Mpumalanga sexual offences down by 3.5%


Murder and robbery are on the increase in the latest Mpumalanga crime statistics.

Recorded incidents where a woman was molested has dropped in Mpumalanga, by 3.5%, latest crime statistics have shown.

Last year Mpumalanga recorded 3331 cases of rape but this has now decreased by a mere 3.5%.

Mpumalanga Safety and Security MEC Pat Ngomane this week released the provincial crime statistics during a press briefing at the Komati Lodge, outside Mbombela.

It showed murder in the province increased by 11.1%. Attempted murder shot up by 19.3% and robbery by 11.8%.

It also showed an increase in contact crime, by 2%, but a decrease in assaults, by 4.1%.

Ngomane said illegal possession of firearms is on the increase in the province as well as driving under the influence of alcohol.

“We also noticed that trio crimes such as car and truck hijacking, house and business robberies have contributed immensely to incidents of contact crimes. People get killed and others assaulted when these crimes take place,” Ngomane said on Monday morning.

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“With regards to business robberies, we always encourage businesspeople not to keep their money in the business premises as it attracts criminals,” he said.

“Recently there has been a surge in cash-in-transit robbery,” Ngomane said.

“We believe that the security companies will work together with the police to prevent these robberies and arrest the perpetrators,”  he said.

He said his department welcomed the establishment of the Sexual Offences Court by the Department of Justice.

“We believe and hope that more perpetrators will be brought to book and eventually these offended will be eradicated,” he said.

Ngomane came to the briefing with Mpumalanga police boss Lieutenant General Mondli Zuma, the head of the Safety and Security provincial department William Mthombothi, Provincial Commissioner, Police Forum Board chairman Kevin Pillay, cops, SANDF members, and home affairs and SARS authorities.

He said in the 2016/17 financial year they had been able to recover stolen vehicles to the value of over R14 million while also bringing the perpetrators to book.

Illegal goods to the tune of R27.4 million were confiscated in the 2016/17 financial year and over four thousand undocumented foreign nationals arrested and deported.

He also said rhino poachers and drug dealers were nabbed.

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‘Battle against crime can only be won if we all work together, side by side’

He addressed journalists at a lodge in Komatipoti on Monday morning.

The only possible way to fight and win the battle against crime is when communities and law enforcement agencies work together, the MEC has said.

Pat Ngomane spoke during a media briefing on Mpumalanga’s 2017 crime statistics at the Komati Lodge, outside Mbombela and said there was nothing to celebrate as levels have risen, especially in incidents where people in the province are concerned.

“It still remains a concern that during the financial year 2016/2017, the statistics indicated an increase of about 1,4 % of crimes reported,” the Safety and Security MEC said.

“These numbers, while they are somewhat scary, they all mean that police are doing their work and also community members are reporting crime.

“Communities can only report crime if they believe that the police have a capacity to solve these crime cases,” Ngomane said.

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Ngomane came to the briefing with Mpumalanga police boss Lieutenant General Mondli Zuma, the head of the Safety and Security provincial department William Mthombothi, Provincial Commissioner, Police Forum Board chairman Kevin Pillay, cops, SANDF members, and home affairs and SARS authorities.

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He told journalists that the crime stats press briefing at the Komati lodge was not just about crime statistics but about accountability to the victims of murder, rape, hijacking, robbery and other crimes.

“This is what matters the most,” he said.

“We must not see these statistics just as pure numbers, behind the numbers are real feelings, real lives, real hurt, real harm, real losses, deaths, feelings of unsafety. These statistics represent the memory of that gruesome rape or murder, the fearful home invasion and loss of property” – Police Minister Fikile Mbalula

Ngomane said they agree with police minister Fikile Mbalula who said behind the stats are real human beings and not just numbers “but the reality of much untold suffering that many families and individuals have gone through”.

“Although some categories have shown a decline in terms of numbers and percentages, the numbers remain fairly high,” he said.

“It means we still have a long way to go. It must be emphasised that the fight against crime remains not only the responsibility of government but community members as well. Crime can only be won when we all work together, side by side with our communities and our security agencies,” he said.

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Mondli Zuma: Those who use our roads for criminal deals ‘will be surprised’

The police provincial commander was commenting after the arrests of five suspects, transporting counterfeit goods.

Mpumalanga police commander Lieutenant-General Mondli Zuma has called on people dealing criminally on the roads to be aware as the cops were on the lookout for them.

Mondli spoke after the driver of a truck carrying hundreds of illegal sneakers was arrested on the N4.

“Those who think that our roads and country can just be used by criminal syndicates are up for a big surprise, we will ensure that no criminal activity is condoned either by our own residents or foreign nationals,” Zuma said.

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The tekkies – estimated to have a value of close to a R1 million – were being transported towards Gauteng.

Four more suspects driving a Golf 7 GTI were nailed by the White River Flying Squad and linked to the truck-driver.

Police spokesman Colonel Mtsholi Bhembe said the incident occurred on Wednesday morning this week.

“The White River Flying Squad found the truck to be carrying flour bags and was escorted to the police station to be searched where police found the 20 bags of illicit sneakers,” Bhembe said.

The occupants of the Golf GTI, two men and two women, who were linked to the truck-driver, will appear with him at the Mbombela Magistrates Court on charges of possession and dealing in counterfeit goods.

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Cellphone of top cop investigating Gijimani’s kidnapping case not working

The office of Mpumalanga police boss lieutenant-general Mondli Zuma promised they would look into the matter.

The cellphone of the detective assigned to investigate and find the four men who kidnapped and robbed JS Moroka mayor Gijimani Skhosana has been off since the cops issued a statement appealing to anyone with information to call them.

The police are investigating a case of kidnapping and house robbery after the incident on Wednesday night.

On Thursday morning, the office of provincial boss lieutenant-general Mondli Zuma pleaded with the community to come forward with any information that can lead to the arrest of the men, saying Zuma himself was “saddened by the barbaric attack”.

Lieutenant-colonel Dudu Poto is the detective assigned to the case.

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Police spokesman Sergeant Gerald Sedibe said he also tried to phone the number on Friday mid-day and was also greeted by a voice saying ‘the number you have dialled is not available’.

The number has been off since at least Thursday morning when the cops issued the statement asking the public to assist with information.

“There might be problems with network,” Sedibe said on late Friday.

“I have phoned the station and colleagues gave me the same number, it’s the correct number. I think it’s network. But we’ll look at it and try to provide an alternative one,” he said.

Skhosana sustained head injuries after the men hit him with a pistol and was rushed to a local clinic on the same Wednesday night, the cops said.

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He was coming from work after 9pm and when he was about to lock the gate, the four men emerged and attacked him.

Cops said they then forced him into the house where they took a plasma screen TV and returned to the car with him, forcing him inside before driving away with him.

He was abandoned in Kwaggafontein where he sought help from the local community members, who called the cops.

His car, a black Golf 6 GTI, was also abandoned in the same Kwaggafontein area, in Section A and both the TV and cellphone were not found.

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Nkangala ANC spokesman Sello Matshoga said the semi-suburb section D area of Siyabuswa is “crime infested”.

“According to a police report there has been an increase in the number of house robberies that have taken place in that area,” he said.

“We just hope that they will be arrested soon because the police said they left a lot of finger-prints on the car,” added Matshoga.

  • Now the alternative number is 082-065-1366 and that is Captain Andries Makinta.

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Kidnapping of Gijimani raises eyebrows

A high-ranking police investigator has been allocated the case of the kidnapping drama of Dr JS Moroka mayor Gijimani Skhosana.

The female detective, a lieutenant-colonel, will investigate the four men who kidnapped and robbed JS Moroka mayor Gijimani Skhosana and dumped him in Kwaggafontein, running away with his black Golf 6 GTI.

The kidnappers then drove few kilometres before abandoning the mayor’s car in the same Kwaggafontein area, in Section A.

Mpumalanga police boss lieutenant-general Mondli Zuma late on Thursday morning issued a statement and asked anybody with information to please call detective lieutenant-colonel Dudu Poto, saying his office will make sure that those who “trample on other people’s basic rights” will have to face the full might of the law.

The incident happened on Wednesday night – after 9pm – and 5 months after Skhosana’s persona assistant Nicholas Peu was shot dead.

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“Once again we are making an earnest appeal to the community to cooperate with the police in creating a safe and secure environment,” Zuma said in a statement.

Two sources in the provincial executive committee of the ANC in the Mpumalanga province told 013NEWS on Thursday afternoon that both the police provincial boss and Premier David Mabuza were made aware about the incident of Skhosana’s kidnapping on Wednesday night, at around 10pm, by Nkangala regional chairman Speedy Mashilo.

Kidnapping of Gijimani raises eyebrows

INCUMBENT: ANC Nkangala chairman Speedy Mashilo. ©MfisoDIGITAL/ZK.

Police spokesman Brigadier Leonard Hlathi said the four men were waiting outside Skhosana’s house in Siyabuswa’s Section D for him to arrive from work and when he got off his car to lock the gate, the men attacked  him.

“The miscreants allegedly threatened him with a firearm, forced him into the house and took a plasma screen TV.

“They then shoved him into his car and drove away with him,” Hlathi said, adding that detective lieutenant-colonel Dudu Poto was investigating a case of kidnapping and house robbery.

Skhosana’s spokeswoman Ramatsetse Masabata didn’t respond to texts on Thursday morning but a source in the JS Moroka municipality said when Skhosana was being taken by force his wife was there at home “and we heard she told neighbours about it”.

At least four of six ANC members across the Nkangala region who spoke to the 013NEWS reporter over the phone  said they believed Skhosana’s kidnapping was politically motivated as Skhosana was gaining support “in the 11th hour” ahead of the regional congress but two of the four said they didn’t understand how.

“We can’t say he stage-managed his own kidnapping seeing the injury he sustained in the head, also we can’t say it was the work of the other faction because they would have killed him outright. We will know later as investigations are still on,” said one of them on Thursday morning.

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013NEWS has established that Skhosana is tipped to be Mashilo’s deputy when the region maintains the ‘status quo’ at its elective congress in few weeks to come.

It is understood that Mabuza has instructed regions to collapse all factions and forge consensus on leadership that is to be elected at the upcoming regional elective congresses which will take place in April.

However Skhosana is being lobbied by another faction opposed to Mashilo’s bid for a third term to emerge as the region’s chairman.

The faction says they believe Skhosana’s taking over from Mashilo will “re-energise and radicalise” the ANC in the region because he is young but it is unclear whether his election for the Nkangala’s number one post will be favourable to Mabuza who wants to emerge as the ANC’s deputy president on a slate that wants Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma as president because Skhosana is seen to be having the backing of the SACP.

The SACP is opposed to Dlamini-Zuma and Mabuza ascending to the highest ANC offices and will rather follow Cosatu in its preference of current deputy president Cyril Ramaphosa.

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