Mpumalanga EFF elective conference. Here are the contesters for positions

It will elect another leadership since its birth in July 2013.

The EFF in the Mpumalanga province has announced the date of 31 August to 1 September 2018 as the date of an elective conference.

Called a Provincial People’s Assembly, the party of South Africa’s enfant terrible Julius Malema will hold its Mpumalanga elective conference at the Ingwenyama Lodge, Mbombela the coming weekend.

800 delegates are expected to fill the main hall at the Mpumalanga affluent resort on the Friday afternoon of 31 August and the Saturday of 1 September, electing the top 5 officials and the 16 additional members.

Provincial leader Collen Sedibe, whose term comes to an end the coming weekend, is expected to emerge once more as the Mpumalanga leader of Mzansi’s third largest party alongside Gcina Mofokeng who is favoured by a larger number of supporters to come become the provincial secretary.

Mpumalanga EFF elective conference. Here are the contesters for positions

Gcina Mofokeng (Second from left).

Sedibe will go face-to-face with Isaiah Khoza, the former Mbombela mayor who left the ANC in September 2015 and who was the city’s mayor between the years 1995 and 2004.

Mpumalanga EFF elective conference. Here are the contesters for positions

Isiah Khoza.

013NEWS understands Khoza is leading a faction that is opposed to Sedibe returning to power once more and Gert Sibande’s charismatic politician Pkay Nkosi is said to be gunning for the position of secretary – in Khoza’s slate.

Sedibe, who is Malema’s favoured candidate in the race, has a slate that wants Sam Zandamela as the deputy provincial chairman, Mofokeng as secretary and Ntsako Mkhabela as deputy secretary.

Mpumalanga EFF elective conference. Here are the contesters for positions

Sources say the position of deputy secretary is a Bohlabela region position – with Velephi Malatji also tipped for it.

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There is also another faction wants Solly Kekana as the chair, “once and for all”.

“They feel his political skills cannot be left like that and can move the EFF forward in the province,” a source said.

Japhta Mashilo, current deputy chairman, is also needed by the Khoza faction to return his post but Masemola will have to go face-to-face with Zandamela, the current legislature member who replaced secretary Alfred Skhosana when he he got expelled “from the membership of the party” in May 2018.

Mpumalanga EFF elective conference. Here are the contesters for positions

Collen Sedibe and Cyril Chuene.

“Cyril Chuene also wants to be the secretary. He currently doesn’t have a slate but you will always never know, maybe he will align in the 11th hour because Cyril is Cyril you know,” a senior fighter told the 013NEWS reporter over the phone.

“But I see Gcina emerging with the whole thing happening in that region. Kenneth Mazibuko also wants to be the secretary but you see he needs the numbers. He has instead approached the Sedibe faction to have him as the additional member in the provincial command team,” the source said.

Sedibe said they welcome contests at the conference as this is a democratic movement giving everybody the chance to lead.

“Any member of the EFF in good standing has the right to stand for any position if nominated,” the spokesman said when he answered WhatsApp’d questions

Mpumalanga EFF elective conference. Here are the contesters for positions

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Mpumalanga EFF “more than ready” for elective conference

The party says they will hold a 2nd Provincial People’s Assembly before or in early June 2018.

The EFF in Mpumalanga is ready to hold a provincial elective conference, it said on Wednesday.

Currently they are just finalising the branch audits, provincial chairman Collen Sedibe said on Wednesday.

“Hopefully the audits will be done in time because there was a pre-audit that was done, so now it’s just a touch up. We are ready,” Sedibe said.

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He said in the EFF the audits are done by an audit team from party headquarters in Braamfontein.

“End of May or early June 2018 we should have the conference,” Sedibe said.

Sedibe wants to be re-elected as the chair of the party in the Mpumalanga province.

Alfred Skhosana, the suspended secretary, is said to be vying for Sedibe’s position but is now out in the cold after his suspension on 28 February 2018.

There is one faction that wants Sam Zandamela from the Nkangala region to be the secretary and another wants eHlanzeni’s Cyril Chuene for the secretary position.

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Skhosana threatens to take EFF to court

He is out in the cold since his suspension on 25 February 2018.

Suspended Mpumalanga EFF secretary Alfred Skhosana has threatened to take the Economic Freedom Fighters to court if they expel him, according to reports.

He said Julius Malema’s party is not giving him a fair chance to prepare for the disciplinary hearing that is supposed to settle the matter, IOL reports.

Skhosana was suspended on 25 February 2018 during a meeting at party headquarters. He was charged for “underperformance” by party leader Malema

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They sent me a bundle of documents on 14 March 2018, two days before the hearing, and those documents were used as exhibits [evidence] against me in the hearing, said Skhosana on Thursday this week.

I did not have time to peruse those documents,” he said.

“I did not even have time to speak to my lawyer and arrange witnesses before the hearing.

“I raised my concern about the time constraint at the hearing and asked for a postponement, but they refused to grant the postponement. If Im expelled from the EFF, I will accept the decision and leave, but will take the EFF to court because the disciplinary hearing processes were against the law,” Skhosana said.

National secretary Godrich Gardee declined to comment.

I dont know what he is talking about. Im not privileged to comment on anything about him and the disciplinary hearing, said Gardee.

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Suspended Mpumalanga EFF secretary hits back at Malema

He says he is not going down without a fight.

Troubled Mpumalanga EFF secretary Alfred Skhosana has hit back at national leader Julius Malema, describing his suspension as an “ugly management of a contestation” ahead of a provincial elective conference.

This paper understands there is a cat-fight between Skhosana and provincial leader Collen Sedibe for power, which Skhosana confirmed.

In an exclusive interview with 013NEWS on Wednesday mid-day this week, Skhosana lambasted Malema, saying all that Malema is doing is just killing the party.

“I might not be conversant with administrative politics because in my 20 years of political experience I’ve never been the secretary but that doesn’t mean I’m the weakest link,” Skhosana told the 013NEWS reporter.

He was criticised the past Sunday by an angry Malema for “underperformance”, labelled a “useless thing” and the reason the EFF is collapsing in Mpumalanga during a meeting at party headquarters in Braamfontein, Guateng.

Malema then suspended him, severely criticising the report he delivered on behalf of the Mpumalanga EFF, before party national secretary Godrich Gardee gave him a letter asking him to explain why he should not be taken out of the Mpumalanga legislature.

“I’m not having a stress myself. If they want to shield Collen Sedibe, pretending I’m the one who is killing the EFF let them do it but when I’ve left they will see who was actually the weakest link in the province. There will be no organisation,” a calm Skhosana said.

He said the Mpumalanga EFF is preparing an elective conference and Malema and Gardee were trying to frustrate him from contesting Sedibe.

“I’m psychologically prepared to part ways. I’ve had enough,” he said.

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“When people are fighting and they are left with three months towards the conference, what’s the use of suspending one of them? Obviously you are trying to manage the contestation in the province and you manage it very ugly,” Skhosana said.

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He said despite the letter he got from Gardee asking him to give reasons why he should continue as a member of legislature, Malema on Sunday only suspended him “verbally” but won’t challenge it as he can see they want him out of the party by taking sides in the battle between himself and Sedibe and he is himself “psychologically prepared to part ways”.

“This thing of a suspension he (Malema) said it in a meeting. He said, ‘Ah secretary (Gardee) please prepare a letter this man is now suspended,” Skhosana told the reporter.

“It’s their choice let them do what they want to do,” he said.

Gardee declined to comment.

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EXCLUSIVE: Again, Malema suspends Mpumalanga secretary

Sources say Malema is angry with Mpumalanga’s underperformance.

EFF national leader Julius Malema has suspended Mpumalanga secretary Alfred Skhosana – AGAIN – and told him to wait at home until a disciplinary hearing settles the matter.

Skhosana this time is suspended for “underperformance,” this paper has learnt, and has been “relieved” from all party duties, including representing the EFF in the Mpumalanga legislature.

This is the second time Skhosana has been suspended by the higher structure of the party.

In August 2016, the party suspended Skhosana for skipping payments of the monthly party levy that all EFF parliamentarians, legislature members and councillors are compelled to pay.

A highly-placed source told the 013NEWS reporter on Monday this week that on Sunday the entire Mpumalanga leadership of the party was summoned to party headquarters in Braamfontein, Gauteng where an angry Malema ripped into Skhosana and party councillors who have been “underperforming” and skipping payments of the party levy.

“They summoned the provincial command team and regional representatives to the HQ,” the source told the reporter.

“All of us we were there the whole day on Sunday and we dealt with issues,” the source said.

“On Saturday it was Governance Task Units issues and on Sunday HQ was dealing with Mpumalanga,” the source told the reporter over the phone.

Again, Malema suspends Mpumalanga secretary

Alfred Skhosana. PICTURE BY Lowvelder.

“I’ve never seen Malema angry like that in my life. All of us we were shaking. It can mean the end of your political career. Skhosana read the report as secretary on behalf of the PCT and Malema criticised it and called him a useless thing and said with people like him that’s why the EFF is struggling in Mpumalanga,” the source said.

Another source, who serves in one of the regions of Mpumalanga but who didn’t attend the Sunday meeting at party headquarters, on Sunday night sent the 013NEWS reporter a WhatsApp text, reading: “Skhosana is suspended as a secretary. They say Julius was scathing (sic) to his conduct. Even the report he presented was (sic) shambolic. He said without Collen in this province EFF will collapse”.

Again, Malema suspends Mpumalanga secretary

Skhosana didn’t pick up his phone on Monday this week.

Provincial spokesman Collen Sedibe on Monday morning this week declined to comment, saying all media enquiries should go to national secretary Godrich Gardee.

“Please phone Gardee,” Sedibe said over the phone.

When asked, Gardee said: “I don’t know what you are talking about, really”.

Another source in one of the Mpumalanga regions who is privy to national decisions and who frequently chats with the 013NEWS reporter on WhatsApp messenger confirmed the news Skhosana had been placed on suspension and that party MP Veronica Mente is deployed to “assist the party return to its original self”.

“I have also been told of the suspension,” he said over the phone. “I heard they are sending Veronica Mente to help Mpumalanga,” the source said.

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