Malema takes aim at Mabuza during eMalahleni rally

He came to the province in order to remind supporters to vote for his party.

EFF national leader Julius Malema used his party’s election campaign to rip into ANC deputy president DD Mabuza, accusing him of being the most corrupt leader who deserves jail.

Malema said the EFF, once it wins after 8 May 2019, will make sure that the man goes to jail including former and current leaders Jacob Zuma and Cyril Ramaphosa.

He said both Mabuza and Zuma would be arrested by the EFF government for corruption, while Ramaphosa would account for the deaths of Marikana workers.

“Mpumalanga the home of corruption will be turned into the home of hope for the hopeless masses of our people,” Malema said at the Sy Mthimunye stadium in Ackerville, eMalahleni Saturday (23 Mar).

“DD Mabuza for a long time was stealing money in this province for himself and money which was supposed to develop the nation. We will arrest DD and send him to prison. But before we arrest DD we will start with Jacob Zuma. He must rot in jail. He is the father of corruption,” he said to applause.

Malema takes aim at Mabuza during eMalahleni rally

EFF leader Julius Malema addressing at the Sy Mthimunye stadium in Ackerville, eMalahleni Saturday

“Following Zuma to prison will be Cyril Ramaphosa for killing 34 mineworkers of Marikana. Their spirit is not resting,” Malema said.

He said the spirit of the killed workers was “still not resting” and as EFF they want them to “rest in perfect peace”.

“They will never rest in perfect peace as long as Cyril Ramaphosa is still free. The third one will be DD Mabuza for stealing the money of Mpumalanga.

“He must thank the Constitutional Court because we wanted them to arrest him for smoking those greener arrangement but now that thing is legal, so we will drop that charge but the charge of corruption of DD Mabuza is not a charge we can drop. These people have been looting this province. If you not a friend of DD Mabuza you will never work in Mpumalanga government,” Malema said to deafening applause.

Malema takes aim at Mabuza during eMalahleni rally

EFF members chant and sing during the rally in Kwa-Guqa, eMalahleni

Malema had quite a busy schedule the past weekend. He had to rush to the eMalahleni area after addressing a rally in Limpopo the same Saturday.

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Malema then went to Northern Cape and then KZN where he addressed other rallies on Sunday.

Malema said people who were not friends of Mabuza in Mpumalanga were not given tenders, even small work such as supplying toilet paper “DD wants for himself and his friends, nothing for the people”.

“That must come to an end. We must make sure we restore the dignity of the people of eMalahleni,” Malema said, “because when you drive here in eMalahleni it’s potholes all over. We want that to come to an end because these people have been stealing”.

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Malema also spoke about the electricity crisis in the eMalahleni area as well as corruption in housing and ” hijacking of the forums in the mines”.

On the land issue, Malema told the scores of EFF supporters that it was only when black people “take” the land that they would have “confidence in themselves like white people”.

“You see a white man with no matric but talking like he’s got a PHD because his confidence comes from ownership of the land, and nothing else, so we want our people to be owners of land,” said Malema.

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EXCLUSIVE: Malema suspends Mpumalanga secretary

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) have this week brought a charge of misconduct against the provincial secretary of the party in Mpumalanga and have suspended him from all party duties.

The party’s Commander-in-Chief Julius Malema formally charged Alfred Skhosana this week, summoning him to appear before the partys national disciplinary committee in two weeks’ time.

Malema summons Skhosana to the party’s headquarters in Braamfontein, Gauteng in order to answer why from 15 June to 30 August 2016 he failed to pay the 15% party levy to national treasurer Magdalene Moonsamy and according to the charge sheet, that 013NEWS has seen and which was sent to him on Monday morning and signed by national prosecutor Linda Mabengwane, Skhosana is charged with violating partyrules and regulations, including “undermining and disobeying decisions of higher structures and officials”.

Alfred Skhosana taking his oath of office. FILE PICTURE BY  Mpumalanga News

Alfred Skhosana taking his oath of office. FILE PICTURE BY Mpumalanga News


The charge sheet reads: “Please take note that the above stated disciplinary hearing will be heard on 12 September 2016 at 2nd floor, Minerella Building, 78 De Korte street at 10: 00 am or as soon as the matter may be heard”.

It states: “You on or about 15 June 2016 have directly or indirectly and tacitly defied an instruction from the organisation that you pay the party levy, which could amount to the contravention of your membership declaration”.

The charge sheet further demands that Skhosana indicates in writing whether he is guilty or not and that he should make a complete and detailed statement to chairman of the national disciplinary committee, Adv Dali Mpofu, with his version of the incident and any facts that he wishes to be taken into consideration by the disciplinary committee.

Skhosana is a member of the EFF in the Mpumalanga legislature and according to internal EFF rules, all members serving the party in Parliament and legislatures are bound to pay 15% of their monthly salary to national treasurer Moonsamy. The same rule is applied at 50% to the party’s newly elected councillors across the country.

But earlier, a source in the party’s provincial command team told an 013NEWS reporter that Skhosana has actually been suspended by the party at a meeting held on 28 August, pending the disciplinary hearing and his duties have been taken over by provincial deputy secretary, Ntsako Mkhabela.

“He has been summarily suspended by the provincial commandteam during a special sitting on Sunday for not paying the party levy for several months and the amount owed is in the region of about R50 000. He is waiting for the date of disciplinary hearing as we speak,” the source said on Tuesday afternoon.

Another party document seen by 013NEWS confirms the resolution taken by the partys provincial command team to suspend Skhosana with immediate effect pending a disciplinary hearing.

But last night the spokesman and chairman of the party in the province, Collen Sedibe, said those who say Skhosana was suspended “maybe were confusing the notification letters issued to all councillors to pay the party levy by tomorrow”.

“All over the country, not just in Mpumalanga. They have just been given letters, until Wednesday to pay, not suspended. It’s not true he misappropriated funds, how can he misappropriate funds because funds are managed nationally?” Sedibe asked.









Sedibe denied that Skhosana had been formally charged with violating party rules on the monthly levy, Sedibe said: “I didn’t see that. I will have to enquire about it. I only know of letters sent out to newly elected councillors across the country and the due dates of payment and intentions to suspend them if they don’t pay the party levy.

EFF secretary general, Godrich Gardee, this week issued correspondence to all provinces singling out the individual councillors whose debit orders had bounced for the 50% party levy that has been imposed on all new councillors who assumed office after the 3 August election.

Councillors have received their salaries but our debit order system did not find sufficient funds amounting to the 50% party levyYou are requested to inform them that if the money is not deposited by 12 noon (2nd September 2016)..they are deemed to have expelled themselves from the Council and organisational Disciplinary Processes will follow together with list replacement no later than 3pm Friday, the letter read.

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