WATCH: How true Robert Gumede bought stage trucks for Zanu-PF?

The rich Mpumalanga man vehemently denies funding Zanu-PF’s election, worse buying them trucks and now threatens to take legal action against those who say so.

There is a company called ‘MBE Promotions’ that was involved in the Zanu-PF’s election campaign.

This is not the first time this company is involved in the whole political campaigning process – it first got involved in 2016 when IT billionaire Robert Gumede bought 12 bakkies for the Mpumalanga ANC.

But long before the 2016 Local Government Elections Mashile’s company had already branded some of the ANC’s campaign vehicles as well being awarded tenders for the supply of customised trucks to provincial government departments.

The company is owned by ANC deputy president DD Mabuza’s closest ally, Nathaniel Mashile, who leads the ANC in the eHlanzeni region of Mpumalanga as deputy secretary and whose company’s stake in the whole Zimbabwe political campaigning process has been to brand and fit the bakkies and stage trucks with public announcement systems.

Mabuza is Gumede’s long time friend and it’s likely that the involvement of Mashile, who has good relations with Gumede through Mabuza was there because Gumede was sponsoring the Zanu-PF election campaign.

Mashile’s company started branding the vehicles in March 2018 – less than two months after Gumede met with President Emmerson Mnangagwa, publicly pledging to invest R15 billion into the Zimbabwean economy.

WATCH: How true Robert Gumede bought stage trucks for Zanu-PF?

Nathaniel Mashile.


WATCH: How true Robert Gumede bought stage trucks for Zanu-PF?

Robert Gumede (L) who allegedly bought the Zanu-PF vehicles seen here with President Emmerson Mnangagwa (C) and MBE Promotions owner Nathaniel Mashile (R) who branded and fitted them with PA systems.

In the January 2018 meeting, which followed a month after the ousting of dictator Robert Mugabe who had ruled that country for close to 40 years, Gumede told Mnangagwa “to not keep quiet whenever he needs anything”, sources close to MBE Promotions told 013NEWS.

WATCH: How true Robert Gumede bought stage trucks for Zanu-PF?

Once Mashile was done branding the vehicles in Zanu-PF colours, they were then handed over to Mnangagwa and a video showing both Gumede and the Zim leader dancing to a song by Zimbabwean popular singer Jah Prayzah being played from a brand new truck has surfaced.

In the video, Mashile is seen coming from the donated truck’s music system on its stage – apparently showing the two men that MBE Promotions had successfully done the job.

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Gumede has vehemently denied ever funding Zanu-PF ahead of 30 July 2018’s general elections that saw Mnangagwa winning with 50.8% against MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa’s 44.3%.

Gumede said reports by the Sunday Times  over the weekend that he donated millions to Mnangagwa’s ruling party which were then used to buy about 100 bakkies and two stage trucks were “fake news” and threatened he would take legal actions to defend his image because the article portrays him as a “state capturer” and creates political divisions in Zimbabwe.

“I deny the allegations and I intend taking legal action to defend my reputation and to ultimately expose personal agendas and ulterior motives,” he said.

Gumede said being the “international businessman” he is, he had done business in Zimbabwe for more than 10 years “and I have not donated any money towards any election campaigns,” adding there would have been records of it because “any funds leaving South Africa require Reserve Bank clearance”.

“There is nothing untoward nor suspicious about my engagements with President Mnangagwa given that I have committed to investing in the country. I love Zimbabwe for the role it played in bringing democracy to South Africa during the struggle led by the ANC,” said Gumede.

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Nathaniel Mashile branding Emmerson Mnangagwa’s campaign bakkies

The information began to surface about two weeks ago when two of his friends posted the photos of the bakkies on social media, with the words: “MBE waya waya”.

“MBE Promotions” is the name of the company owned by Ehlanzeni ANC deputy secretary Nathaniel Mashile.

Mashile is ANC deputy president DD Mabuza’s close ally and made news in October 2014 when he began dishing out R200 notes to DJs and anybody on sight during Sushi King Kenny Kunene’s party at a Johannesburg night club.

Nathaniel Mashile branding Emmerson Mnangagwa's campaign bakkies

Nathaniel Mashile.

Sources privy to Mashile’s activities said Mashile was doing “sample” for Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s Zanu-PF.

Nathaniel Mashile branding Emmerson Mnangagwa's campaign bakkies

He said it was through “hustling” that Mashile got to be afforded the chance to brand the bakkies of that country’s ruling party.

“The agreement started somewhere in March [2018],” the source said in sms reply.

Nathaniel Mashile branding Emmerson Mnangagwa's campaign bakkies

MBE Promotions is known for branding the Mpumalanga ANC’s campaign trucks and bakkies as well as fitting them with speakers.

Others say the company is also involved in organising ANC rallies in the province but 013NEWS could not independently confirm this.

Nathaniel Mashile branding Emmerson Mnangagwa's campaign bakkies

“[Zanu PF] asked him to do only five as a sample,” another source told the 013NEWS reporter.

“It’s not only comrade Mnangagwa who wants him to brand cars. Two other African countries have also requested he comes after they heard about the ANC and Zim ones,” the source said.

Nathaniel Mashile branding Emmerson Mnangagwa's campaign bakkies

Mashile was re-elected in June 2017 to once more come serve as the deputy secretary of the eHlanzeni region together with secretary Phazamisa Mathe, deputy chair Sibusiso Mathonsi and chair Ngrayi Ngwenya.

Momotho Thumbathi was also re-elected the regional treasurer.

Nathaniel Mashile branding Emmerson Mnangagwa's campaign bakkies

Ehlanzeni is Mabuza’s stronghold – the region where his branch in Barberton is and the ANC’s second largest region.

When asked this week, Mashile said he doesn’t speak about his “business in the media”.

“Media won’t put money in my account. I do away with media,” he said over the phone when asked whether his company was now “going international”.

“Sorry. Bye,” he said, before putting the phone down.

The Zanu-PF had not yet replied to an enquiry sent on their main party e-mail at the time of publishing.

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