Rogue cops steal money left by cash-in-transit robbers

The incident happened near Bushbuckridge this week.

The police in Mpumalanga have arrested and charged three of their colleagues for theft.

A charge of defeating the ends of justice was also added.

The three were part of eight cops who arrived in a marked VW minibus on the crime scene where the G4S vehicle had been forced to stop and money taken.

When the gang forced the G4S armoured truck to stop, they blasted the safe and money scattered all over the place. The gang took some and some notes were left on the scene when the cops in the minibus arrived to pick them up for themselves.

The incident happened between Saselani and Buyisonto near Bushbuckridge.

“They were the first ones to arrive at the scene,” police spokesman Brigadier Leonard Hlathi said of the cops in the minibus.

“When other SAPS members arrived, they were informed by community members that they saw some police officers who were travelling in the minibus which had by then left few minutes ago taking money that was scattered around.

“The members were called while travelling at Dwarsloop and ordered to halt right there. When their colleagues arrived, they searched them and as a result the three were nabbed after being allegedly found with some notes suspected to have been taken at the scene,” Hlathi said.

They were expected to appear at the Mhala Magistrates Court.

Provincial police boss Lieutenant-General Mondli Zuma lauded the community members.

“The duty of the police at a crime scene is to safe guard it, protect property and all other exhibits lying around but not to temper and take anything from it. I believe that the arrest of these members will serve as a deterrent to other members who might be tempted to cross the line at any time,” Zuma said.

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“We were forced out of armoured truck,” G4S guards

The truck was travelling between Sabie and White River on Saturday mid-day.

G4S guards have told cops that ten armed men in a Toyota single cab bakkie forced them to stop and then out of the armoured company truck.

Once out of the truck, the guards were told to lay down on the ground while the men searched them before setting explosives on the truck.

The guards told police that while travelling between Sabie and White River on Saturday mid-day after collecting money they heard gunshots on the right-side of their navy armoured truck.

They said the shots forced them to stop – once they have stopped they “saw a white Toyota single cab bakkie with about ten armed men moving towards the armoured vehicle forcing them out of their vehicle”.

“They were instructed to lay on the round with their faces down,” police spokeswoman Captain Dineo Sekgotodi said.

“The victims further said that while laying on the ground the suspects threw explosives inside the armoured vehicle but did not succeed with their mission. The suspects then left the scene,” she said.

A 9mm pistol and a cellphone belonging to the guards disappeared. No one was injured and the polices search for the men continues.

"We were forced out of armoured truck," G4S guards

This is a third incident of cash-in-transit heist to occur in on week in the eHlanzeni area.

– On Friday (13 Apr) an armoured vehicle heading towards Kamhlushwa from Schoemansdal was forced out of its way. The G4S guards noticed a silver BMW sedan and a gold Volkswagen Amarok bakkie following them at high speed. The men in the BMW drove parallel to the vehicle and forced the driver to halt at gunpoint. In the process, the security guards also noticed that there were other vehicles, including a black BMW, which were blocking the road with a group of men armed with rifles and the G4S vehicle was blasted before the men began fleeing the scene with an undisclosed amount of cash.

– In Pienaar trust on Tuesday morning (09 Apr) two Fidelity security vehicles were robbed of cash while travelling to pension paypoints. The guards noticed a white Toyota bakkie following them. One of the Fidelity vehicles was cornered at Zwelisha and the thugs in the bakkie were joined by others in a white BMW. They blasted the security van and fled the scene with an undisclosed amount of cash.

The police search for the thugs in all three incidents.

Anyone with information should call the cops on 082 565 6417, 071 481 2802 or 08600 10111.

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Six Matsulu skelems manage to get ATM money with a grinder

The six men tied the two security guards looking after the property.

They then plugged the grinder in the electricity and opened the two ATM machines opened and found a bonanza from both two.

The Matsulu police in Mpumalanga said the “five or six men” did the ambush at the Matsulu shopping mall during the dark hours of the early Tuesday morning.

Money taken by the gang was not disclosed but cops say the gang was armed and “were wearing balaclavas”.

The cops’ trouble with ATM thugs began at exactly 2 in the morning of Tuesday when a first gang sneaked into the Thulamahashi police station and flattened all tyres of state cars belonging to cops before making proceeding through to the Thulamahashi township mall, where they blew open a Standard Bank ATM, cleaning it of all money.

No arrests have been made yet and anyone with information should call the Matsulu police investigators on 071 481 2802 and the Thulamahashi investigators on 013 773 0331 / 013 773 9092.

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SBV security puts R1m bounty on gang who robbed guards

SBV security company was still looking for the approximately 15 men whorobbed their guards of money during a heist in Mpumalanga this week,013NEWS learnt on late Thursday .

The person who answered the company’s phone hotline said the men werestill being sought and an amount of R1m has now been put forth by thecompany for any information leading up to their arrest.

The money taken by the men is not disclosed by officials as part offighting crime in this sector. “We haven’t found them,” the hotlineagent said, “investigations are still continuing,” he added.”Goodbye,” he said.

SBV Guards were ambushed by a group of men while they were transporting cash to Bushbuckridge on Tuesday morning this week.

Culcutta police in Mpumalanga told media that a grey Mercedes Benz driven by the men hit the guards van when it was approaching a speed hump in Mkhuhlu, forcing it to stop.

More men got out the car and fired R5 rifles at SBV guards who were inside the company van, before others came to quickly climb onto thevan’s top and then blew it open using explosives.

Three of the SBV guards were injured during the explosion but duringshoot-out with guards one of the thugs was also shot but he managed toflee.

The robbers made their getaway in 3 cars – a black BMW and a white Toyota Fortuner and another vehicle.

Anyone with information should call the cops on 082 469 2569 or the SBVhotline number 083 408 7029.

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