Cops warn against “senseless circulation” of Mmametlhake video

The disgruntled pupil is under police guard in hospital.

Police on Friday warned the public to stop the “senseless circulation” of the shooting and wounding of a man who had been breaking windows at Mmametlake Secondary School in JS Moroka.

The video taken at the school premises went viral on Thursday (7 Mar) this week.

It shows the man who officials say was a pupil at the school smashing the school’s windows.

When a police van arrives he turned to it and began throwing bricks at it.

But the police reversed their van hurriedly and thereafter shot at the man. He is currently recovering in hospital.

Mpumalanga police boss Lieutenant-General Mondli Zuma said he was “perturbed by [the] incident” and “cautioned members of the community to refrain from the senseless and reckless circulation of the video due to the sensitive material contained”.

“Information at police disposal revealed that the police were dispatched to the school at Mmametlhake, near Pretoria, after receiving a complaint that learners were fighting. On their arrival, however, they discovered that in actual fact, a certain man was busy damaging windows of the school with bricks, an incident which terrified the educators and learners,” said Zuma.

“It was later brought to the attention of the police that the said man had come to the school demanding to see the principal when told that it would not be feasible for him to see the principal at the time. He then reportedly went on the rampage destroying the windows of the school, hence police were called.

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“The same man can be seen on the video, directing his violent acts towards the police by throwing bricks at the marked police vehicle, upon their arrival. He, without doubt, had a clear intention to inflict deadly injuries to the female member who was a van crew. She had to dive trying to dodge the rain of bricks that the suspect hurled at them.

“The perpetrator somehow managed to open the door of the police van while it was still in motion. It was during that process that the member (female) fell out of the vehicle sustaining minor injuries,” said Zuma.

Meanwhile, JS Moroka mayor Thulare Madileng visited the school on Friday morning and other officials from the education department to show their support to teachers and the learners.

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Mametlhake pupil attacks cops with bricks, looking for principal

A case of public violence and one of malicious damage to property are being investigated.

The KwaNdebele learner who is captured in a video clip attacking cops with stones was looking for the principal, officials have said.

He then began throwing bricks at the school’s windows when told he could not see the principal.

The Mpumalanga education department said they were condemning the incident and were sending a team to the school to find out what exactly happened.

The peers of the pupil at the Mmametlake Secondary School watched in shock this week as he attacked the cops with the bricks.

In a video that has gone viral the learner starts by smashing the school’s windows and when the police came in their van he turned to them until they reversed and shot at him in the leg.

The Mpumalanga department of education said the learner is believed to be a former learner at the school and he came there looking for the principal.

Departmental spokesman Jasper Zwane said the boy was an “intruder” at the school.

“It is alleged that when told that he could not see the principal, he became violent and started throwing bricks destroying windows of the school.

Police were called in to assist, and at the arrival of the police the intruder attacked them until he was shot in the leg,” Zwane said.

He added he was arrested and taken to hospital in order for his leg wound to be treated and would then face the music.

Counselling will be offered to those who got affected by it and investigations by the department are underway, Zwane said.

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Matriculants sign pledge of good conduct during exams

The pledge compels and demands learners to be honest.

Mpumalanga matriculants are today signing a pledge of good conduct as exams draws nearer.

The pledge is called a ‘National Senior Certificate Pledge of Good Conduct’, the promise not to cheat or copy is signed in fact in all South African schools on Friday.

The 2018 National Senior Certificate exams begin on 22 October 2018 and ends on 28 November.

There are over 58 000 matriculants in the Mpumalanga province and this year’s examination will take place in 555 centres.

Departmental spokesman Jasper Zwane said the pledge compels and “demands learners to be honest, avoid cheating, copying, accepting assistance from or providing it to one another during the exams”.

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