“We plan to retrieve trapped Lily Mine three next year,” company says

They are still trapped underground since February 2016 when a lamp-room container they were working in fell into a sinkhole.

The Vantage Gold Fields plans to retrieve the three Lily Mine workers next year.

That’s according to business rescue practitioner Rob Devereaux.

Devereaux said they have secured the R300 million which they have always been requiring to be able to rescue Yonne Mnisi, Pretty Nkambule and Solomon Nyerende.

“We have new investors and the R300 million we have secured is enough,” Devereaux told news agency African News Agency this week.

“We have signed agreements but there are certain conditions that must be met before the money flows in,” he said.

“Once the money comes in, we will start developing a new shaft and open the mine in July 2018,” said Devereaux.

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“The search for the remains of the trapped miners will resume a year later for safety reasons,” he said.

“This is because we still have to develop a new shaft and be able to see where the container is before we can resume the search,” Devereaux said.

A company called SSC Flaming Silver SPV agreed to invest in Vantage Gold Fields, buying 74% of it.

In November 2017, a loan of R190 million was approved by the Industrial Development Corporation for SSC Flaming Silver SPV to resume operations at the mine.

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Since the collapse three years ago, the mine decided to suspend operations, leaving a string of men and women unemployed.

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Lily mine to resume operations

The Industrial Development Corporation pumped an amount of R190 million to assist owners of the mine return to production.

Operations will begin soon at Barberton’s Lily Mine, Vantage Gold Fields bossMike McChesney confirmed.

McChesney said all they are awaiting for now is receipt of the cash.

He said the R190 million loan was approved by the Industrial Development Corporation to assist them begin operations at the mine.

IDC made the loan to a company calledSSC Flaming Silver SPVinNovember 2017 and this is the company that will in fact own the mine.

Lowvelder quotesMcChesney as saying they await the final approval.

“Once the money is received and the creditors of the companies in business rescue have been consulted, the proposed transaction may be finalised,” he said.

SSC Flaming Silver SPV got into agreement with Vantage Goldfields to own 74% of it.

The mine was forced to close operations when three workers – Yvonne Mnisi, Pretty Nkambule and Solomon Nyerende – got trapped in a container during a collapse on 5 February 2016.

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They remain trapped, two years later.

Vantage Gold Fields remains committed to working with all parties concerned to bring the outstanding matters to a speedy and satisfactory conclusion, said McChesney.

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Cosatu blames Mosebenzi Zwane for trapped Lily Mine three

This month marks 2 years since Yvonne Mnisi, Pretty Nkambule and Solomon Nyerende were trapped at the Vantage Goldfields mine.

The Congress of South African Trade Unions (Cosatu) in the Mpumalanga province is blaming the minister’s snail pace in retrieving the bodies of the three workers.

Provincial secretary Thabo Mokoena says the federation is disappointed in the manner the department of mineral resources and “responsible stakeholders” have been dealing with the Lily Mine issue.

“The federation is disappointed because all efforts to retrieve the trapped bodies of the 3 workers have since been stalled without proper explanation,” Mokoena said.

“And the painful agony of the next of kin of the 3 miners is disregarded and ignored,” he said.

The workers vanished on 5 February 2016 when a shaft at the Barberton mine collapsed, swallowing the container they were working inside of.

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The Vantage Goldfields pleaded broke, saying they would need R200 million to rescue the workers and didn’t have that amount.

“We are disappointed that the operations of both affected mines, that is the Babrock and Lily Mines remain suspended while workers are left in the ledge with no income and means of survival and that there are still outstanding payments of rescued mine workers who have not received a cent as compensation since the promises made by the Minister of DMR Mr Mosebenzi Zwane,” Mokoena said.

“Cosatu calls upon the department and Minister Mosebenzi Zwane to have conscious and empathy by ensuring that the crisis is resolved as matter of urgency and the affected families find closure,” he said.

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NUM puts pressure on Lily Mine

A meeting between the National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) and leadersof its alliance partners in the Mpumalanga province has resulted in theANC provincial leadership agreeing that they will write a letter to theMinister of the Department of Mineral Resources.

In the letter, provincial secretary Mandla Ndlovu will ask minister Mosebenzi Zwaneto “come down” and meet NUM concerning the situation at Lily Mine,the union’s deputy president said on Thursday.

“Yesterday [Tuesday] the provincial secretary [Mandla Ndlovu] of theANC agreed that he would write a letter to the minister for us to meetthe minister so that we put our demands before him that in two weeks’time we work out a program in ensuring those people are rescued,”Montisetsi said.

The Association of Mineworkers and Construction Union (Amcu) is arecognised union at Lily Mine. Its national spokesman Zungu didn’tanswer text messages sent by 013NEWS three days ago, to his phone,concerning the situation at Lily Mine.

Montisetsi said although Num is a minority union at the mine, theywould fight for the rescue of Yvonne Mnisi, Pretty Mabuza and SolomonNyendere.

“We are fighting for the rescue of the African people. We cannot allowa situation where our own people are left trapped underground,” hesaid.

He said after the meeting with leaders of the ANC and its alliancepartners in Mbombela on Tuesday he received a call from Vantage GoldFields owners and was going to meet them “to hear what they say onFriday morning this week concerning the situation at Lily Mine.


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