Cleopas Maunye co-opted into Bohlabela ANC REC

The party says the ex-BRA secretary is quite an experienced politician and his skills are needed in the region.

Ex-secretary of the Bushbuckridge Resident Association who defected to the ANC just three months ago is now a member of the ANC regional executive committee in the Bohlabela region.

013NEWS understands that Cleopas Maunye was co-opted on Tuesday last week.

This follows a regional elective congress about four weeks ago that saw ANCYL provincial leader Tim Mashele elected into the Bohlabela ANC REC.

“Well, comrade Cleopas is very experienced,” regional secretary Follas Sibuyi said this week.

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“Remember he was a member of the ANC,” he said.

“We felt that let’s co-opt him in order to utilise his experience in the ANC,” said Sibuyi.

Maunye, who was the only member of BRA in the Mpumalanga legislature, was suspended from BRA in February 2017 after allegations surfaced that he was in talks with ANC leaders for a mass defection.

Stripping him of his secretary position and replacing him with Johannes Ndlovu, BRA also recalled him from legislature with effect from the last day of March 2017 but then Maunye defected to ANC on 2 April 2017.

BRA was formed in 2011 by former ANC members, including Maunye and its leader Delta Mokoena.

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Political parties send Easter messages

Authorities will be in full force on this Easter weekend and weather experts have warned of a chilly weather in some parts of country.


Political parties in the Mpumalanga province have wished all South Africans a very blessed and joyous Easter weekend.

The ANC in the Mpumalanga province said they remain concerned about the number of fatalities occurring every year during this time.

“We therefore call upon everyone to observe traffic rules, avoid speeding and commuters to be vigilant of drunk drivers and un-roadworthy vehicles transporting our people to their different destinations of worship,” spokeswoman Sasekani Manzini said.

“We request those who will be lowering their heads in supplication to our Messiah this weekend, to remember the ANC in their prayers and pray for its maximum unity and improved ability to service the people of South Africa,” said Manzini.

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The Economic Freedom Fighters said they request that road-users behave as they travel from their various homes to churches and were urging all fighters to establish crime combating units to protect communities from the criminals who will want to use the busy weekend to target their innocent preys.

“We also urge community members in particular the youth to also conduct themselves responsible and avoid excessive drinking and use of drugs and the carrying of dangerous weapons,” spokesman Collen Sedibe said.

“The EFF also urges the police and traffic officers to be visible in all crime spots and high accident zone in order to minimise contact crimes and gruesome car accidents,” said Sedibe.

The Bushbuckridge Resident Association asked those who will be commemorating the death of Jesus Christ to remember political parties in their prayers.

“We ask them to pray for us as we all know that these days in South Africa the situation is very bad,” acting secretary Johannes Ndlovu said.

“We wish that church-goers drive safely, have a blessed journey and they must be patient with one another and ensure everywhere they are safe,” Ndlovu said.

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BRA slates ‘opportunist’ Cleopas Maunye

The organisation says his defection to the ANC signifies a leader who is an “opportunist”.

The Bushbuckridge Resident Association has slammed its former secretary who over the weekend defected to the ANC.

Cleopas Maunye left his own organisation on Sunday (2 Apr), leading a group of BRA members back to the ANC at the Acornhoek eHlanzeni FET college sports grounds.

BRA acting secretary Johannes Ndlovu slammed Maunye, saying his whole plan of selling the organisation to the ANC made him a real opportunist.

“You will remember that the reason we suspended him from the organisation was because of the things of him meeting up with ANC people, planning to destroy the movement.

“We were not wrong in our move, look now he has done exactly what we suspended him for,” Ndlovu told the 013NEWS reporter over the phone on Monday evening.

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Maunye was suspended during a BRA special meeting in February 2017 and recalled from the legislature.

His recall from the Mpumalanga legislature was effective from 31 March 2017.

“One thing they must know is that they will never kill BRA.

“BRA remains strong, he was just promised greener pastures and because he’s an opportunist left and betrayed the people of Bushbuckridge,” Ndlovu said.

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He said they are still going to show “the world” how strong BRA is with a march that is to be announced soon.

“He left with his few friends who are also opportunists and the organisation remains even stronger. Their strategy of killing BRA won’t work,” Ndlovu said.

But Maunye said Ndlovu should focus on BRA and leave him alone.

“I have nothing to do with BRA. They are the ones who fired me and now what?” he asked.

He said the reason they wanted him out was because they also wanted the legislature salary.

He said if he was a member of the legislature and didn’t get any salary they were not going to focus their energy on him.

“They also dreamt of the money and I said to myself, ‘let me leave in peace’, they must take their seat and I’ll focus on my own life, than fighting with vigilantes,” Maunye said.

He said all members who knew politics have left BRA and only vigilantes were left there now.

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“They don’t understand politics, they remain disgruntled and that’s what they are,” Maunye said.

He said now he would focus on his being an ANC member and probably use his tertiary qualification to look for work and didn’t care what BRA was saying because he was no longer there.

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‘Finally, I’m with Cleopas, I’ll get Delta’

ANC provincial chairman David Mabuza will get the BRA President Delta Mokoena, he told scores on Sunday.

The President of the Bushbuckridge Resident Association, Delta Mokoena, must watch out, lest he will be enticed back home by Premier David Mabuza.

Mabuza, in his capacity as ANC Mpumalanga leader, welcomed 3000 BRA members back to the ANC at the Acornhoek stadium on Sunday morning.

One of these members was BRA’s ex-secretary Cleopas Maunye, who is also the party’s only member of the Mpumalanga legislature and who was suspended during a BRA special meeting in February 2017 for “selling out to the ANC” and replaced temporarily by current acting secretary Johannes Ndlovu.

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Maunye had also been asked by a BRA Task Team to step down as member of the legislature, something he told them he would do at the end of March 2017.

But on Sunday (2 Apr), Maunye led 3000 BRA members back to the ANC.

'Finally, I'm with Cleopas, I'll get Delta'

Mabuza (L), Maunye (C) and Bohlabela chairman Gillion Mashego (R). PICTURE:  Supplied

Addressing the mass defection at the Acornhoek sports ground, Mabuza said his next stop now was to go fetch Mokoena.

Without mentioning Mokoena by name, Mabuza said to thunderous applause: “I’m very happy that finally I’m with Cleopas, Cleopas is now next to me but there’s another one who is left, and I’ll get him, I can bet”.

He said he was now happy that the ANC in Bushbuckridge will unite and achieving this was not “an easy journey”.

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“It was a painful journey. We have been waiting for this day for some time, we have put out all our efforts into what you are seeing today. This is the big day in the history of the ANC.

“I want to thank comrade Cleopas and the entire leadership that is coming back to the ANC,” Mabuza said.

“This is a beginning of a new chapter, we’re opening a new chapter and I’d like to say to all ANC members who were mistreated and went to form BRA that we never had the opportunity to say sorry.

“You told me everything of how you were mistreated in the ANC and I’d like to take this opportunity and say I’m sorry, on behalf of the ANC in Mpumalanga we apologise,” he said.

The event was attended by Bohlabelo ANC chairman Gillion Mashego, who also addressed the gathering, and provincial chairwoman Violet Siwela and secretary Mandla Ndlovu, amongst others.

BRA is led by Mokoena as President, Daniel Mashigo as Deputy President, him Ndlovu as acting secretary, Netago Mokoena as deputy secretary as well as

treasurer Cecil Shike and won 14 seats in the Bushbuckridge local municipality.

It was formed in 2011 by ex-ANC members and since then it has been giving the ANC an electoral headache in the Bohlabelo region, clinching a seat in the provincial legislature in 2014 general elections.

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