Customers urged to put pressure on mobile operators to cut data costs

South Africa is said to be the most expensive worldwide after Brazil.

MTN and Vodacom users have been urged to do something in order to put pressure on these operators to cut data costs.

Connection Telecom managing director David Meintjes said the only way data can be reduced is through protest.

Meintjes was speaking during the MyBroadband Cloud, Hosting, and Security Conference in Midrand (10 May).

Meintjes’ comment comes in light of the launch of the #DataMustFall campaign late last year which complained about the high prices South Africans pay to be online.

Customers urged to put pressure on mobile operators cut data costs

David Mentjies, Connection Telecoms

“And prices will only decline if we put pressure on them,” he said at the Gallagher estate, adding that regulators of these operators must also be pressurised.

Global System Mobile Association or GSMA predicted a 57% compound annual growth rate for mobile data usage between 2014 and 2019 – from 2.5 exabytes to 24.3 exabytes.

An exabyte is a unit of information equal to one billion gigabytes.

Therefore, in the next few years data service revenues will start to make up more than 50% of total mobile service profits.

Meintjes challenged the idea that data profits would increase because of decreasing voice revenues, saying voice profits are not going to decline significantly, and that mobile operators will continue to make more money unless prices decline.

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