SACP welcomes declaration of Hani grave as national heritage

The South African Communist Party says this contributes to making sure Hani’s memory continues to live.

The SACP has welcomed government’s declaration of the graveside of slain leader Chris Hani as a national heritage site.

Hani’s wall of remembrance was also declared a national heritage site on Monday.

“We also want to thank the Ekurhuleni metropolitan municipality for acquiring the Hani house where comrade Chris was cowardly assassinated and make it part of this national project,” the office of national leader Blade Nzimande said in a statement on Monday (10 Apr).

“As the SACP, we are convinced that the circumstances relating to Hani’s cowardly assassination have not been fully disclosed, by his murderers and whoever collaborated with them or had prior knowledge of the planned killing.

“We are calling for an official inquest into all the circumstances surrounding the murder,” the party said.

Addressing the wreath laying in Boksburg, President Jacob Zuma said Hani was what a revolutionary ought to be.

SACP welcomes declaration of Hani grave as national heritage

President Jacob Zuma and Hani’s widow Dimpho Hani carry wreaths to the grave of the fallen hero. PICTURE GCIS.

“Comrade Chris Hani demonstrated throughout his life and at the hour of his death that he lived for his people,” Zuma said.

“He taught many young men and women within the ANC and the Alliance that personal suffering was the price to be paid in defence of the interests of the oppressed black people,” said Zuma.

Hani was gunned down on the Saturday morning of 10 April 1993.

Monday this week marked 24 years since his slaying by Polish Janusz Walus outside his Boksburg home, east of Johannesburg.

On 3 November 2016, ex-Conservative Party politician Clive Derby-Lewis, the man who gave Walus a gun to kill Hani, died at the age of 80 after spending 21 years behind bars.

Both Walus and Derby-Lewis were handed a life sentence for the assassination of the MK-SACP leader.

SACP welcomes declaration of Hani grave as national heritage

President Jacob Zuma lays a wreath at the grave of Chris Hani. PICTURE GCIS.

The High Court in Tshwane on 29 May 2016 granted Derby-Lewis, who had terminal lung cancer, medical parole after five previous attempts failed.

The SACP Hani was vehemently opposed to manipulation of national resources and wealth, “regardless of whether the manipulators are black or white, nationals or foreign nationals”.

“Comrade Chris despised nepotism, and took active steps to confront it,” it said.

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