ANC sharpens axe to chop defiant Standerton mayor

New engagements may see the party laying an ambush on the SANCO leader.

The ANC in Mpumalanga says their decision recalling the mayor of Lekwa municipality ‘stands’ and will try other means to make sure he leaves the post.

Linda Dhlamini was recalled on 18 March 2018 but has since refused to leave the post.

He was recalled together with Harriet Khotha, the municipal speaker, as well as chief whip Mapaseka Molaba but all three are still in their jobs.

Dhlamini, a provincial deputy secretary of SANCO in Mpumalanga, was elected unopposed the mayor of Lekwa during a council sitting right after the 3 August 2016 local government elections.

The ANC wants him to leave the post and be replaced by regional treasurer Khosi Khota because of an “impasse” in the municipality “which affects service delivery” but Dhlamini supporters believe this is a plan by the ANC to put people who will toe the line and continue corruption.

ANC sharpens axe to chop defiant Standerton mayor

Khosi Khota. PIC MfisoDIGITAL/ZK.

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They vow to fight and ensure Dhlamini remains the mayor.

Gert Sibande ANC spokesman Sabelo Sikhakhane said as a region they await a decision of the provincial executive committee of the ANC that will sit and “finalise” whether Khota becomes the new mayor or Dhlamini continues.

“The PEC will sit and resolve all the impasse that exist in Lekwa,” he said.

ANC acting provincial secretary Lindiwe Ntshalintshali said the decision they took on 18 March 2018 recalling Dhlamini “still stands”.

“You will remember that we have been having meetings in Lekwa, doing consultations and we made it clear that our decision still stands and there will be a certain process to implement it,” she said over the phone.

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DA demands clean Standerton water

The Lekwa municipality in Standerton is said to be polluting the Vaal River crossing through.

The Democratic Alliance in Mpumalanga is demanding an end to water pollution.

The party is taking their fight to the Lekwa local municipality in Standerton to demand that the municipality stops polluting the Vaal River.

For many years, the Standerton waste water treatment plant has been channeling dirt into the river.

Provincial spokeswoman Dumisile Masuku said the Lekwa municipality is one of the 76 waste water treatment plants reported by the department of co-operative governance as polluting clean water sources across the province.

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“The municipality has done nothing for the people of Sakhile township who live with sewage flowing openly between their homes as it makes its way to the Vaal River,” she said.

Provincial leader James Masango will today lead a march to the offices of Lekwa municipality to deliver a memorandum demanding an end to the “wilful water pollution”.

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‘I’m out’, says Tshabalala as term ends

Interviews are underway for a new manager of the municipality.

The manager of the Lekwa local municipality in the Gert Sibande district says he’s now an unemployed man and “time will tell” as to what he will do next.

Linda Tshabalala’s term as the manager of the Lekwa municipality in Standerton came to an end this week on 31 July 2017.

He said time will tell where he goes now.

“As what I’ll do next I think time will tell. Time will tell. My home is the ANC,” he said over the phone.

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“I’d like to thank the people of Standerton for the opportunity. I had a great experience as the manager. I thank the ANC, the administration and business. [It] Was a great experience,” Tshabalala said on Tuesday.

He said now he is like the millions of others who are unemployed.

He was appointed the manager of the municipality in 2012.

The municipality’s Thobeka Mtshiselwa told 013NEWS late on Tuesday that the municipal manager post was already advertised.

“We are currently busy with interviews. Interviews started last week,” she said.

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Calls mount for Standerton mayor and manager to be fired

Most have criticised the SANCO-led protest, saying it had nothing to do with the poor but a competition by the politically powerful to gain control to loot municipal funds.

The Independent Police Investigative Directorate (IPID) in the Mpumalanga province has confirmed they are investigating the conduct of Standerton cops after they opened live ammunition, killing a 14-year-old boy.

Since the incident, calls for Standerton mayor Linda Dlamini and municipal manager Linda Tshabalala to be fired have mounted.

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The two are at loggerheads – Dlamini part of a faction led by SANCO that wants Tshabalala arrested and replaced by another municipal manager.

Another group aligned to Tshabalala wants Dlamini recalled as mayor of the municipality in the Standerton area – the Lekwa municipality – but most alliance structures believe the sacking of both of them will lessen the effect their personal differences have caused.

The ANCYL said the SANCO-led protest was “orchestrated by greedy individuals who have no interest at heart for our people”.

“We call on both the regional and provincial leadership of the ANC to recall and decisively deal with both the mayor and municipal manager for dragging our people to their own corrupt and greedy battles of tenders, which has resulted to such a painful tragic.

“Their appetite for corruption and squandering of public resources has today robbed this nation another precious life and the blood of this boy is in their hands,” – ANCYL’s Thulasizwe Thomo.

“Two elephants are fighting over control of looting machineries using the poor vulnerable youth and community. We call upon the leadership of the ANC in the region to provide much needed political leadership by recalling both the mayor and municipal manager with immediate effect,” YCL’s Ayanda Mashaba.

Call mounts for Standerton mayor and manager to be fired

YCL regional chairman Enock Mogale.

The SACP in the Gert Sibande region called for a forensic investigation into allegations of corruption.

Communist regional spokesman Naftal Magagula said the community of Lekwa “found themselves in the cross fire where corruption has been entrenched”.

“The position of the SACP has been clear all along that this [protest] is not about the welfare of the communities but self-enrichment of individuals. Corruption has been entrenched in these municipalities, Lekwa happened to have been the first to implode but our belief is that there is a deep rot in the majority of the municipalities. Both the mayor and municipal manager should be precautionary suspended pending the immediate investigation of the allegations,” said Magagula.

Call mounts for Standerton mayor and manager to be fired

ANCYL regional secretary James Nkosi.

The DA’s Mmusi Maimane said the killing of the boy signified that the ANC government was uncaring.

“President Jacob Zuma must immediately institute an investigation into this matter. It cannot ever be acceptable that unarmed youth are shot at with live ammunition, while protesting for service delivery and the restoration of their dignity,” he said.

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SANCO condemns killing of 14-year-old boy in Standerton

The civic movement organised the march to complain about lack of service delivery but it turned out badly when police killed a 14-year-old and protesters started looting.

The South African National Civic Organisation has condemned the killing of a 14-year-old boy in Standerton.

The police opened live ammunition to try contain a large group of people approaching, killing the child.

Regional secretary Bongani Mwale said they have instructed the leadership in Standerton to stop the march “to avert further injury to community members”.

SANCO organised the march on Friday morning to the Standerton police station to demand the immediate arrest of Lekwa municipal manager Linda Tshabalala.

After this, the march was going to go to the Lekwa municipality, where SANCO was to complain about the lack of service delivery.

But this didn’t happen – instead it erupted into protests engulfing the whole township, with people blocking streets and roads with burning tyres and looting shops owned by foreign nationals.

Mwale said they distanced themselves from all criminal elements that occurred soon afterwards.

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“SANCO is angered and vehemently condemn the recorded disturbing opportunistic criminal elements that erupted after the march, and the looting of the shops owned by foreign nationals,” Mwale said in a statement on Friday afternoon.

“In the mist of the police brutality against our communities, SANCO shall continue to be the mouthpiece of communities and shall continue to raise service delivery issues without any prejudice.

“SANCO strongly believe that the SAPS must account for the loss of life and the injuries suffered by the people,” said Mwale.

ANC regional spokesman Sabelo Sikhakhane said both Tshabalala and Standerton mayor Linda Dlamini were summoned by the party in the region to come “account for the situation in Lekwa”.

A case of fraud and corruption was opened against Tshabalala by SANCO after R21 million allegedly disappeared from municipal coffers.

However Mwale said it was not true that it is SANCO that opened the case as the case was opened by an “individual”.

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