Mayor: “Cases of kidnapping kids with albinism rising in eMalahleni”

eMalahleni residents woke up to gloomy news of abduction of the two children.


eMalahleni mayor Lindiwe Ntshalintshali is speechless at the unfortunate episode against the most ostracised and vulnerable group in society after the kidnapping of a child with albinism in the township of Hlalanikahle and another, mistaken to also be an albino.

Gabisile Shabane (13) and 15 month old Nkosikhona Ngwenya were abducted on Sunday morning (28 Jan 2018) and cops are appealing to anybody with information to come forward.

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Gabisile is living with albinism and it is suspected that the three men who broke into their home on the Sunday night, also targeted Nkosikhona, whom they mistook for another baby who also lives with albinism in the family.

“Cases of kidnapping of people living with albinism are rife in Tanzania, and lately in KwaZulu Natal and there has been a surge of cases of kidnapping in general here in eMalahleni,” Ntshalintshali said.

“But we suspect that the kidnapping of these two children is related to superstitious belief,” she said.

Nkosikhona Ngwenya

“I hope that police will apprehend those behind the kidnapping.

“There has been stories of people living with albinism being murdered for their body parts and these children have a right to life like any other child,” the mayor said on Wednesday this week.

“The false belief that their body parts have extraordinary powers must be eradicated, albinism is a genetically inherited condition,” said Ntshalintshali.

*Mabuza is the communication manager in the mayor’s office.

Ntshalintshali lauds South32 for maths academy

Described as world-class, it was built by both the Mpumalanga government and mining company South32.


The world class academy has a state of the art broadcasting studio which will enable 101 schools around the province to interact with their teachers.

It was officially unveiled on Friday by eMalahleni mayor Lindiwe Ntshalintshali and Education MEC Reginah Mhaule and is known as OR Tambo Mathematics, Science and Technology Academy.

The centre is situated near Highveld Mall in Emalahleni.

The academy was handed over to the department of education on 3 October 2017 by mining company South 32 and it was decided that on the birthday of OR Tambo – 27 October – the academy would be officially unveiled and named after him.

Ntshalintshali praised the private sector for partnering with government in realising a dream of building a centre which will make it possible for children to specialise in mathematics and science.

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“There is a big need for this academy which will assist to develop and produce skills related to mathematics and science.”

Ntshalintshali was proud that the academy is located in eMalahleni, an energy hub of the country.

“We have power stations which produce energy for the country and it is appropriate that the academy is here in eMalahleni,” she said.

She lauded OR Tambo for his role in the struggle against oppression and his role as a mathematics teacher.

“Our children must make use of this facility to change their lives and those of their families,” she said.

*Mabuza works in the mayor’s office as the communication officer.

Lindiwe Ntshalintshali’s woes continue

Documents of how she splurged R2.1 million in 29 days amid the municipality’s financial crisis appeared this week.

eMalahleni mayor Lindiwe Ntshalintshali’s troubles are far from over.

Now the DA is heading to the Auditor-General to ask him to investigate R21 million that was spent on a company called Track Optimum International between 4 October and 2 November 2016 to protect her private residence in Phola, at  R64 350 00 of tax payers’ money per day.

This is during the time when municipal manager Theo van Vuuren and Ntshalintshali were making news – for channelling service delivery money towards the purchase a Lexus SUV for Ntshalintshali.

Van Vuuren also created controversy after he splurged R20 million for 20 bodyguards to protect him and other senior staff in 2013.

The owner of the company said to have supplied Van Vurren with bodyguards in 2013 – Verne Clark – is the same guy at the centre of the new Ntshalintshali controversy.

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Verne Clark owns Track Optimum International.

“Both Mr Van Vuuren and councillor Ntshalintshali have brought nothing but misery and gross financial mismanagement to eMalahleni,” the DA’s Dumisile Masuku said.

“Van Vuuren has left eMalahleni municipality technically bankrupt and his departure should be followed by that of mayor Ntshalintshali. It is time that eMalahleni gets new administration that will put the best interest of the residents first,” Masuku said.

But Ntshalintshali said she is not responsible for the awarding of tenders in the municipality.

Through her spokesperson, Kingdom Mabuza, the mayor said: ” Tenders are awarded by officials after following supply chain processes.

“The said company, Track Optimum International, was appointed last year in September, after some community members at Phola forcefully and violently occupied houses which were built by South 32 mine.

“The houses were supposed to be allocated to beneficiaries as per the housing list, but the mob wanted that housing waiting list to be disregarded.

“The mob resorted to attacking a municipal building and fire station with petrol bombs,” Mabuza said.

“They then proceeded in a march to the home of the mayor and councillors whose homes are in Phola. The street leading to the home of the mayor was blocked with burning tyres, waste bins, and stones were thrown and the Directorate Community Services, after consulting SAPS and Intelligence officials, found it imperative to appoint a specialised VIP Security Service to protect the executive mayor’s home, councillors’ homes in the area and the municipal building, on an emergency basis. Track Optimum International was then appointed in terms of section 36 of the Local Government, Municipal Finance Management Regulations,” he said.

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Vandals cost eMalahleni R80m

The mayor spoke about it in her State of the Municipal Address.

eMalahleni local municipality lost over R80 million to protesters stealing and destroying public infrastructure.

Municipal spokesman Kingdom Mabuza said mayor Lindiwe Ntshalintshali spoke about it in her State of the Municipal Address a week ago.

“[It is] hoodlums who in some instances masquerade as residents who are aggrieved by lack of service delivery,” Mabuza said.

Ntshalintshali said theft of electrical equipments has been on the increase and this has resulted “intermittent power outages to communities” and the huge replacement costs and increased insurance premiums.

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“The mayor revealed that persistent theft and vandalism of infrastructure is costing the municipality millions which could have been diverted to services,” said Mabuza.

“Theft and vandalism of electrical equipment on the municipal networks have been on the increase and this has resulted in intermittent power outrages to communities, strain on the municipal budget as this has resulted in huge replacement costs and increased insurance premiums.

This is the theft and vandalism of cables, transformers, pumps, motors and water meters.

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Ntshalintshali: Men are supposed to protect women

The mayor criticises the rampant killing of defenceless young girls and urges men to come forward and defend our sisters.


eMalahleni municipal mayor Lindiwe Ntshalintshali has called on the eMalahleni communities to protect and raise alarms against men who prey on young girls and women.

“Men are supposed to be protectors but what we read and see on the news does not inspire confidence,” she said.

“I implore real men to take a stand against rampant abuse and killing of defenceless young girls and women.

“The abuse, rape and killing of females is despicable and barbaric,” said Ntshalintshali.

The mayor called on law enforcement agencies and police in eMalahleni to prioritise cases of women abuse and rape.

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She said the justice system must send a strong message by imposing the harshest sentences against those who are found guilty of crimes related to the abuse of women and children.

She condemned the gruesome death of a young Soweto girl whose lifeless half naked body was found in an open field.

Ntshalintshali said she will request the Transversal Unit which is located in her office, to monitor the progress of all cases of abuse of women currently before courts throughout eMalahleni.

“We cannot fold our arms and deceive ourselves that what is happening elsewhere does not happen here in Emalahleni,” she said.

She appealed to churches, men’s groups and civic organisations to take a stand and say NO to attacks against women.

“The rising statistics on attacks against women is a real concern and we should not bury our heads in the sand as if it is not affecting women in eMalahleni,”  she said.

The mayor encouraged women to stop showing mercy against their attackers by withdrawing cases opened with police.

“The struggle against the abuse of women is sometimes sabotaged by women who withdraw cases against their attackers,” she said.

Ntshalintshali started the mayoral committee meeting on Thursday last week by requesting members of her mayoral committee and officials to observe a moment of silence in honour of women who suffer in the hands of men.

Meanwhile, the eMalahleni Magistrate Court postponed the case of a 60-year-old man who allegedly molested his three step-grandchildren.

The case returns to court on 19 July 2017.

*Mabuza is a spokesman in mayor Ntshalintshali’s office.