ANCYL cries manipulation of Mpumalanga list conference votes

They believe the outcomes are not a reflection of the views of branches.

The ANCYL in the Mpumalanga province has come out gun blazing against what they term “abnormalities” in the outcomes of a recently held provincial list conference.

Held at the Mbombela stadium on 9 December 2018, the list conference was a process to select leaders who should go serve in the legislature and Parliament after next 2019’s general elections but is now being slammed for its exclusion of young people.

Provincial league spokesman Bheki Sithole said the exclusion of the youth in favour of “old retiring people” was as a consequence of “an abusive dominant faction in the PEC of the ANC in our province”.

“The ANC in Mpumalanga undermines the youth,” Sithole said.

“Young, competent and capable leaders were removed from the consolidated list and replaced with old retiring people,” he said.

This comes amid the NEC’s postponement – to next year – of the national list conference that was scheduled to take place on 21 December 2018.

The ANC leadership said the reason they have decided to postpone the conference is because of the rife allegations of manipulations in the provinces.

Sithole said the outcomes of the Mpumalanga list conference were not a true reflection of the BGMs.

He said the late ANC leader Oliver Tambo once warned that “a nation that does not care about its youth does not have a future and does not deserve one”.

“We however don’t believe that this undermining tendency is a product of ANC branches through their BGMs to nominate competent comrades to represent and implement progressive policies for a better life for all.

“To the contrary, the branches of the ANC have affirmed young leaders to take over the responsibility of being representatives of our people as a whole in legislatures, National Council of Provinces and National Assembly,” Sithole said.

He said as a league they were aware of certain individuals in the PEC of the ANC who “abused their positions to temper with the list that was duly a consequence of branch nominations”.

“It is a tendency that undermines not only the youth but the branches of the ANC as well. It’s a gross misconduct at worst, a tendency very foreign to the values of the National Liberation Movement,” he said.

The outcome saw Premier Refilwe Mtshweni bank the most votes, followed by Pat Ngomane at number 2 and Sasekani Manzini at 3.

Amongst those listed as young people in the top 30 is Manzini, Nompumelelo Hlophe, Gabisile Shabalala, Makhosazana Masilela, Bobo Mtshweni and defected BRA secretary Cleopas Maunye.

“We want to put it categorically clear that those who are referred to as youth in the results hold no membership of the ANCYL because of their age, therefore they do not represent us but themselves,” Sithole said.

“We want to urge the national leadership of the ANCYL as we go to the national list conference to rescue the will of Mpumalanga branches, intervene and correct this abusive abnormalities.

“We further warn the dominant faction in the PEC of the ANC to desist from their foreign tendencies, repent and allow corrective measures to be taken,” he said.

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WATCH: Mokako “frustrated” branches picket outside Luthuli House

They say the province has done nothing to help them.

ANCYL branches from three sub-regions in the Nkangala region of Mpumalanga aligned to contender Ndumiso Mokako took their anger to party headquarters in Gauteng.

They want national office to disband the Nkangala ANCYL regional executive committee for “not doing the work it was elected for”.

They say REC deployees have been snubbing their BGMs for weeks now, allegedly because they favour candidates different from those preferred by the REC.

Those picketing outside Luthuli House are the chairs and secretaries from 20 Thembisile Hani branches as well as 27 from JS Moroka and 5 from Steve Tshwete.

Regional spokesman Banele ‘Masheleni’ Nkosi has said that the reason the REC didn’t come to their BGMs was because these branches never sent an invite to the REC but instead to the PEC.

One of the picketers, William Mokwele, a secretary from ward 18 in JS Moroka, said other branches that the REC attended were not given the printed attendant register by the REC deployee and this was done “deliberately” in order to “deny them” at a later stage.

“When they don’t give you the printed attendant register from the region to sign next to your name as a branch member and only give you a piece of paper to write on with a pen you will fail the audit,” Mokwele said.

He said they would picket the whole day outside Luthuli until national leader Collen Maine or secretary Njabulo Nzuza comes to attend them.

Just after mid-day on Friday, the NEC sent one of their members to go hear the branches but the branches refused to be addressed by this NEC member, saying they will picket till Maine or Nzuza attend to them and they give him “the petition”.


“We are living in a very divided region. The chairperson [Bobo Mtshweni] has his own REC members on his side and the secretary [Thabang Mathebula] has his own. A very divided region and we never elected them to be divided but to service us as branches,” Mokwele said on the sideline of the picket.

The Mpumalanga province is preparing a provincial congress set for 7 December 2018. The national one is set for 16 December 2018.

The branches are divided between those who want Mokako and those who want Pholoso Mbatsane for the position of national secretary.

The Mokako group wants Trevor Nkosi to be the provincial chair while the Mbatsane group wants Thabang Mathebula as the chair.

This week the Nkangala REC said those those who choose to operate “outside the parameters” of ANCYL will be dealt with.

“They will face very serious consequences,” regional spokesman Masheleni Nkosi said.

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Bohlabela ANCYL branch tussle reported to police

They say a disagreement broke out over the branch not reaching a quorum.

An ANCYL branch tussle at Bohlabela’s ward 29 has now been reported to the cops.

The assault case was opened against branch chairman Ntiyiso Makaringe, the child of Bushbuckridge municipal chief whip Million Makaringe.

The matter was opened Friday morning this week at the Mhala police station in Bushbuckridge.

The wrestling began when former league regional acting secretary Nhlamulo Mayindi questioned whether the branch could go ahead with a BGM after it was found that only 32 members in a branch that was supposed to have a minimum of 95 members attending in order to reach a quorum.

Mayindi claimed that when Makaringe opened the meeting he told members that inside the Manukusi High School class there were 102 of them and that the meeting reached a quorum.

Bohlabela ANCYL branch tussle reported to police

Nhlamulo Mayindi’s cellphone was smashed against the floor when he tried to take a video of meeting, accused of not being a “videographer”.

“I raised my hand and I was given the opportunity to speak,” Mayindi said when he spoke to the 013NEWS reporter after opening the case Friday morning.

“Then I said No, but chair let’s do a head count and we discovered that there was only 32 of us and not the 102 the chairperson claimed when he opened the meeting,” he said.

Bohlabela ANCYL branch tussle reported to police

The 32 branch members who attended the meeting.

The regions and branches are divided in the Mpumalanga province ahead of a provincial congress 7 December 2018 between supporters of Trevor Nkosi and Thabang Mathebula for the position of chair.

The Nkosi group wants Ndumiso Mokako as secretary general when a national congress is held on 16 December 2018 while the Mathebula group pushes current provincial secretary Pholoso Mbatsane for the secretary general position.

Bohlabela ANCYL branch tussle reported to police

Nhlamulo Mayindi who was allegedly manhandled by branch leader Ntiyiso Makaringe.

“They then smashed my phone against the floor. When I tried to take it, he took it first and threw it out through the window,” he said.

“I wanted to take the video so that when I make a dispute to the upper structure I would have the evidence of how they are convening BGMs in order to put the people they want by force,” he said.

Mayindi leads a faction that is opposed to Mbatsane becoming the secretary – instead they want Bheki Sithole to be the secretary, Nkosi the chair, Mokako the SG and Thanduxolo Sabelo the President.

“They accused me of not being a videographer. Then broke my phone. I have laid charges of malicious damage to my property and assault,” he said.

The police in Mhala confirmed Friday mid-day that case number 77/11/2018 was opened by an “ANCYL person” and that he told them “a suspect broke his phone and assaulted him”.

Regional secretary Maurice Khoza said Mayindi was supposed to report the matter to the REC and had he done that they were going to know.

“As the REC we don’t promote physical resolutions,” Khoza.

“We condemn it only if there was an incident of that kind. He must report it to the regional secretary’s office so that we attend to it straight away,” he said.

He said it was a lie that ward 29 didn’t follow organisational rules when conducting the BGM and electing delegates.

Mayindi on the other hand says the reason he didn’t report the matter to the REC is because he doesn’t recognise them as they are an “imposed structure” and were elected in a meeting that was conducted “unfairly”, bringing in “bogus delegates” in May 2018 and in deputy president Desmond Moela and ANC spokeswoman Sasekani Manzini’s watch who he says are their “puppets”.

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Money used to erect “bogus Mandela” statue supposed to build school: ANCYL

They say the statue is “a distortion” of the image of the struggle icon and a waste of money.

The ANCYL in the Mpumalanga province says the money that was used to erect the “bogus” Nelson Mandela statue outside the legislature in Mbombela was supposed to be used for something else, like building a school.

The league has now given sports and culture MEC Thandi Shongwe an ultimatum to remove the “bogus Mandela” statue or else they will remove it themselves “forcefully”.

It says the statue is a “distortion” of the image of the former and first black South African President and should be taken down immediately.

The statue, costing taxpayers R8.3 million, was unveiled on the Friday mid-day of 28 September 2018 by Premier Refilwe Mtshweni.

It was the work of the Mpumalanga sports arts and culture department.

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The ANCYL says the man represented in the statue is a Mandela “wannabe”.

“We are utter dismayed, fabbergasted [sic] and perplexed by the bogus statue of Nelson Mandela recently erected in front of the provincial legislature,” it said in a statement Wednesday this week.

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“The ANCYL call for the immediate removal of that Mandela ‘wanna be’ and we want to put it categorically clear for the department to hear that if this bogus Mandela is not removed by the end of this week we will mobilise patriotic youth to forcefully remove that distortion of the image of our struggle icon,” the statement released by secretary Pholoso Mbatsane on behalf of the provincial executive committee reads.

He said they believe that the R8.3 million used in the procurement of “that ghost whom our government is saying is Mandela” should have been used to build a school.

It was now calling on the department of sports, arts and culture to invest on the establishment of Mpumalanga schools of excellence.

“The province is not doing [good] in producing and nurturing artists,” Mbatsane said, implying that money should have gone to build a school of artists.

The statement is released after the league held its PEC meeting this week.

It has now resolved to support young people to go to Parliament and legislature and was tired of nominating old people “who go to Parliament and sleep”.

“We want to save them the embarrassment of sleeping painfully in Parliamentary benches,” the Mpumalanga league said.

It will also conduct political schooling for its members in the four regional executive committees as “education is the lifeblood of any organisation pursuing a revolutionary struggle and should forever constitute the day to day activities of the ANCYL”.

“It is an objective reality that any revolution that does not reproduce its ideas is bound to fail,” Mbatsane said in the statement.

“All ANCYL structures should standardise political education into their mainstream programmes and constantly ensure that all members have a proper grasp of the politics of the ANC, its revolutionary theory and its ideological perspective alike,” he said.

He said the political induction will deal with the basic understanding of organizational processes and procedure in order to run an effective organization, prepare members and “sharply raise their level of political consciousness”.

They also call on everybody to support 22-year-old Cheryl Zondi who a week ago bravely testified against Pastor Tim Omotoso who she said used to assault her sexually since the age of 14 after she joined the church at the age of 13.

They also called on the Council of Churches to regulate the establishments of church “especially those of foreign nationals”.

“We call on them to act swiftly in addressing the dignity of this situation. We cannot allow such institutions to be compromised by bogus men of clothes both sinister South Africans and foreign nationals,” he said.

Mbatsane added they will have a provincial and national congress as from 07 to 09 December and the national congress will be from 16 to 20 December 2018.

He said BGMs should sit until 15 November 2018, then afterwards they will allow disputes from 16 to 24 November 2018.

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“I’m shocked!”: Suspended Nkangala ANCYL’s Thabang Mathebula speaks out

He is yet to be charged and the league says they won’t say what charge he will face until a disciplinary committee has done its work.

Nkangala ANCYL secretary Thabang Mathebula has spoken up about his suspension, saying he was still “shocked” as to what he did.

News of the soft-spoken regional youth leader were brought to light by provincial secretary Pholoso Mbatsane this week, confirming they have decided to send Mathebula home pending a disciplinary hearing.

Mbatsane didn’t say why they have decided to suspend the regional secretary but said the suspension comes after they “noted with deep regret” his “recent conduct”.

“We have deliberated on the matter and decided to suspend Comrade Thabang Mathebula pending his disciplinary hearing,” Mbatsane said in a statement.

Mathebula said he saw the press statement that Mbatsane released on behalf of the provincial executive committee and was “shocked, what is it that I did”?

“Currently as I’m sitting here I’m not sure what is it that I did,” he told the 013NEWS reporter over the phone.

“I don’t even know of a suspension because from where I’m sitting now I haven’t received anything that seeks to say ‘Comrade Thabang you are suspended or here’s an intent to suspend you’. No. I’m still waiting for anybody to come to me and say ‘you are suspended and this is what you have done’,” he said Thursday morning.

He said it was “unorganisational” of the PEC to suspend him through a press statement and “[that] is not how we process issues in the organisation”.

“So I’m not sure whether the person who wrote the press statement felt he had to put my name in it or is that of somebody else. I don’t know. But what I can say is that I have had an regional executive committee meeting and the convener of the region from the province was here and I can confirm that there is no message of that nature that was communicated,” he said.

In the press statement, Mbatsane said that a disciplinary hearing is meant to restore order and “not meant to resolve private problems”.

“The PEC wants to put it on record that and in a clearer context that disciplinary procedures are not meant to resolve private problems, intimidate or silence a particular member. The whole purpose of DC processes is restore order and discipline within the organisation,” he said.

Mathebula wants to be the provincial chair of the ANCYL when a congress is held on 7 December 2018. He will face-off with Trevor Nkosi, the provincial deputy chair who is also gunning for the same seat.

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Provincial spokesman Bheki Sithole said they will not reveal what Mathebula did because he still has to appear before a disciplinary committee.

“He is suspended. The disciplinary committee will summon him. But for now we are not gonna be able to publish the detailed charge sheet, I can only confirm that he is suspended,” Sithole said, adding the matter is “sub-judice”.

” He is yet to receive his charge sheet from the disciplinary committee and the date of appearance. After everything has been done we will then make it public. We will come back and say ‘this is what he is charged for’,” said Sithole.

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