Here’s what Trevor Nkosi feels about his ANCYL nomination

The league will have a provincial elective conference on 7 December 2018.

Mpumalanga ANCYL deputy chairman Trevor Nkosi says he personally feels he must give others the chance to lead the ANCYL.

Nkosi says the reason he is available for the position of league provincial chairman ahead of congress is because he respects the comrades who have requested him to stand “but personally I have never stood up and say I want to lead the ANCYL”.

Nkosi spoke to the 013NEWS reporter Friday afternoon this week after it had come to light that he is actually turning 36 next year April.

He was born on 27 April 1983 and the age limit for being a member of the ANCYL is 35 years.

“I have raised the issue of my age to comrades but you know comrades they always have something they put forward to justify their views,” the affable Nkosi said over the phone.

“I have said that I’m 35 years-old already and I think now I’m ready to contest the space in the ANC,” he said.

He said personally he feels the ANCYL should be led by people between the age of 20 and 30 and afterwards “give those who are following you the chance”.

Nkosi said when he told comrades about his age “they started saying, ‘No, we have confidence in you. We want you to lead us, you have the capacity to change the political landscape in the province for young people”.

He is endorsed by his home region of Gert Sibande as well as other comrades in Bohlabela and Nkangala.

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In mid-2017, Nkosi, who had previously served as regional secretary and chairman of the league in Gert Sibande before being elevated to the position of deputy provincial chair in 2016, was elected as the regional executive committee member of the Gert Sibande ANC.

Also Mduduzi “Mswati” Nkosi, former leader of the Nkangala ANCYL, got elected to the Nkangala ANC REC as was outgoing league provincial leader Tim Mashele for the Bohlabela ANC REC in June 2017.

Nkosi, who is also the chief whip of the Gert Sibande district municipality, said comrades began pointing out the age of current national leader Collen Maine who is apparently 38 years and former leader Fikile Mbalula, who left the league in 2007 at 38, to say he must accept leading the league.

He said it is because he respects them that he is available “but personally as Trevor Nkosi I’m no longer there”.

“I feel other young people should be given the opportunity to lead the league. Our space is now in the ANC,” Nkosi said.

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Mandla Ndlovu sings Jacob Zuma praises

He says Zuma is very intelligent and, unlike others, he didn’t have to go to school to be so.

Mpumalanga ANC acting chair Mandla Ndlovu has used the ANC’s Thuma Mina outreach program in eMalahleni to throw a heap of praise on former leader Jacob Zuma, describing him as an “organic intellectual”.

Ndlovu addressed learners from four secondary schools in the eMalahleni area as well as students from the Nkangala Tvet College and the Tshwane University of Technology on Friday last week.

“I hear brothers are calling themselves organic intellectuals,” Ndlovu said while on stage at the Lynnville community hall.

“I don’t believe that here you have got organic intellectuals, that if you don’t go to school you will be an intellectual. No. In South Africa there is only one that I know who didn’t go to school but is an intellectual and that is President Jacob Zuma,” Ndlovu told the about 800 learners who had come to fill the hall to listen to him talk.

“And I don’t think that we will have another one in this country,” he said.

“He didn’t go to school in order to be an intellectual. That one is an organic intellectual and the rest must go to school in order to be intellectuals. He didn’t,” Ndlovu said.

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Ndlovu said Zuma was the only intellectual “that has never seen a face of a teacher and if you give him a platform Zuma will mesmerise you because he is an organic intellectual,” Ndlovu said to applause.

“He is the only one. The rest must go to school in order to be intellectuals,’ he said.

Ndlovu invited the students in order to encourage them to choose education above all. He said when they choose education they will have a bright future and be able to create the right careers for themselves.

Mandla Ndlovu sings Jacob Zuma praises

Ndlovu wants to be the provincial chairman of the ANC and is currently on a province-wide campaign. The position was left by DD Mabuza who got elected as the deputy president on 18 December 2017.

“If you are educated you can marry the person of your choice because in terms of the pyramids of marriage you can’t go down. An ordinary person cannot marry a principal,” Ndlovu said.

“In short, you must go to acquire knowledge that will make you stand on your toes, qualified and you will then come back and create employment for yourself. It is not your choice to rely on social grants or go to school without food or uniform but it is your choice to be what you will be in the future,” he said.

He said the students should take advantage of the South African education system because it takes you from Grade R to University for free.

Later Ndlovu, who was accompanied by SASCO, ANCYL, ANC and government leaders donated to the pupils and the students some sanitary towels and school uniforms.

Mandla Ndlovu sings Jacob Zuma praises

Nkangala ANCYL secretary Thabang Mathebula, former leader Mduduzi ‘Mswati’ Nkosi, eMalahleni mayor Linah Malatjie and JS Moroka mayor Thulare Madileng formed part of the event.

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An open letter: “Mswati failed us big time”

Under this leadership, the ANCYL could not raise to claim its historical position of being the voice of the marginalised, writes the ANCYL member.


The recently staged media interview by the former chairman of the ANCYL in Nkangala reflects directly the incapacity to comprehend the real state of affairs within the Nkangala ANCYL.

The deliberate act to avoid honest reflection on the paralysis of the organisation has led to the ANCYL’s inabilities to truly be the champion of youth struggles.

Let’s conduct a brief lazy analysis of the ANCYL under the leadership of former chairman, comrade Mduduzi ‘Mswati’ Nkosi.

Comrade Mswati was elected at the Zithabeni conference after the regional executive committee was disbanded and, as a result – together with his leadership collective – they inherited highly demoralised and politically inactive branches.

Let’s look at a few pointers that will assist us to thoroughly assess his leadership.

1. Organisational Status.

1.1. Branches

– He presided over failed branches that never had programs and produced quality political work.

1.2 Sub-Regions

– Failed to set up sub-regional structures

1.3 REC

– The REC failed to develop a clear organisational and political work program to politicise, coordinate and lead struggles of young people.

2. State of Youth in Nkangala Region

– The youth in the region continue to be poor, unskilled, unemployed, hopeless and exposed to dangers of abuse, drugs and crime.

3. Programs

3.1 Education

– Dololo

3.2 Health

– Dololo

3.3 Economy

– Dololo

3.4 Crime

– Dololo

3.5 Women

– Dololo

3.6 Deployment

3.6.1 How many young people were developed under his leadership?

3.6.2 The key deployments were those of the regional chair and regional secretary. Other than that, Dololo.


The ANCYL as a critical body of critical thinking and radical politics, has a duty to capture the imagination of not the youth but society in general.

Under this leadership, the ANCYL could not raise to claim it’s historical position of being the voice of the marginalised.

The ANCYL was voluntarily placed under the control and pockets of old people.

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The very utterances of comrade Mswati is a clear indication that characterised the organisation under him. The organisation served him and his uncontrollable ambition for power and desperate acts of relevance.

Where is the political report of his term?

Where is the organisational report of his term?

Where is the Treasurer’s report of his term?


Your leadership failed us the young people of Nkangala with flying colours.

*Seema leads an ANCYL branch in KwaMhlanga.

‘Mswati didn’t lead Nkangala with flying colours’

Individual leaders are elected into collectives which should work as a unit, fulfilling their mandate as indicate to by the constitution. No single person is a leader unto himself, but a collective…

A response to Mswati’s “flying colours leadership” of the ANCYL in Nkangala.


The former Nkangala ANCYL chairman Mduduzi ‘Mswati’ Nkosi reportedly said he has led the region with “flying colours” and nobody else has done so previously.

The ANCYL in this region has held 6 conferences since the merger of the former Witbank and Western regions and has through the years being in the forefront of advancing the twin tasks of mobilizing young people behind the broader vision of the ANC.

None of those who led before the immediate past regional chairperson have declared leading the ANCYL with “flying colours” not because they were shy from doing so but because they understood the principle of collective leadership.

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Those who led before understood that leading this gallant youth movement is not by any chance entering a beauty contest nor serving in the structure to get high marks – flying colours.

The ANCYL that we once led taught us to be disciplined and take collective glory when we did well.

I remember long ago when the word “we” was infused in my political vocabulary.  We used “we” by referring to yourself or one or more other people considered together.

We acted as a collective – and no individual was better than the other.

The policy document of the ANC, the ‘Through the Eye of the Needle’, speaks on collective leadership and directs that “individual leaders are elected into collectives which should work as a unit, fulfilling their mandate as indicated to by the constitution”.

It further says: “No single person is a leader unto himself, but a collective which gives considered, canvassed guidance to the membership and society as a whole”.

The question that needs to be answered is which ANCYL has prepared him? Prepared to do what?

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*Madihlaba is a former regional executive committee member of the ANCYL in Nkangala.

Mswati: “I can stand as ANCYL provincial chair and win”

He says the ground is all that matters in politics.

Former Nkangala ANCYL leader Mduduzi ‘Mswati’ Nkosi also has his eyes set on the ball but for him its a definite win.

Mswati, whose name is punted amongst those who should lead the Mpumalanga ANCYL, spoke to 013NEWS this week and said all is fine in the contest.

Looks like the contest in September 2018 will be between Mswati and Trevor Nkosi who is also wanted by some quarters to lead the league. Trevor led the Gert Sibande region as its league chair and was elevated in July 2016 to become Mpumalanga ANCYL deputy chair.

Mswati said “even if one branch” nominates him he will definitely stand.

“I’m a leader who comes from the school of thoughts,” Mswati said.

“I have been prepared by the ANCYL and I have led the ANCYL in Nkangala with flying colours and there is no other leader who have led the region with flying colours like I did,” Mswati said on Tuesday.

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“If there is anybody who wants to contest let the world judge for itself that the region that I led was actually a provincial executive committee on its own in terms of the programs that we had, from defending to advancing interest of young people from local government to private sector. We have something that we achieved,” he said.

He said when he contests he doesn’t think anybody will win against him “ even if I’m nominated as provincial secretary”.

“I’m not scared of any candidate that might stand as provincial chair. Even the political body knows that if I stand no one can stand against me. Even if I stand as provincial secretary no one can dare stand because if anyone tries and stand, I just touch that person and he or she will fall,” he said.

Mswati said that the ANCYL he will lead should he get nominated will concentrate on the issue of land and make sure Nasrec resolutions are implemented.

He said President Cyril Ramaphosa will have to implement the resolutions, the ANCYL under him will demand.

“And support comrade Jacob Zuma as we always did since 2005 that he is innocent until proven guilty,” he said.

He added the only way to bring about real chance to the poor is through expropriation of land and that way people can be able to freely get themselves economically active.

But he cautioned that this is not about positions or himself but the interests of young people.

“It’s not about me, I’m not desperate to lead but if the time comes I won’t back down. I definitely won’t. I will avail myself even if I’m nominated by one branch because I know myself and that nobody can stand against me,” he said.

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