Eskom plans to roll out Secunda power-cuts

The power utility says only if the municipality pays up the debt can interruptions be averted.

People in the Govan Mbeki local municipality should brace themselves for a winter without electricity.

A notice has already been published by Eskom showing from 21 May 2018 the people of this area will be without power.

The power utility says an agreement was reached with the Govan Mbeki municipality on 6 April 2018 that electricity to residents would no longer be interrupted “subject to the municipality honouring the terms of the agreed Repayment Agreement and Electricity Supply Agreement”.

“Govan Mbeki local municipality failed to adhere to the terms of the agreement – as a result Eskom will commence with the scheduled power interruptions to this municipality on Monday, 21 May 2018,” Eskom says in the notification letter.

It says the only way the municipality can avoid this is “once an acceptable agreement to settle the outstanding debt has been reached”.

“The interruption suspension notice issued entitles Eskom to initiate the interruptions should the municipality default in terms of the Repayment and Electricity Supply Agreement”.

Last year October, four municipal office building and vehicles which included were torched down by angry Secunda residents when Eskom cut power because of the municipality owing it R150 million.

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Eskom debts…eMalahleni to go off during festive

An amount of R1.2bn is owed by the municipality and already Eskom has issued a notice for residents to prepare themselves for the schedules.

Homes in the eMalahleni municipality will go off… starting from 14 December 2017 after an agreement could not be reached as to when the municipality will pay what is due to Eskom.

Eskom said power interruptions will be rolled out starting from this day and residents and business will have to adhere to the schedules of the cuts.

A majority of Mpumalanga municipalities owe hundreds of millions of rands to Eskom – currently amounting to R12bn.

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The state utility’s Khulu Phasiwe said they decided to go ahead after failure by the municipal council to meet Eskom half-way to avoid going without electricity.

“Until they come forward we will continue with the interruptions,” he said.

“We are switching off power for two hours in the morning and two hours in the afternoon until they come forward and agree to the terms of payment,” Phasiwe said.

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Bid to force court to declare Eskom power cuts illegal

A number of municipalities in Mpumalanga are in trouble, owing millions to Eskom.

A power cut implemented by Eskom as a result of money owed by the Thaba Chweu municipality in Lydenburg is seeing businesspeople rushing to court to force Eskom to stop it as they say this is violating the constitutional rights of the communities there.

Three chambers of commerce in the area – one in Lydenburg, another in Sabie and another in Graskop -have approached the Constitutional Court against Eskom, Business Report reported.

The chambers want the court to declare the implemented power cuts unconstitutional because of the effects that going without electricity have on the lives of the people.

The municipality owes Eskom over R400 million and has failed to meet it halfway with the R80 million that the power utility proposed to avoid interruptions.

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Pupils writing exam, mortuaries, schools and hospitals were affected and the chambers say this is breach of the constitution by Eskom.

Two week ago, the High Court in Mpumalanga dismissed the case of the three chambers but they have now gone to the Constitutional Court in Hillbrow to ask it to intervene in the matter.

“This situation is exacerbated when the period is indefinite and the basis, therefore is unlawful,” they say in court papers.

“In addition to the obvious harms arising from no electricity, when the power is cut, all sewage works immediately come to a standstill,” Gert van der Merwe, representing the chambers, argues.

“This means that sewage is not pumped to the sewage processing plants but instead, simply sits for the duration of the cut-off, with the associated, serious risks to the health of the community,” he said in the affidavit before court.

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Eskom debt… Mbombela next to go off

Barely few weeks after power cuts were announced in Secunda yet another area finds itself in  trouble.

Eskom has announced it will cut power to homes in Mbombela due to money owed to them by the municipality.

It said the Mbombela local municipality failed to pay what is due to the entity – an amount of R150 million which has been increasing since last year September.

It announced power cuts will occur in the area from 19 November 2017 if nothing comes forward and that residents should embrace themselves for the dark.

In a noticed published by the state power utility on Thursday it said R152 359 093 is owed.

“City of Mbombela local municipality’s breach of its payment obligation to Eskom undermines and places in jeopardy Eskom’s ability to continue the national supply of electricity on a financially sustainable basis,” it read.

This comes less than a week after Premier David Mabuza summoned all mayors of municipalities that have challenges with settling their Eskom accounts in order to find a lasting solution on the matter.

The premier order all government departments [both provincial and national] which are owing the municipalities to settle their accounts.

“Running a municipality and selling electricity is a business, if you do not pay your service providers, they will not trust you and you will have a credibility problem. Eskom is a business, it cannot give electricity for free,” said Mabuza.

The following areas of Mbombela will be affected:

1. Nelsrivier,

2. Delta,

3. Mbombela Stadium,

4. Barberton

5. White River

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Eskom: ANCYL blames whites, govt dept for debts

The league came out of a meeting with municipal officials and pointed at white businesspeople and government departments for the Eskom debts.

League spokesman Thulasizwe Thomo said if white businesspeople and the various government departments were to pay the municipality “like now, the municipality will be able to settle the debts in seconds”.

The ANCYL in the Gert Sibande region of Mpumalanga on Wednesday this week met with officials of the Msukaligwa local municipality in Ermelo concerning a whopping R145.8 million that the municipality owes to Eskom which has risen from R139m in just over a year.

“The meeting was characterised by healthy, high-level, matured and progressive debates,” Thomo said on Wednesday.

He said; on the table, municipal officials explained to them that the municipality has not been able to pay the debts to Eskom, which has resulted to power-cuts “badly affecting” residents, due to “numerous factors”.

“Among these factors is no-payment by some businesses who are currently owing over R103m and surprisingly majority of these businesses are owned by white people,” Thomo said.

He said these were affiliates of the Ermelo Business Association and was led by quite racist whites who “have strong hatred for black people”.

EBA leader Athol Stark has in the past taken the Msukaligwa municipality head-on for what he said was “absolute failure to administer”.

“Stark is forever complaining and have strong hatred for black people but surprisingly he doesn’t talk about the R103m owed by EBA affiliates”.

Various government departments owe the Msukaligwa municipality an amount of R140m, which is R245m together with the amount owed by EBA affiliates.

Thomo said if these stakeholders were to pay the municipality “like now, the municipality will be able to settle the debts in seconds”.

We have instructed and mandated the mayor to as of tomorrow lead a campaign to cut-off electricity in all the aforementioned stakeholders and give them an ultimatum on when they should settle all these debts.

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Eskom has asked the Msukaligwa municipality to pay R50m in order to avoid power-cuts and the municipality has so far paid R28 million and is currently owing R22 million “to settle the R50 million threshold agreement”.

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