Suspect in case of murdered Mhluzi woman to appear in court

A body of a tortured and murdered woman that was found yesterday morning has led to a violent protest in the township of Mhluzi.

The residents of Mhluzi sparked a violent protest last night, where they attacked foreign shop owners, suspecting that they had something to do with the murder of the unknown woman.

Mpumalanga police say they are escorting foreign nationals out of the town, after their shops were robbed during violent protests.

Looted foreign shop during the protest. PIC NEWS24

The body of the unknown woman was found with a plastic bag wrapped over her head while the rest of her body was wrapped with a blanket‚ SAPS spokesman Brigadier Leonard Hlathi said.

“Police further discovered that she may have been burnt with a hot plate and stabbed or cut with sharp objects on the body. A post-mortem will be conducted to determine the cause of death‚” Hlathi added.

The body was discovered by a by-passer on Wednesday morning.

“So far the reason for the murder is unknown yet but preliminary investigations suggest that the victim was killed at a different place‚ then dragged and dumped where she was found‚” Hlathi said.

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It is reported that the victim was declared dead by paramedics who were called to the scene and a case of murder was opened. Police officers then began an investigation followingpossible clues‚ which led them to Pretoria in Gauteng‚ where they arrested a suspect.

The suspect is a 26-year-old man. His identity and how he was linked to the victim has not yet been disclosed.

The suspect is expected to make an appearance in the Middelburg Magistrate’s Court tomorrow (19 Oct 2018).

“So far the victim is still not yet identified and police urge anyone who might have lost a family member‚ a woman in her late twenties‚ to come forth‚” Hlathi said.

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Mhluzi cops looking for two men who kidnapped girl

The young woman never returned home after she went out to look for her younger sister.

The police in Mhluzi are looking for two men who kidnapped a 17-year-old girl Sunday (07 Oct) this week.

Cops say she was fetching her younger sister but never returned home.

“The matter was reported to the police wherein a missing persons inquiry was then registered and a search instituted through the assistance of the family,” police spokesman Sergeant Geraldine Sedibe said Thursday this week, adding that the girl was found on Tuesday, 09 October 2018, at Extension 08 in Mhluzi after a thorough search.

“Information at police disposal reveal that the victim was allegedly kidnapped by the suspects who held her captive for two days,” Sedibe said.

The Middelburg cops are investigating a case of kidnapping and asking anybody with information to call  072 216 7505 or 08600 10111.

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Mbombela man shot, killed while watching TV

The incident happened at around 10 at night.

A 51-year-old man was murdered while watching TV in his Mbombela home, police have said.

Spokesman Colonel Mtsholi Bhembe said the man died this week Tuesday night after three suspects entered the home, shooting and killing him.

He said the victim whose name is not yet disclosed “was in the sitting room watching TV when the trio stormed in”.

“A fight ensued between the victim and the suspects resulting in shots being fired,” Bhembe said.

He said he was shot in the upper body “and was later certified dead at the scene by paramedics”.

“His wife came out from the bedroom and discovered that her husband was lying in a pool of blood and then called for help.

“Security guards arrived shortly thereafter and discovered that the suspects had already fled the scene,” he said.

He added a TV set that had been stolen from the house was discovered in nearby bushes, saying they were now investigating a murder and house robbery and have launched a manhunt for the suspects, however, no one had been arrested as yet.

Anyone with information that could lead to the arrest of the three men should call the cops on 082 318 9843.

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Breyten mom finds throats of kids cut off

Their throats were cut with a sharp object – both a knife and a hammer were found next to their lifeless bodies.

The police in Mpumalanga have called on members of communities to come out and ask for help when faced with domestic hardships after a mom found her man had cut off the throats of their three kids.

The children, one aged 3, the other 6 and 11, were found dead in their home in the Breyten township of Phosa on Monday this week after the man went to fetch them from school early.

After butchering the children, the man then tried to commit suicide by throwing himself under a moving train.

Brigadier Leonard Hlathi said he got seriously injured and was under police guard in hospital.

“A preliminary investigation suggested that the children were murdered in a senseless manner in which their throats were slit. Police were called to the scene after the mother of the children who was at work found the shocking scene on her return,” Hlathi said.

“The sequence of events suggested that the father collected the children from school and allegedly murdered them. He then texted a message to the mother informing her that he had murdered the children and was going to end his life,” Hlathi said.

He said afterwards the news of a man who had thrown himself under a moving train broke out and was discovered that it was the same man who sent the sms to the woman.

“The police in Mpumalanga are calling on community members to seek professional help when experiencing hardships,” Hlathi said.

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Mondli Zuma: Those who use our roads for criminal deals ‘will be surprised’

The police provincial commander was commenting after the arrests of five suspects, transporting counterfeit goods.

Mpumalanga police commander Lieutenant-General Mondli Zuma has called on people dealing criminally on the roads to be aware as the cops were on the lookout for them.

Mondli spoke after the driver of a truck carrying hundreds of illegal sneakers was arrested on the N4.

“Those who think that our roads and country can just be used by criminal syndicates are up for a big surprise, we will ensure that no criminal activity is condoned either by our own residents or foreign nationals,” Zuma said.

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The tekkies – estimated to have a value of close to a R1 million – were being transported towards Gauteng.

Four more suspects driving a Golf 7 GTI were nailed by the White River Flying Squad and linked to the truck-driver.

Police spokesman Colonel Mtsholi Bhembe said the incident occurred on Wednesday morning this week.

“The White River Flying Squad found the truck to be carrying flour bags and was escorted to the police station to be searched where police found the 20 bags of illicit sneakers,” Bhembe said.

The occupants of the Golf GTI, two men and two women, who were linked to the truck-driver, will appear with him at the Mbombela Magistrates Court on charges of possession and dealing in counterfeit goods.

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