Mandla Ndlovu sings Jacob Zuma praises

He says Zuma is very intelligent and, unlike others, he didn’t have to go to school to be so.

Mpumalanga ANC acting chair Mandla Ndlovu has used the ANC’s Thuma Mina outreach program in eMalahleni to throw a heap of praise on former leader Jacob Zuma, describing him as an “organic intellectual”.

Ndlovu addressed learners from four secondary schools in the eMalahleni area as well as students from the Nkangala Tvet College and the Tshwane University of Technology on Friday last week.

“I hear brothers are calling themselves organic intellectuals,” Ndlovu said while on stage at the Lynnville community hall.

“I don’t believe that here you have got organic intellectuals, that if you don’t go to school you will be an intellectual. No. In South Africa there is only one that I know who didn’t go to school but is an intellectual and that is President Jacob Zuma,” Ndlovu told the about 800 learners who had come to fill the hall to listen to him talk.

“And I don’t think that we will have another one in this country,” he said.

“He didn’t go to school in order to be an intellectual. That one is an organic intellectual and the rest must go to school in order to be intellectuals. He didn’t,” Ndlovu said.

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Ndlovu said Zuma was the only intellectual “that has never seen a face of a teacher and if you give him a platform Zuma will mesmerise you because he is an organic intellectual,” Ndlovu said to applause.

“He is the only one. The rest must go to school in order to be intellectuals,’ he said.

Ndlovu invited the students in order to encourage them to choose education above all. He said when they choose education they will have a bright future and be able to create the right careers for themselves.

Mandla Ndlovu sings Jacob Zuma praises

Ndlovu wants to be the provincial chairman of the ANC and is currently on a province-wide campaign. The position was left by DD Mabuza who got elected as the deputy president on 18 December 2017.

“If you are educated you can marry the person of your choice because in terms of the pyramids of marriage you can’t go down. An ordinary person cannot marry a principal,” Ndlovu said.

“In short, you must go to acquire knowledge that will make you stand on your toes, qualified and you will then come back and create employment for yourself. It is not your choice to rely on social grants or go to school without food or uniform but it is your choice to be what you will be in the future,” he said.

He said the students should take advantage of the South African education system because it takes you from Grade R to University for free.

Later Ndlovu, who was accompanied by SASCO, ANCYL, ANC and government leaders donated to the pupils and the students some sanitary towels and school uniforms.

Mandla Ndlovu sings Jacob Zuma praises

Nkangala ANCYL secretary Thabang Mathebula, former leader Mduduzi ‘Mswati’ Nkosi, eMalahleni mayor Linah Malatjie and JS Moroka mayor Thulare Madileng formed part of the event.

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Mabuza aids Mandla Ndlovu’s campaign, endorses him to be chair

He spoke to ANC members and followers soon after he delivered the State of the Province Address on Friday.

ANC deputy president David Mabuza has weighed into the Mpumalanga succession race, endorsing contestant Mandla Ndlovu for the hotly contested Mpumalanga ANC chairmanship.

Mabuza spoke to ANC members and supporters outside the Mpumalanga government complex in Riverside, describing Ndlovu as a “very humble man”.

“He is a humble man that can come into my shoes,” Mabuza said of Ndlovu to thunderous applause.

He spoke on an ANC stage truck soon after he delivered the State of the Province Address (Sopa) as the Premier of the province, where he promised jobs for the unemployed.

“Comrade Mandla please treat the people of Mpumalanga good.

“You must know that myself and the people of Mpumalanga have an unbroken bond. My love with the people of Mpumalanga will never end. So if you are mistreating them, you will be mistreating me and as a deputy president I will have to deal with you,” Mabuza said to thunderous applause.

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Ndlovu and a string of others in the Mpumalanga province are racing for the ANC provincial chairmanship position after Mabuza, who was provincial chair, got elected as the national deputy leader at Nasrec on 18 December 2017, leaving the seat vacant.

Also Violet Siwela, who was Mabuza’s deputy and Candith Mashego-Dlamini, a PEC member, got elected to serve as additional members of the NEC.

Ndlovu’s supporters want him as chair, Speedy Mashilo as deputy chair, Pat Ngomane as secretary and Desmond Moela as an additional member of the PEC.

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“Stop calling DD Mabuza a sell-out,” Ndlovu warns

He addressed a Nelson Mandela memorial lecture over the weekend and looked at the history of the late ANC iconic leader.

Mpumalanga ANC acting chairman Mandla Ndlovu has warned those who are calling ANC deputy president DD Mabuza a sell-out to stop it, saying as Mpumalanga they will not allow it.

He was speaking at the eMalahleni town hall on Sunday afternoon during a Nelson Mandela memorial lecture.

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He said as Mpumalanga they will definitely protect Mabuza and will not allow anybody to refer to him as “a sell-out”.

Recently, national secretary Ace Magashule led a song while addressing ANC members in KZN about a ” sell-out who has been selling out the movement for a very long time”.

“Comrade DD is not a step-child in this province,” Ndlovu said to applause.

“People must stop blaming Mpumalanga and saying comrade DD sold out.We are going to protect him.

“Everywhere they are addressing meetings they will not conclude without calling him a sell-out. No. They must justaccept the outcomes of the conference,” Ndlovu said while on stage addressing scores of ANCYL members and supporters.

The Nelson Mandela memorial lecture at the eMalahleni hall was organised by the ANCYL in Mpumalanga and saw league national deputy leader Desmond Moela also addressing as well as league Mpumalanga leader Tim Mashele.

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Ndlovu, who is vying for the Mpumalanga position of Mabuza, described Mandela as somebody who was a fearless and who “refused to devalue his principles”.

“Comrade Mandela was courageous and fearless and was able to speak his mind.

“I saw many people they would talk to please us but comrade Mandela was not scared to speak what was in his mind,” Ndlovu said.

“He did not allow the system to calm down his thinking. He did not concentrate on his concerns but on the bigger dreams, even if this came at a huge price,” he said.

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Themba Sgudla believes Mandla Ndlovu wants to be elected in a “factional way”

He says other people should just go and look for employment – ANC positions cannot serve as their source of income forever.

PRET leader Themba ‘Masofa’ Sgudla has ripped into the campaign that wants Mandla Ndlovu as the next chairman of the Mpumalanga ANC, calling it a campaign of a “caste of friends”.

He said he doesn’t understand how come Ndlovu “endorses himself” for the position of ANC provincial chairman.

Campaigns to take ANC deputy president DD Mabuzas position have already started in the province – with a score of contestants vying for the seat.

Ndlovu’s supporters wants him to leave the position of provincial secretary and become the new chair when a special elective congress is held in April 2018 to fill vacant posts created by the partys December elective conference.

They also want Speedy Mashilo, the current chair of Nkangala, as deputy chair and Pat Ngomane to be the new secretary.

“Mandla Ndlovu was elected the secretary by conference. Very strange now that he wants to be chairperson,” Sgudla said over the weekend.

“Who wants him as chair? Which branches are those? See that’s where the problem starts. He is endorsing himself or it’s his caste of friends that wants him,” Sgudla said.

“We won’t support Ndlovu, clearly he wants to be elected in a factional way. This thing must end in the ANC. Factions, factions, everyday,” he said.

On Saturday, a campaign to have Mbombela speaker Mandla Msibi take the hotly contested seat was launched by PRET while ANC national chair Gwede Mantashe was delivering the January 8 statement at the Elukwatini stadium.

Themba Sgudla believes Mandla Ndlovu wants to be elected in a "factional way"

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Mandla Ndlovu reverses decision to have journalists at PEC Lekgotla

The two-day meeting will now occur behind closed doors.

Mpumalanga ANC acting chairman Mandla Ndlovu has reversed a decision to invite journalists to the party’s provincial executive committee Lekgotla scheduled for the weekend.

In a statement released late on Friday morning, Ndlovu said the decision to no longer have journalists at the PEC Lekgotla occurred “due to unforeseen circumstances”.

“Attention all media,” the statement read.

“Please be informed that due to unforeseen circumstances the ANC provincial executive committee will no longer require the media coverage of the ANC PEC Lekgotla taking place from Saturday the 3rd and 4th February 2018 as per the previous invitation,” it said.

“However, an invitation will be extended to yourselves to host a media briefing scheduled for next week on the resolutions taken from the ANC PEC Lekgotla,” the statement read.

Ndlovu is expected to deliver a political overview as the acting chair of the Mpumalanga ANC and journalists had been invited to come cover this particular speech.

“We apologise for any inconvenience caused,” the statement released by his office’s communication assistant Sibusiso Themba read.

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The Lekgotla, to occur at the Nutting House Lodge in Mbombela, is expected to discuss amongst other things the succession race in the province.

Journalists had been asked to come register for their accreditation to cover Ndlovu addressing the Lekgotla but then now this will be a closed session.

DD Mabuza who was elected the deputy president of the ANC on 18 December 2017 will have a successor when a special provincial congress is held in April 2018 as well as Violet Siwela, his deputy, who was elected as an additional member of the national executive committee in Nasrec, Soweto.

A large number of contestants are vying for Mabuza’s seat – Ndlovu himself, Pat Ngomane, Sasekani Manzini, Fish Mahlalela, Peter Nyoni, David Dube, Lucky Ndinisa, Charles Makola and Lassy Chiwayo.

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