Gogo Esther Mahlangu nominated for South African of the Year award

Voting opened this week for the three nominated South Africans of the Year.

Gogo Esther Mahlangu is one of the three nominees, click here to vote 

The other two nominated for the South African of the Year competition is Luvo Manyonga, the 26-year-old Olympic silver medalist, and Kevin Anderson, the world’s No.15 tennis player.

“The South African of the Year is someone who made you extremely proud to be South African,” Jan Scannell, the man doing the South African of the Year awards, said.

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“Our intention is to highlight exceptional performances by South Africans that bring the country to a standstill, and to acknowledge the special moments where the hearts of the nation beat together,” he said.

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Gogo Esther honoured with Xola in New York – PICTURES

The painting dedicated to her spans a two-lane road and features Ndebele symbols by a New York-based artist and is named Xola.

After the drawing, artist Imani Shanklin Roberts, took to Instagram to celebrate legendary Ndebele artist Esther Mahlangu.

Gogo Esther honoured with Xola in New York - PICTURES

Gogo Esther alongside mani Shanklin Roberts at the official opening of the boulevard in Tribeca, New York

Gogo Esther was honoured in Tribeca, New York this week with a mural dedicated to her work.

Roberts posted a lengthy post, paying tribute to the talented Middelburg gogo.

XOLA: Crossing Franklin Street and West Broadway’s Citi Bike station in The Big Apple.

“When I first came to New York to attend @prattinstitute in 2009 I didn’t imagine that this

would be a city I would have a child in, create lasting memories in, let alone have success in my artistry in,” Roberts posted.

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“Creating a mural in honour of an artist I’ve known all my life, in a city that isn’t welcoming to many, feels unreal. It feels like an aligning moment many of us have when the universe co creates with us and is in agreement with our path,” he said.

Gogo Esther honoured with Xola in New York - PICTURES

Xola at night. Tribeca, New York

“To you NYC, I present Xola, (name of painting) a piece that is representative of a feminine energy force that is all encompassing, inclusive and awe-inspiring. Xola welcomes you to charge and open your divine feminine here amidst all that tries to stand against you. This is my form of resistance and protest – my expression,” he said on the social network.

Mahlangu recently touched the BMW 7 Series, decorating it with the beautiful Ndebele traditional drawings in the interior.

Gogo Esther honoured with Xola in New York - PICTURES

BMW 7 Series Esther Mahlangu Edition.

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