WATCH: ANCYL condemns Nkangala RGC “thuggery” behaviour

Fists flew and various members were injured when they got beaten up and pepper sprays were used.

The ANCYL in the Mpumalanga province has condemned the violence that occurred at a planned Regional General Council over the weekend.

It says it has now instituted internal investigations to determine what led to the violence and those who are going to be found to be in the wrong will face the consequences of their actions.

Provincial spokesman Bheki Sithole said the provincial executive committee awaits a full report from the Nkangala ANCYL on what really happened on the Sunday afternoon of 9 September 2018 when ANCYL members turned against each other, badly beating one another at the eMalahleni civic theatre where they were supposed to hold a special RGC.

“We are against any form of violence in our gathering and those who continue to practice such thuggery and backward acts will be dealt with if they are found to be members of the ANCYL,” Sithole said.

“If they are not members we will allow the law enforcement agencies to also investigate the carrying of guns [and] whether those fire arms are legal or not,” he said.

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Sithole said the RGC could not sit because of administrative issues “which had potential of creating more problems for the ANCYL” and had to be postponed.

“The PEC is yet to receive a detailed report on the said incident,” Sithole said.

Some members had to be rushed to hospital on Sunday afternoon in order to be treated after the beating and use of pepper sprays.

013NEWS has learnt that the violence that erupted at the Nkangala ANCYL RGC had more to do with the upcoming provincial and national congresses.

Members are divided between those who support ANCYL NEC member Ndumiso Mokako for the position of President and those who want provincial secretary Pholoso Mbatsane to be national secretary.

Those who want Mokako to replace Collen Maine also want KZN secretary Thanduxolo Sabelo to be national secretary.

They also want provincial deputy leader Trevor Nkosi to come become the provincial chair, taking over from Tim Mashele.

But Mbatsane supporters want him to retain the post of provincial secretary in order to be elevated to national office as secretary general when the 26th national congress is held later on. They also want Nkangala secretary Thabang Mathebula to be the provincial chair.

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Meanwhile, the Nkangala ANCYL has slammed as “sensational” the report by 013NEWS this week on the RGC being convened to make pronouncement on Mbatsane and Thabang.

Spokesman Banele ‘Masheleni’ Nkosi said they convened the special RGC in order to finish the business of the May 2018 regional elective conference that made Bobo Mtshweni the chairman, Thabang the secretary, Memory Khumalo deputy chair, Kathy Mkhuma deputy secretary and treasurer Dennis Mtsweni.

“Thus the reports by 013NEWS are baseless, unscientific and unfounded,” Masheleni said in a statement.

“The special RGC and the delegation thereof did not have the mandate from the branches to make pronouncements on the upcoming provincial and national conferences respectively as branches are due for their Branch Annual General Meetings and Branch General Meetings wherein branch executive committees will be elected, and branch delegates will be elected for the purpose of the said conferences,” he said.

“The regional executive committee further notes such reporting as expedient, malice and playing to the gallery, sensationalising further political tensions in the region,” Masheleni said.

A week ago, the REC released a statement and pronounced they would support Mathebula to be provincial chair and Mbatsane to be secretary.

They also told this paper that they were in discussion with national treasurer Reggie Nkabinde for the position of President.

Masheleni added the violence that occured at the eMalahleni civic theatre was a “mutinous behaviour” and was “reactionary, barbaric and counter-revolutionary” and against all that the ANCYL stands for.

“The ANCYL of Anton Lembede and Peter Mokaba embodies political tolerance, guided by scientific and superior opinions, not physical confrontation and pepper sprays as this is indicative of total political disintegration of our glorious youth movement,” he said.

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Ndumiso Mokako, Pholoso Mbatsane divide Nkangala ANCYL

The factions say they want Trevor to come lead and are fiercely opposed to the putting forward of Thabang’s name, alleging this is “against the wishes of branches”.

The presidential ambition of ANCYL NEC member Ndumiso Mokako as well as that of provincial secretary Pholoso Mbatsane who wants to be the national secretary of the league are setting comrades against each other in the Nkangala region ahead of the league’s 26th national elective congress.

All hell broke loose at the eMalahleni civic theatre over the weekend when ANC Youth League members turned on each other during a planned Regional General Council of the league in the Nkangala region.

Sounds of voices and commotion could be heard from the road across as comrades raced to the door, running for their lives amidst fist fights and wielding of guns as comrades attacked each other, bringing the Nkangala RGC to a halt.

Those who attended the RGC on Sunday afternoon said it all began when regional secretary Thabang Mathebula was about to address delegates and “one of the delegates shouted, ‘Comrades, let’s leave. We can’t listen to Thabang’ and it started there”.

Ndumiso Mokako, Pholoso Mbatsane divide Nkangala ANCYL

Nkangala ANCYL secretary Thabang Mathebula. 013NEWS/MLM.

One of the delegates said they all received a message inviting them to the special RGC planned for 9 September “and we got there as expected,’ he told the 013NEWS reporter.

“The registration started at around 9 in the morning and concluded at around 2 afternoon,” he said when he spoke to the reporter.

“Then when we were supposed to get inside the hall we had a problem of comrades who were not registered properly.

“For an example, initially we were told that comrades who were supposed to attend the RGC were supposed to be those who were delegates to the regional congress in May 2018. When we saw that there were others who were not part of the May conference inside the hall we raised some disputes with the REC leadership and they were obliged to hold a meeting as a regional executive committee to resolve these disputes and after their meeting all delegates were asked to come to the hall in order for leadership to address them,” he said.

“So the regional chairperson Bobo Mtshweni addressed us and said that there were technicalities in the registration process and therefore as leadership they had resolved that the RGC would have to be postponed,” the delegate told the 013NEWS reporter on Sunday night.

“That’s where the war started,” he said, “Mathebula wanted to say something and we refused. Comrades started fighting us and using pepper sprays and all other things to harm us,” the member who belongs to a disgruntled faction said.

013NEWS has learnt that the Nkangala RGC was expected to pronounce on who the region supports between provincial deputy leader Trevor Nkosi and Mathebula.

Ndumiso Mokako, Pholoso Mbatsane divide Nkangala ANCYL

Trevor Nkosi. 013NEWS/ZK.

Both Nkosi and Mathebula are contesting for the position of Mpumalanga ANCYL chair.

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Mpumalanga is preparing for a league elective conference and the regions are divided between Mokako and Mbatsane going to the national conference.

Gert Sibande region wants Mokako to become the President of the league and KZN secretary Thanduxolo Sabelo to be the national secretary.

But eHlanzeni region wants Mbatsane to be the national secretary on a slate that wants national treasurer Reggie Nkabinde to be the President.

Ndumiso Mokako, Pholoso Mbatsane divide Nkangala ANCYL

Ndumiso Mokako. 013NEWS/ZK.

A week ago, the Nkangala REC pronounced they would support Mbatsane to be the national secretary and that they were in discussion with Nkabinde for the position of President. They said they would not support Mokako but this has set them against other factions within the organisation in the region who alleged their pronouncing of Mbatsane and Nkabinde were “against the wishes of branches”.

They say the REC has been “fed this poison” by former regional leader Mduduzi “Mswati” Nkosi who they say is the “mastermind” and “runs the show from behind” and they were “totally against that”.

Ndumiso Mokako, Pholoso Mbatsane divide Nkangala ANCYL

They say all their problems “as young people” have been caused by Mswati.

They say Mathebula is Mswati’s “stooge” and “cannot be expected to be the provincial chair”, instead Nkosi should go lead.

“We are like this because of Mswati. We can’t continue the problem to the province. No, no,” one member, Sipho Mahlangu, said when he spoke to the reporter on Sunday night.

He said he was chased with a gun when the commotion began at the eMalahleni civic theatre and was going to report them to his father.

“I know who they are. These are our own hired comrades. I will seek advice from my father on what to do or to open a case of attempted murder or what,” Mahlangu said.

eHlanzeni regional secretary Siyabonga Malandule said as a region they are “clear” on who they want ahead of the provincial and national congresses.

He said they want Mbatsane to retain the post of provincial secretary and then be elevated to the post of national secretary when a the 26th national congress is held later on.

Ndumiso Mokako, Pholoso Mbatsane divide Nkangala ANCYL

Pholoso Mbatsane. 013NEWS/ZK.

“We have started with BGMs already and Mbatsane is leading in nominations,” Malandule said.

“Processes are running smooth and branches are talking,” he said.

He said on the issue of Nkosi and Mathebula contesting the seat of provincial chairperson they will “allow branches to do that process” but they were in “discussions” with Nkabinde for the position of President.

Provincial spokesman Bheki Sithole didn’t reply to an sms enquiry.

Mswati said it was a lie he was running the show from behind.

“What show?” he said when asked over the weekend.

“I know nothing,” he said.

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“Delegates of Nkangala ANCYL 6th congress exercised their democratic rights and they were the only region that went to IEC ballot box. So same as in the province, the branches will speak,” he said.

“Mine is just to avail myself only if I’m needed or I must be involved and now they are sounding as if it’s me who owns ANCYL, they must know I don’t own ANCYL nor does ANCYL owe me.

“But it is ANCYL that has moulded me and that’s why I’ll always advice where needed, defend and be jealous of ANCYL,” he said.

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