Gijimani Skhosana now a Parliamentarian

He has been sworn in the national assembly as one of the deployees of the ANC from the Mpumalanga province.

Ex-JS Moroka mayor Gijimani Skhosana is in parliament.

Skhosana was sworn in three weeks ago as the member of the national assembly.

Skhosana, who had only been in power as the mayor of the Siyabuswa municipality since the 3 August 2016 local government elections, was removed by the ANC in the first week of September 2017.

He was replaced with Thulare Madileng, the legislature member who resigned on that week to take up the seat from Skhosana.

The ANC announced Skhosana was not sacked but ‘redeployed’ and was recently sworn-in as a member of Parliament.

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Gijimani awaits Parly deployment

He was removed as mayor and replaced, the ANC said he was now heading for Parliament.

Ex-JS Moroka municipality mayor Gijimani Skhosana is still waiting for his deployment.

He remains unemployed after his seat as the mayor of the municipality in Siyabuswa was given to Thulare Madileng last month.

Many viewed Skhosana’s removal as a purge after he wanted to contest Speedy Mashilo for the position of ANC Nkangala chairman four months ago.

Skhosana disappointed many of his supporters when he pulled out of the race in the last minute, giving way to Mashilo to be elected unopposed.

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ANC Nkangala spokesman Sello Matshoga said Skhosana will definitely be sworn-in as a member of the National Assembly.

“This will happen before the year ends,” Matshoga said.

“We were busy with the process of replenishing the list. The list is now replenished and comrade Gijimani is now number one on the province to National Assembly list,” he said.

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ANC keeps mum on allegations they want to sack Gijimani Skhosana

This comes after the surprise resignation of ANC provincial executive committee and provincial working committee member Thulare Madileng who is said to headed for the JS Mokora municipality mayoral job.

The ANC in the Mpumalanga province is not going to comment on rumors doing the rounds in ANC circles that they plan to remove JS Moroka mayor Gijimani Skhosana.

Provincial spokeswoman Sasekani Manzini said a statement will be released concerning Madileng’s next deployment.

“The ANC deploys and redeploys,” she said on Friday mid-day.

“We will release a statement on where comrade Madileng will be deployed now. [As] For rumors that the JS Moroka mayor will be removed, I can’t comment as we haven’t released any statement concerning that,” Manzini said.

The resignation of Madileng from the Mpumalanga legislature this week saw SACP provincial leader Bonakele Majuba being sworn in as the new MPL.

ANC keeps mum on allegations they want to sack Gijimani Skhosana

Resigned Mpumalanga legislature member Thulare Madileng is said to be heading for the JS Moroka mayor’s job.

Sources say Madileng has resigned in order for him to come serve as the mayor of the JS Moroka municipality.

“That’s what I can tell you,” a source privy to ANC provincial executive committee decisions said on Friday.

“He will be the mayor, trust me,” he said.

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“He will be sworn in as a councillor, then afterwards as a mayor,” the source said.

Manzini declined to comment, saying journalists should concentrate on a statement the ANC released on Friday in which they were congratulating Majuba’s deployment in the legislature.

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“Other than that statement there’s nothing. We’ll issue another statement on comrade Madileng’s deployment, for now we congratulate comrade Majuba on his deployment to the legislature,” Manzini said.

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Gijimani now has bodyguards


Following an incident of hijacking, kidnapping and robbery he now has protectors.


JS Moroka mayor Gijimani Skhosana now has bodyguards.

Spokeswoman Masabata Ramatsetse said before the incident of 22 March 2017 Skhosana didn’t have bodyguards.

“He was loose,” she said. “But now he has got protectors”, Ramatsetse said.

The Siyabuswa police are investigating a case of kidnapping and robbery.

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Four men forced the mayor into his car and drove away with him on the Wednesday night of 22 March 2017.

The men had been waiting outside his home in Siyabuswa D for him to arrive at around 9pm and attacked him when he tried to close his gate.

A plasma screen TV was taken during the ordeal as well as his cellphone and Skhosana was injured in the head before the men dumped him in Kwaggafontein and his car, a black Golf 6 GTI, abandoned a few kilometres away.

Skhosana has since taken leave and will return to work next week.

Ramatsetse asked that more questions be referred to municipal manager Benny Mahlangu as she was also on leave.

Mahlangu didn’t answer his office phone on Wednesday but the office of acting mayor Jerry Segalagala confirmed he will return to work next week and questions on whether he took a leave because of the incident will be answered by him when he returns.

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Kidnapping of Gijimani raises eyebrows

A high-ranking police investigator has been allocated the case of the kidnapping drama of Dr JS Moroka mayor Gijimani Skhosana.

The female detective, a lieutenant-colonel, will investigate the four men who kidnapped and robbed JS Moroka mayor Gijimani Skhosana and dumped him in Kwaggafontein, running away with his black Golf 6 GTI.

The kidnappers then drove few kilometres before abandoning the mayor’s car in the same Kwaggafontein area, in Section A.

Mpumalanga police boss lieutenant-general Mondli Zuma late on Thursday morning issued a statement and asked anybody with information to please call detective lieutenant-colonel Dudu Poto, saying his office will make sure that those who “trample on other people’s basic rights” will have to face the full might of the law.

The incident happened on Wednesday night – after 9pm – and 5 months after Skhosana’s persona assistant Nicholas Peu was shot dead.

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“Once again we are making an earnest appeal to the community to cooperate with the police in creating a safe and secure environment,” Zuma said in a statement.

Two sources in the provincial executive committee of the ANC in the Mpumalanga province told 013NEWS on Thursday afternoon that both the police provincial boss and Premier David Mabuza were made aware about the incident of Skhosana’s kidnapping on Wednesday night, at around 10pm, by Nkangala regional chairman Speedy Mashilo.

Kidnapping of Gijimani raises eyebrows

INCUMBENT: ANC Nkangala chairman Speedy Mashilo. ©MfisoDIGITAL/ZK.

Police spokesman Brigadier Leonard Hlathi said the four men were waiting outside Skhosana’s house in Siyabuswa’s Section D for him to arrive from work and when he got off his car to lock the gate, the men attacked  him.

“The miscreants allegedly threatened him with a firearm, forced him into the house and took a plasma screen TV.

“They then shoved him into his car and drove away with him,” Hlathi said, adding that detective lieutenant-colonel Dudu Poto was investigating a case of kidnapping and house robbery.

Skhosana’s spokeswoman Ramatsetse Masabata didn’t respond to texts on Thursday morning but a source in the JS Moroka municipality said when Skhosana was being taken by force his wife was there at home “and we heard she told neighbours about it”.

At least four of six ANC members across the Nkangala region who spoke to the 013NEWS reporter over the phone  said they believed Skhosana’s kidnapping was politically motivated as Skhosana was gaining support “in the 11th hour” ahead of the regional congress but two of the four said they didn’t understand how.

“We can’t say he stage-managed his own kidnapping seeing the injury he sustained in the head, also we can’t say it was the work of the other faction because they would have killed him outright. We will know later as investigations are still on,” said one of them on Thursday morning.

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013NEWS has established that Skhosana is tipped to be Mashilo’s deputy when the region maintains the ‘status quo’ at its elective congress in few weeks to come.

It is understood that Mabuza has instructed regions to collapse all factions and forge consensus on leadership that is to be elected at the upcoming regional elective congresses which will take place in April.

However Skhosana is being lobbied by another faction opposed to Mashilo’s bid for a third term to emerge as the region’s chairman.

The faction says they believe Skhosana’s taking over from Mashilo will “re-energise and radicalise” the ANC in the region because he is young but it is unclear whether his election for the Nkangala’s number one post will be favourable to Mabuza who wants to emerge as the ANC’s deputy president on a slate that wants Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma as president because Skhosana is seen to be having the backing of the SACP.

The SACP is opposed to Dlamini-Zuma and Mabuza ascending to the highest ANC offices and will rather follow Cosatu in its preference of current deputy president Cyril Ramaphosa.

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