South African farmers voice out against murders

The #BlackMonday protest was meant to send a message to authorities to do more to avert the killing of farm workers in South Africa.

Placards reading – “No Farmer No Food”, “Stop Farm Murders” and “Staan op teen plaasmoorde”, which means stand up against farm murders”, were amongst the signs farm-workers used to raise the alarm against farm attacks.

Highways were blocked off across the country as farmers used their lorries, trucks and tractors to force a go-slow for motorists in protest against the killing of farmers.

74 farmers were killed in the 2016/17 financial year, according to the 2017 crime statistics released by police minister Fikile Mbalula.

The farmers say the attacks and murders are a threat to food security and that authorities should do something to curb it.

The nationwide Black Monday protests were organised by Afriforum and AgriSA on Monday this week.

“The reason why we are saying farm murders is so important is you must ask yourself what you had for breakfast this morning. If there’s not farmers, the nation is going to starve,” Freedom Front Plus leader Pieter Groenewald, who was also part of the protests, said.

He said the 638 farm attacks that occurred in the last financial year could have ended up in murders.

In Middelburg, a truck lost control and hit cars, injuring Black Monday protesters.

Paramedics were called to treat the injured.

South African farmers voice out against murders

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WATCH: White man assaults black woman at Ilanga Mall

The video was posted by the woman’s husband on Facebook on Monday night.

A video clip showing a black woman being assaulted at Mbombela’s Illanga Mall has found a place in social media.

It shows a white man displaying aggressive and violent behaviour at a black woman who is seated inside her car, a black BMW, and after an exchange of words, he comes closer to beat her up.

The incident happened on Monday afternoon at the underground parking lot of the mall after the man had bumped into her car, according to her husband.

The husband said the cops came and took statements but didn’t arrest the man after they suspected him of being “mentally disturbed”.

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