Girl, 16, dies in hands of 17-year-old rapist

The boy allegedly told cops the girl died after strangulation.

A 16-year-old girl from Mpumalanga is no more after being killed, allegedly by a schoolmate.

The boy was arrested on Wednesday last week (10 Apr).

Her parents launched a search after she did not return home from a study session, police spokesman Brigadier Leonard Hlathi said.

“The parents then learned that she was last seen with the 17-year-old suspect, after the study session on that day. The parents then reported the matter to us” Hlathi said on Thursday.

“Police immediately confronted the suspect and enquired about the whereabouts of the victim,” he said.

Hlathi said the boy first told them the girl had disappeared with an unknown man, who drove off with her and that he thought was her uncle.

But cops pressed the boy and the boy began to allegedly reveal that the girl had actually been strangulated. The girl had turned down his love proposal,” Hlathi said.

“Shortly before she died, he allegedly raped her as well.

“He then buried her for fear of being arrested and proceeded to point out [to police] where the body was buried; in a shallow grave in Pienaar,” Hlathi said.

The boy was then arrested and charged with murder, rape and defeating the ends of justice.

He will appear at a Mpumalanga court.

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Mbombela man shot, killed while watching TV

The incident happened at around 10 at night.

A 51-year-old man was murdered while watching TV in his Mbombela home, police have said.

Spokesman Colonel Mtsholi Bhembe said the man died this week Tuesday night after three suspects entered the home, shooting and killing him.

He said the victim whose name is not yet disclosed “was in the sitting room watching TV when the trio stormed in”.

“A fight ensued between the victim and the suspects resulting in shots being fired,” Bhembe said.

He said he was shot in the upper body “and was later certified dead at the scene by paramedics”.

“His wife came out from the bedroom and discovered that her husband was lying in a pool of blood and then called for help.

“Security guards arrived shortly thereafter and discovered that the suspects had already fled the scene,” he said.

He added a TV set that had been stolen from the house was discovered in nearby bushes, saying they were now investigating a murder and house robbery and have launched a manhunt for the suspects, however, no one had been arrested as yet.

Anyone with information that could lead to the arrest of the three men should call the cops on 082 318 9843.

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Six Matsulu skelems manage to get ATM money with a grinder

The six men tied the two security guards looking after the property.

They then plugged the grinder in the electricity and opened the two ATM machines opened and found a bonanza from both two.

The Matsulu police in Mpumalanga said the “five or six men” did the ambush at the Matsulu shopping mall during the dark hours of the early Tuesday morning.

Money taken by the gang was not disclosed but cops say the gang was armed and “were wearing balaclavas”.

The cops’ trouble with ATM thugs began at exactly 2 in the morning of Tuesday when a first gang sneaked into the Thulamahashi police station and flattened all tyres of state cars belonging to cops before making proceeding through to the Thulamahashi township mall, where they blew open a Standard Bank ATM, cleaning it of all money.

No arrests have been made yet and anyone with information should call the Matsulu police investigators on 071 481 2802 and the Thulamahashi investigators on 013 773 0331 / 013 773 9092.

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