Manhunt for policeman after wife is gunned down

The police confirmed they were indeed looking for the sergeant.

The eMalahleni police have launched a manhunt for one of their colleagues after his wife Busi Mokwana was found shot dead a few kilometres from her home.

The police are basing their chase for Sergeant Elvis Sithole on information they received from Mokwana’s family, which includes an SMS he allegedly sent to her uncle.

Mokwana was found dead Thursday afternoon 3 January 2019 in the eMalahleni suburb of Tasbet Park. She was in her car that was parked on the side of the road and had a gunshot wound on the side of her head.

Local police told the 013NEWS reporter on the sidelines of the scene at Kiepersol Street that Mokwana’s uncle, known only as Mokoena, received a “shocking SMS” from the policeman and it was alluding to the death of the 34-year-old mineworker woman.

Manhunt for policeman after wife is gunned down

The scene where Busi Mokwana’s body was discovered.

In the SMS, which the 013NEWS reporter saw and obtained through a screengrab, Sithole allegedly wrote that this was a “lesson that next time there is a problem in the family you don’t just run to the police station”.

Manhunt for policeman after wife is gunned down

Local police said it was sent around 3 in the afternoon – while police and the family were on the scene. She was last seen this morning at around 6 when she left for work in her maroon Renault Clio.

“Investigations are continuing, we are currently looking for the sergeant to assist us with investigation,” one police officer told the 013NEWS reporter before referring further queries to provincial police spokesman Brigadier Leonard Hlathi who said a full statement will be released.

Manhunt for policeman after wife is gunned down

WANTED: eMalahleni cop sergeant Elvis Sithole.

The incident has left the Mokwana family devastated, believing that this occurred as a consequence of the troubles they faced in their marriage.

Uncle Mokoena said that around October 2018 Sithole beat Mokwana badly, to the extent that her eyes were “closed from the swelling”.

“After the incident she left him and she was living with me. We very very disturbed as a family, he had been threatening her and was obviously following her” Mokoena said.

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Case against Phelele Shongwe not in court

The incident that he was arrested for occured at an ANCYL elective conference in May 2018.

The case against a mayor’s personal security assistant who was up following the killing of MKMVA member Samson Madonsela is not on the court’s roll yet, officials have told this paper.

Earlier, 013NEWS was told by a highly-placed police source that the matter was actually withdrawn owing to “political pressure” and that this occured after a “mediation between the parties was reached”.

But police spokesman Brigadier Leonard Hlathi rejected this, saying the matter was still under investigations and they will then approach the prosecutors once investigations were done.

He said there were two different matters in the case that the source was “confusing”.

“The first one is the one of pointing a firearm, I’m sure you remember that one, which yes was withdrawn after the complainant and the accused spoke and agreed,” Hlathi said over the phone.

“Then the second one is the murder, which we are currently busy investigating. We have not charged anybody on it,” Hlathi said. “All of that will happen once investigations have concluded,” he said.

“Yes, the one of pointing of firearm was withdrawn,” Hlathi said.

Shongwe is Gert Sibande mayor Muzi Chirwa’s security aide.

He was arrested after Madonsela was shot dead outside the Chief Albert Luthuli municipal offices in Badplaas, reportedly when chaos erupted while delegates were collecting accreditation cards to attend the Gert Sibande ANCYL regional elective conference on 26 May 2018.

Madonsela had been part of other veterans who were providing security to the venue and Shongwe had allegedly been there accompanying Chirwa.

Shongwe had been facing a charge of murder, attempted murder, pointing of a firearm and assault.

But after appearing at the Carolina Magistrates Court on 29 May he got released on a R10 000 bail and the charges against him were reduced to only three counts of attempted murder and pointing of a firearm in order to allow police “to broaden the scope of the investigation”.

“The suspect is charged with three counts but murder is not one of them yet. We have been given a task to broaden the scope of the investigation,” Hlathi said at the time of Shongwe’s case.

NPA spokeswoman Monica Nyuswa confirmed a week ago the matter is not with them.

“The matter is not yet on the court’s roll. It is still with the police. They are busy with investigations, please talk to them. We can only comment once it has been given to us and we can begin prosecution,” she said.

Case against Phelele Shongwe not in court

Shongwe, who is also a member of the MKMVA and a former SANDF soldier, is originally from Ermelo.

In 1998, Shongwe appeared before the Truth and Reconciliation Commission to answer for two counts of murder, one of attempted murder and another of illegal possession of firearms after he killed an IFP member and then a National Party member before seriously injuring another during a political violence towards the 1994 general elections.

He was a member of an ANC’s self-defence structure that was organised in Ermelo townships to fight off the IFP and the Black Cats.

The Black Cats – popularly known as ‘Makati’ in Ermelo streets – was the IFP’s violent group in those days opposed to Nelson Mandela becoming the President of South Africa and had been maiming and gunning down SACP, Cosatu, ANC and other community members accused of supporting the ANC.

One day on 22 October 1993, the young Shongwe found himself forced to kill the group’s Bongani Malinga in Ermelo’s Extension township with 11 bullets before fleeing the area to White River, where he got into bitter confrontation with NP members.

He told the TRC on 29 July 1998 that Malinga had been one of those who were playing key roles in terrorising the community and when he saw him on that day few houses from his home he “ran straight to him and shot him”.

“I shot him in the leg and he fell onto the ground. I proceeded to him or towards him. I think I shot him about three times in the ribs and when I was closer to him, I shot him at close range. The firearm was loaded with 15 bullets and I ran off from the scene and I think I shot him about 11 times, because I was left with only four bullets,” he told commission chair Desmond Tutu.

Case against Phelele Shongwe not in court

He then fled the area to White River, where he got into an ugly fight with NP members who didn’t want him in the area.

There in White River Shongwe killed the NP’s Ernest Malele on 15 February 1994 before seriously injuring another NP member, using a gun he robbed a police officer and then set Malele’s car alight.

Both Malele and the unidentified NP member had come to the White River place where Shongwe had been staying, armed with pangas but Shongwe pulled out his gun and shot at them as they were entering the door.

He was arrested but soon after the trial had started the Judge set the matter aside, citing lack of enough evidence.

The commission granted him amnesty.

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Breyten mom finds throats of kids cut off

Their throats were cut with a sharp object – both a knife and a hammer were found next to their lifeless bodies.

The police in Mpumalanga have called on members of communities to come out and ask for help when faced with domestic hardships after a mom found her man had cut off the throats of their three kids.

The children, one aged 3, the other 6 and 11, were found dead in their home in the Breyten township of Phosa on Monday this week after the man went to fetch them from school early.

After butchering the children, the man then tried to commit suicide by throwing himself under a moving train.

Brigadier Leonard Hlathi said he got seriously injured and was under police guard in hospital.

“A preliminary investigation suggested that the children were murdered in a senseless manner in which their throats were slit. Police were called to the scene after the mother of the children who was at work found the shocking scene on her return,” Hlathi said.

“The sequence of events suggested that the father collected the children from school and allegedly murdered them. He then texted a message to the mother informing her that he had murdered the children and was going to end his life,” Hlathi said.

He said afterwards the news of a man who had thrown himself under a moving train broke out and was discovered that it was the same man who sent the sms to the woman.

“The police in Mpumalanga are calling on community members to seek professional help when experiencing hardships,” Hlathi said.

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Leonard Hlathi graduates with a Masters degree

He said that all comes with hard work and time management.

Mpumalanga police spokesman Brigadier Leonard Hlathi has received his Masters degree.

The consummate cop was studying Policing Practice with the Southern Business School.

The graduation ceremony took place at Krugersdorp on 30 March 2017.

Hlathi told 013NEWS on Tuesday this week that: “Life is still the same. However, I’d like to encourage young people that they too can make it. It’s never too late”. He said he himself was encouraged by a petrol attendant who studied while he worked at the petrol station and finally got a BA degree.

He said an old man who obtained his degree while already on pension also made him to do it.

“That’s when I saw it’s never too late,” he said.

“It comes with hard work,” Hlathi said.

Hlathi, who is 47 years old, said when his colleagues left after knocking off at 4pm he would remain and study until late at night.

He joined the Southern Business School at the age of 41 in 2011.

Hlathi also possesses an N4 certificate in human resource management which he obtained from Nkangala FET college, and short course as well as a full course certificates in public relations from Unisa.

He became a communication officer of the SA Police Service in 1995 when he used to be the chauffeur of then police provincial boss liuetenant-general Malete, who is now retired.

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