Sasekani Manzini tipped to replace DD Mabuza

She rose to become provincial executive committee member after spending time in ANCYL provincial leadership.

Mpumalanga ANC spokeswoman Sasekani Manzini will probably be the next chair of the ANC in the Mpumalanga province come 2018.

With others believing that Pat Ngomane, Speedy Mashilo or Muzi Chirwa will take the baton of leading the party, new information has come to place Manzini as the next chairperson of the ANC Mpumalanga.

This paper understands that Manzini is needed by some quarters of ANC leaders to take over from DD Mabuza when a special congress sits.

“There was a caucus on Friday after we came back from conference,” a source told 013NEWS on Monday, “and it was agreed that comrade Sasekani should be it,” the highly-placed source who is always seen nearby Mabuza in ANC gatherings told the reporter.

“We deliberated that with her capabilities she should become the chair,” the source said over the phone.

“You can expect her,” the source said. “Don’t quote me in your newspaper, I’m merely telling you what is currently being discussed”.

Sasekani Manzini tipped to replace DD Mabuza

Newly elected ANC deputy president and outgoing Mpumalanga chairman David Dabede Mabuza.

This may see Mpumalanga for the first time being led by a female leader.

Manzini rose to become the provincial secretary of the ANCYL following its dissolution after controversial national leader Julius Malema was expelled in 2012, serving with now ANCYL deputy president Desmond Moela who then emerged as provincial league chair.

Mabuza, a powerful leader of the ANC in the province, was elected on 18 December 2017 at the Nasrec Expo Centre, Soweto to become the next Deputy President of the ANC.

He was elected to deputise Cyril Ramaphosa who became the 14th President of the ANC on that day.

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Asked last night whether she knows of plans for her to replace Mabuza, Manzini said a special provincial congress early in 2018 is the one that will determine who becomes the next chair of the ANC in Mpumalanga.

“You see, you saying things I don’t know. What caucus?” she said over the phone.

“Wait for the special congress for the ANC to elect a chairperson, not this thing you are saying,” Manzini said.

“I don’t know what you are saying. Honestly. The ANC doesn’t work like that and for your rumours I must tell you honestly that that’s not how the ANC operates. It’s not. We don’t work on rumours and those things you are saying. The ANC will convene a provincial general council and decide who should lead it in the province, leave your rumours,” she said.

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