said.

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ANC slams Gupta-owned ANN7

The beleaguered news channel reported that President Jacob Zuma was forced to go to the Cosatu event.

Gupta-owned ANN7 has been slammed for reporting that deputy president Cyril Ramaphosa, national secretary Gwede Mantashe and national treasurer Zweli Mkhize forced President Jacob Zuma to attend the Cosatu event on May Day.

Zuma was booed and heckled by Cosatu members during the event in Mangaung, resulting to Cosatu cancelling the event and all speeches.

The party said the deployment to the event was a collective decision taken by all national officials.

“Further, it was a decision taken by the national officials fully aware of the potential for heckling,” it said in a statement on Wednesday.

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ANN7 said Zuma was “pushed” by the three leaders but the ANC rejected this, saying such reports, “devoid of truth”, were typical of ANN7.

Cosatu earlier this year took the resolution that Zuma should step down and two of its affiliates said allowing him to address workers would send a conflicting message.

The federation wants Ramaphosa to take over as Zuma’s successor and is opposed to the bid of an ANC lobby group linked to Zuma – the so-called Premier League – wanting Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma to succeed the president.

“Members of the media have a responsibility to report the news accurately, factually and objectively.

“ANN7 however seems determined to manufacture false consensus, sharpening contradictions and deepening fissures in the ANC.

“The station effectively acts as a mouthpiece of the factional divisions that plague the African National Congress, consistently showing itself as being intent on driving wedges within the organisation and pitting comrade against comrade,” the ANC statement read.

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