Case against Phelele Shongwe not in court

The incident that he was arrested for occured at an ANCYL elective conference in May 2018.

The case against a mayor’s personal security assistant who was up following the killing of MKMVA member Samson Madonsela is not on the court’s roll yet, officials have told this paper.

Earlier, 013NEWS was told by a highly-placed police source that the matter was actually withdrawn owing to “political pressure” and that this occured after a “mediation between the parties was reached”.

But police spokesman Brigadier Leonard Hlathi rejected this, saying the matter was still under investigations and they will then approach the prosecutors once investigations were done.

He said there were two different matters in the case that the source was “confusing”.

“The first one is the one of pointing a firearm, I’m sure you remember that one, which yes was withdrawn after the complainant and the accused spoke and agreed,” Hlathi said over the phone.

“Then the second one is the murder, which we are currently busy investigating. We have not charged anybody on it,” Hlathi said. “All of that will happen once investigations have concluded,” he said.

“Yes, the one of pointing of firearm was withdrawn,” Hlathi said.

Shongwe is Gert Sibande mayor Muzi Chirwa’s security aide.

He was arrested after Madonsela was shot dead outside the Chief Albert Luthuli municipal offices in Badplaas, reportedly when chaos erupted while delegates were collecting accreditation cards to attend the Gert Sibande ANCYL regional elective conference on 26 May 2018.

Madonsela had been part of other veterans who were providing security to the venue and Shongwe had allegedly been there accompanying Chirwa.

Shongwe had been facing a charge of murder, attempted murder, pointing of a firearm and assault.

But after appearing at the Carolina Magistrates Court on 29 May he got released on a R10 000 bail and the charges against him were reduced to only three counts of attempted murder and pointing of a firearm in order to allow police “to broaden the scope of the investigation”.

“The suspect is charged with three counts but murder is not one of them yet. We have been given a task to broaden the scope of the investigation,” Hlathi said at the time of Shongwe’s case.

NPA spokeswoman Monica Nyuswa confirmed a week ago the matter is not with them.

“The matter is not yet on the court’s roll. It is still with the police. They are busy with investigations, please talk to them. We can only comment once it has been given to us and we can begin prosecution,” she said.

Case against Phelele Shongwe not in court

Shongwe, who is also a member of the MKMVA and a former SANDF soldier, is originally from Ermelo.

In 1998, Shongwe appeared before the Truth and Reconciliation Commission to answer for two counts of murder, one of attempted murder and another of illegal possession of firearms after he killed an IFP member and then a National Party member before seriously injuring another during a political violence towards the 1994 general elections.

He was a member of an ANC’s self-defence structure that was organised in Ermelo townships to fight off the IFP and the Black Cats.

The Black Cats – popularly known as ‘Makati’ in Ermelo streets – was the IFP’s violent group in those days opposed to Nelson Mandela becoming the President of South Africa and had been maiming and gunning down SACP, Cosatu, ANC and other community members accused of supporting the ANC.

One day on 22 October 1993, the young Shongwe found himself forced to kill the group’s Bongani Malinga in Ermelo’s Extension township with 11 bullets before fleeing the area to White River, where he got into bitter confrontation with NP members.

He told the TRC on 29 July 1998 that Malinga had been one of those who were playing key roles in terrorising the community and when he saw him on that day few houses from his home he “ran straight to him and shot him”.

“I shot him in the leg and he fell onto the ground. I proceeded to him or towards him. I think I shot him about three times in the ribs and when I was closer to him, I shot him at close range. The firearm was loaded with 15 bullets and I ran off from the scene and I think I shot him about 11 times, because I was left with only four bullets,” he told commission chair Desmond Tutu.

Case against Phelele Shongwe not in court

He then fled the area to White River, where he got into an ugly fight with NP members who didn’t want him in the area.

There in White River Shongwe killed the NP’s Ernest Malele on 15 February 1994 before seriously injuring another NP member, using a gun he robbed a police officer and then set Malele’s car alight.

Both Malele and the unidentified NP member had come to the White River place where Shongwe had been staying, armed with pangas but Shongwe pulled out his gun and shot at them as they were entering the door.

He was arrested but soon after the trial had started the Judge set the matter aside, citing lack of enough evidence.

The commission granted him amnesty.

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‘Govt must be armed with young people’

Over 60% of South Africa’s population is the youth.

If the ANC is to be efficient in government and use it to change the lives of the majority of South Africa’s people it will have to have young people serving in it.

That’s according to a presentation by Ndumiso Mokako of the ANCYL.

He said the reason they want all state power positions to be occupied by young people is because they want to enable the ANC to “implement the correct policy positions of the ANC to the required people”.

He said this is because over 60% of the South African population were young people, making them the majority.

LATEST: Gert Sibande branches to choose Trevor’s successor

Mokako told young councillors and Gert Sibande league regional leaders at their REC Lekgotla, in Badplaas over the weekend, that when they took that resolution at a national level for the 40% share of all was because they understood that the next elections in South Africa are not going to be won or lost on the delivery of water, RDP houses or electricity but on the party’s ability to respond to new challenges like transforming the economy, socio-economic transformation and employment.

He said young people were energetic and able to produce new ideas.

The lekgotla resolved they will now influence government to change the lives of the youth for the better.

“We accept the challenges confronting the movement in particular and young people in general, and further commit to give them urgent attention,” read their declaration.

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Gert Sibande branches to choose Trevor’s successor

The ANCYL is preparing for regional congresses.

The person who will fill Trevor Nkosi’s shoes will be chosen by branches, the league has said.

Branches will have a say, spokesman Thulasizwe Thomo said.

Nkosi, who holds two ANCYL top-5 positions, will relinquish one of them when the league convenes a regional elective congress in few months’ time.

013NEWS heard that the league made mention of preparations for a congress at its regional executive committee lekgotla in Badplaas over the weekend and they want it in September 2017.

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But the next leader of the ANCYL in one of Mpumalanga’s biggest regions will have, more than all, to have the blessings of ANC regional leaders that are aligned to Premier David Mabuza, who of late has been positioning himself as the light-house of an ANC that ought to unite if it still wants to be relevant and see the day.

Nkosi was elected the deputy provincial chairman of the Mpumalanga ANCYl in mid-2015 and has also been holding the position of Gert Sibande league regional chairman.

In terms of party rules, a member may not hold a position in the region and province at once.

Thomo said they do not discuss names but branches will decide who becomes the next leader.

“Branches will do that job,” he said.

“We have opened the ANCYL to all people, even those we don’t agree with, so everyone will have that chance,” he said.

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ANCYL fires shots at Muzi Chirwa opponents

The league says they have heard of ‘secret meetings’ discussing plans to challenge Muzi Chirwa’s bid to return to power.

The ANCYL in the Gert Sibande region has fired its first salvo at Muzi Chirwa’s potential challengers, saying that those who want to contest the man should do so in broad day-light.

Chirwa is the chairman of the ANC in the Gert Sibande region.

He is expected to be elected uncontested when the region convenes its elective congress in no time after all branches nominated him to come lead for yet another term.

Chirwa’s nomination by all Gert Sibande branches comes after a special regional general council that recommended that he retain his post as well as Audrey Maleka, as chairman and secretary respectively.

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“We however note with disappointments the caucuses convening during night hours,” league regional spokesman Thulasizwe Thomo said in a statement this  week.

Without mentioning the names of those convening these ‘night hours’ meetings, Thomo charged that they are “dark forces” and were “masquerading as former ANC, ANCYL leaders and others are camouflaged with colours of our alliance partners”.

“Their attempts to destabilise the region for their own narrow factional battles will never see a day light, particularly not in our life time,” charged Thomo on Wednesday.

“We shall fight with all that we have in defending the ANC regional leadership collective and the national democratic revolution,” he said.

The region has not yet announced the date of the conference. ANC regional spokesman Sabelo Sikhakhane said they were still waiting for upper structures to tell them when they should convene a congress in the region.

It is still not clear who are these ‘dark forces’. Thomo declined to divulge their names, saying he was not in that position “but we’re aware of such”.

The league in the region is pushing for the upcoming ANC congress to resolve to unite the ANC, SACP and SANCO in the region, expropriate land ‘without compensation for equitable redistribution’, establish a state bank and that 40 bursaries be advertised annually by the Gert Sibande district municipality, where Chirwa serves as mayor.

They also want 40% of tender projects to be awarded to young people.

“Anyone that want to contest, must do so through broad day-light and must not be buying conference delegates during sleeping hours,” Thomo said.

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Gert Sibande ANCYL ‘total shutdown’ march postponed

The league in the region says certain issues need to be sorted out before the ‘total shutdown’ takes place .

The ANCYL in the Gert Sibande region has postponed a march which they announced was going to be a ‘total shutdown’.

“We had initially planned to march to New Denmark Mine in Standerton but the meetings we had with young people of Lekwa we received an outcry that the issues facing our people in New Denmark Mine are similar to the ones in Thuthuka power station, Standerton, as a result we had to postpone the march to include Thuthuka station,” regional secretary James Nkosi said on Tuesday night.

“You will know that organising a march takes lot of processes including applications which we needed to ensure that our paperwork is in order going to both New Denmark and Thuthuka on the same day,” Nkosi said.

Now the march has been postponed to 4 May 2017 to both the Standerton coal mine and the Eskom power station.

During a radical economic transformation rally in Badplaas on 9 April 2017, regional league leader Trevor Nkosi said they would not march against President Jacob Zuma but for the economic emancipation of the youths.

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James said they will march for both New Denmark Coal Mine and Thuthuka power station to create jobs and business opportunities as well as developing skills for young, local people.

“Look my brother our people are hungry, they have no opportunities and the government is trying its best to create jobs but we feel that those benefiting from our land are concentrating in making billions while our people remain poor.

“In New Denmark you have a situation where a position as low as a general worker is outsourced from other provinces while people of Lekwa and Gert Sibande remain poor.

“Positions as small as operators are advertised with maths and science as a requirement to exclude our people and you ask yourself how is maths relevant to operate an excavator, and we are saying if they have special skills they want as a

requirement to their posts they must build a skills development centre in Sakhile and train our people to match their requirements,” James said, replying to questions sent on Facebook messenger.

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