Woman working at maintanance court gets 8 years for fraud

She used to work for the department of justice in Standerton as a court official responsible for maintenance funds but defrauded the department.

A 38-year-old former court official who was arrested for diverting maintenance money to the pockets of relatives has been slapped with a 8-year- prison term for the crime.

She faced 174 counts of theft and fraud.

The Mpumalanga News reported that Maria Masango was sentenced last week Thursday.

Masango was employed by the department of justice and correctional development in Evander.

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She was responsible for maintenance payments but when she gained access to the system by using the password of another official, she stole the money and diverted it to relatives as monthly beneficiaries.

A case was opened against her in 2012 after the court manager discovered that something suspicious had happened to the money.

She had taken the money meant for maintenance beneficiaries and paid it out to her mother, brother and two sisters who were also arrested but released after she told the court that she’s the one who deposited the money into their accounts.

She was sentenced by the Standerton Magistrates Court.

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