‘I have to stay positive,’ Xolani Gwala on battle with cancer

After being diagnosed with cancer, the prominent South African radio talk host says he has learnt to stay positive, eat well and raise awareness.

Xolani Gwala told Drum magazine that he was shocked he had cancer as he doesn’t smoke and drink.

“My parents don’t have it as far as I know… so the thing about cancer is that it can happen to anyone,” he told the magazine.

“After this I’ve learned you’ve got to raise awareness,” he said.

Gwala, a consummate talk show host, left 702 listeners in shock a month ago when he had to go off air due to colon cancer.

It has progressed to an advanced stage.

He had already undergone a medical procedure to remove a tumour. He is on chemotherapy.

“Family is at the centre of this entire thing. It’s your family that makes you stay positive. I’m not ready to die yet,” he said.

(edited by ZK)

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