Itumeleng Maseko’s murder case postponed to next year

The 26-year-old mother of two is out on R3000 bail.

The case against Itumeleng Maseko has been postponed to next year January for police to complete investigations.

She appeared just after 9 in the morning on Friday wearing a black outfit with a black doek and a grey shoal.

Standing quietly in the accused’s box, Maseko listened as state prosecutor Johan Haremse told the court that they still have to obtain two statements as a well a “photo album” that would form part of evidence.

Haremse then asked the court to postpone the matter to 15 January 2019.

Maseko, a mother of two very young kids – a 4-year-old and a 4-month-old – is accused of killing 30-year-old Caswell Maseko in the early morning of 1 September 2018.

The married couple lived in their Mereldene Estate home, eMalahleni town and had allegedly argued on the night the multi-millionaire died.

In court papers, Itumeleng said she would plead not guilty and would tell the court “the basis of my defence during trial stage”.

Her lawyer, known as Miriri, said they do not know what two statements the investigators wanted to obtain.

“I told the court to strike the matter off the roll because our law states it very clear that if it is found that there are unaddressible delays and there is a party to be blamed, one can request the matter be struck off the roll pending the finalisation of that which is causing the delays,” Miriri said when he spoke to the 013NEWS reporter after the matter has been postponed.

The court was not packed with friends of the slain Caswell as it was on 14 September 2018 when Itumeleng was applying for bail.

Only two of his friends were inside court and Itumeleng was also seen with two men and a woman who were accompanying her.

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‘Caswell wanted to leave Itumeleng’

All allegations against her are yet to be proven in court where she faces a murder charge.

Friends and neighbours of the late Caswell ‘Somahhashi’ Maseko have told 013NEWS of the problems the man had with his wife and how he wanted to leave her.

A female neighbour who lived just few houses from the slain multi-millionaire’s home of Mereldene Estate, eMalahleni town, said on the night Itumeleng Makhalemele-Maseko allegedly stabbed him to death she had left the house “to go cheat” and then Maseko “found the kids alone in the house”.

The neighbour, who doesn’t want to be named because of the job that she does, echoed statements by Maseko’s friends who attended her court appearance on Friday.

Maseko was the President of the Mash Kings group, which is popular for driving top of the range vehicles including the red Ferrari 458 Spider that Caswell owned and for spending thousands of rands on expensive alcohol.

“Caswell was in the process of wanting to move out of the house to the new [house] that he was building in Reyno Ridge as she was violent towards him,” the neighbour said.

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“He once told us few months ago while we were having lunch with others at KaMamakhe caravan outside the Witbank provincial hospital that he wanted to go alone to the new house,” the source said.

Another source, a close friend of his, said that since Maseko was buried on 8 September 2018 his “expensive clothes are missing” and were allegedly taken to a boyfriend’s place.

On Friday a week ago, Makhalemele-Maseko, who is not very popular in the eMalahleni area since her man’s death, was released on R3000 bail by the eMalahleni Magistrates Court.

In her bail application, she said that she intends to plead not guilty.

“And I also submit that the state’s case against me is weak and I will disclose the basis of my defence during the trial stage,” she said.

“I have a valid defence in the matter. I respectfully submit that I have good prospect of success and a trial court will find me not guilty,” she added.

Now friends and family are worried that her father, who is a top detective investigating murders at the eMalahleni police station, was the first on the scene.

“Yes the case will be weak because everyone knows that Witbank police are very corrupt,” they said.

eMalahleni police spokesman Captain Eddie Hall didn’t immediately respond to enquiries on Tuesday.

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Court has ‘weak case’ against Caswell Maseko’s wife

She was let out on R3000 bail on Friday morning.

The eMalahleni Magistrates Court doesn’t really have a strong case to prove that Itumeleng Makhalemele-Maseko stabbed her husband on the morning of 1 September 2018.

This is contained in her bail application affidavit submitted by her lawyer to court.

The state didn’t oppose bail application and didn’t go into details about what happened on the night the 30-year-old Caswell Maseko died.

In her affidavit, which was not read out in the fully packed court fearing the sensitivity of the case to the murdered man’s friends and family, Makhalemele-Maseko said it was important for the court to let her out on bail as the court will not find her guilty.

“I have been informed that I’m accused of having committed the offence of murder,” her affidavit which the 013NEWS reporter saw reads.

“I deny the aforementioned allegations in the strongest terms,” said Makhalemele-Maseko.

She is accused of stabbing her millionaire husband, nicknamed ‘Somahhashi’, on 1 September 2018.

She has been in custody since 3 September 2018 after she handed herself over to the cops following the 1 September murder.

She had allegedly fled the scene following the incident in the early morning of 1 September.

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“I wish to submit that I intend to plead not guilty,” she said.

“And I also submit that the state’s case against me is weak and I will disclose the basis of my defence during the trial stage,” she said.

“I have a valid defence in the matter. I respectfully submit that I have good prospect of success and a trial court will find me not guilty,” she added.

The matter was postponed to 9 November 2018 to allow police to conclude investigations.

Makhalemele-Maseko was wearing a grey sweater and a blue blanket wrapped around her waist.

Her mother was in court to support her while friends and family of her murdered man were also in court.

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Caswell Maseko’s wife in court for his murder

She allegedly stabbed the flamboyant businessman during a cat-fight at their home in Mareldene Estate, eMalahleni town.

The wife of slain businessman Caswell ‘Somahhashi’ Maseko has made a brief appearance at the eMalahleni Magistrates Court, charged with his murder.

She is 26-year-old Itumeleng Maseko and was not asked to plead to the charge.

Maseko appeared in court on Wednesday morning this week (5 Sep), she only applied for bail but the court asked that her bail application be heard on 13 September 2018.

She will now remain in custody until next week Thursday when the application is heard.

Maseko is suspected of killing Somahhashi, a fairly rich young eMalahleni businessman and a member of the Mash Kings gang that is known for drinking expensive whiskeys and showing off their top of the range luxury cars.

Somahhashi died on the Saturday night of 1 September 2018 inside their home of Mareldene Estate, in eMalahleni. Maseko allegedly fled but handed herself over to the cops on Monday.

Her father, who is also a cop, was the first person to be found on the scene – allegedly after Maseko called him.

The court was packed with family members and friends of Somahhashi who were clad in white t-shirts and were there to “support the man in calling for justice to be served”.

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Police sources reveal what happened on the night Caswell’s life ended

Known for living a high life and scoring lucrative Kusile power station tenders, his death has sparked an outcry all over social media.

Police sources have detailed the incident that led to the death of businessman Caswell ‘Somahashi’ Maseko, drawing the picture of the domestic hardships that he and his 26 year old wife faced.

Police are currently questioning Somahashi’s wife and are preparing the “the final details” for her to appear at the eMalahleni Magistrates Court.

A police source who is privy to investigations said Somahashi’s wife – whose name is known to 013NEWS and who cannot be named because she hasn’t appeared before court – was at their house of Mareldene Estate, eMalahleni on the early morning of 1 September 2018 together with a female friend.

Police sources reveal what happened on the night Caswell's life ended

Caswell Maseko.

When he arrived, he allegedly got angry that his wife “was with this woman and ordered her out of the house”.

“The information that we got shows that the person she was with was someone that the deceased didn’t like and it looks like they had spoken against their friendship,” a highly-placed police source told the 013NEWS on Tuesday morning.

Once she had been ordered out of the house, the source said, “the two began arguing”.

“That’s how his life ended. During the argument, a knife was used to stab him fatally. He died on the spot and then the wife left the house. She must have called her father because we found him on the scene,” the source said.

Caswell, a successful and flamboyant businessman who drove around in a Ferrari, is said to be someone who was “loved by money, though he grew up in a poor family, in a shack but he was able to make it”.

Rising up with a company called Lisile Engineering and Supplies, the 30-year-old man had just built himself a state of the art mansion in the affluent Reyno Ridge suburb and was due to come live in it on 15 September 2018.

Police sources reveal what happened on the night Caswell's life ended

The day of 15 September is said to be his mother’s birthday….

Police spokesman Sergeant David Ratau said Caswell’s wife handed herself over to the cops and was due to be charged with murder.

“I can only confirm that the suspect is a lady and is currently in custody. We are preparing for her to appear in court in connection with the murder of her husband,” Ratau said over the phone.

The murder of the businessman has caused an outrage on social media – with a lot of people saying it was “unfair” that he had been killed.

Words of condolences began pouring on his Facebook wall few hours after he died on 1 September 2018.

But other sources have told the 013NEWS that Somahhashi was “too controlling” to his wife and she was “undergoing emotional abuse” under his hands.

“They always fought. Issue of girls and stuff. But he was a nice guy. We will always miss him. Such was not supposed to happen to him,” one of his friends told this paper.

Family spokesman Sidwell Masango said this was a painful loss and as family they were putting everything to God.

“[The pain] is felt even more deeply as we are going through such grief,” Masango said,  “the shock of it!”.

“The suddenness of it all still makes it hard to believe. It is like an engine suddenly stopping in the middle of the sky. The tears are real we need prayer more than anything,” he said.

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