Man confessed to cutting off Gabisile’s head for muti

He remains in custody until his bail application is heard on 6 March 2018.

The man arrested for the murder of an albino girl and a 1-year-old baby confessed to police to beheading the body, this paper has learnt.

Sources who are privy to investigations said Thokozani Msibi who this week Tuesday made an appearance at the eMalahleni Magistrates Court in connection with the murder of 13-year-old Gabisile Shabane and Nkosikhona Ngwenya told cops where he had buried the remains of the albino girl and dumped the other baby.

Msibi, who is a traditional healer himself, then took cops to his operation room in the eMalahleni area where he took out the head of the child from a yellow bucket, already being used for muti, police sources said.

Man confessed to cutting Gabisile's head for muti

Msibi showing cops the head.

The killing of the girl has sent shock waves across the province – making national news and angering the entire community of eMalahleni.

On Tuesday this week outside the Down Town court police had to fire rubber bullets to control angry residents who were waiting at the exit of the court and demanding they hand Msibi over to them so that they kill him.

Man confessed to cutting Gabisile's head for muti

Angry residents protest outside court.

Angry residents retaliated, throwing stones and other objects at cops, saying cops were unfair in shooting them and not letting out the “devil” for them to kill.

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Man confessed to cutting Gabisile's head for muti

Accused: Thokozani Msibi.

Msibi (32) was arrested on Tuesday night last week ( 20 Feb) and led cops to the areas where he had allegedly buried Gabisile’s mutilated body and dumped Nkosikhona’s.

Police sources say Nkosikhona, whose body had not been cut of any part, was just found dumped but Gabisile’s badly mutilated and body had been buried in a shallow grave near the highway towards Tshwane.

Three other suspects have now been arrested in connection with the murder and are believed to have been part of a group of gunmen who came to Gabisile’s home in the Hlalanikahle township of Kwa-Guqa on the Sunday night of 28 January 2018, kidnapping them at gun-point while they were asleep with their moms.

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The men had apparently mistaken Nkosikhona for another baby living in the same house who also has albinism.

Nkosikhona was Gabisile’s nephew and police sources have described how inside Msibi’s operation room they found buckets full of muti, substances and other things that appeared to be body parts.

Msibi will return to court on 6 March 2018.

The three will join him and all men face charges of murder and two counts of kidnapping.

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Mashilo wants meeting with sangomas after cruel murder of Witbank children

Government and ANC leaders met the family on Saturday.

Nkangala ANC leader Speedy Mashilo wants “a special meeting” with traditional healers after two children were kidnapped and killed, possibly for their body parts, to be used for muti.

Mashilo formed part of government and ANC leaders who came to the Shabane family on Saturday morning to mourn the death of Gabisile Shabane (13) and 1-year-old Nkosikhona Ngwenya.

“We need a special meeting with traditional healers,” Mashilo told the family.

“All traditional healers,” he said.

“Because the traditional healers are the people that we must talk to. A big meeting with them,” Mashilo said.

He told the family that as ANC they do not believe that what happened there “was planned by God”.

“That is for pastors. We in the ANC believe there is criminal activity here. That’s all. And we will lead and show we can solve these social ills,” he said.

MEC of Safety and Security Pat Ngomane as well as Mpumalanga police boss Lieutenant-General Mondli Zuma also visited to the bereaved family in the Kwa-Guqa section of Hlalanikahle in eMalahleni.

Ngomane promised the cops will do everything in their power to bring to book all those involved in the murder of the children.

He said as the Safety and Security department they will be very close to the family to assist the process of laying the two kids to rest.

“What happened to this family can happen to anybody,” Ngomane said.

Gabisile, who lived with albinism, and Nkosikhona were kidnapped on the Sunday night of 28 January 2018 while they were asleep with their moms.

Three unknown men broke the dinning room window, pointing a gun at the parents of the children before disappearing with them.

They were found dead a week ago on the N4 towards Tshwane and one man, a 31-year-old Thokozani Msibi, arrested.

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Ntshalintshali hails cops who nailed suspected killer of Gabisile

He was arrested on Tuesday night this week and made a brief appearance.

eMalahleni mayor Lindiwe Ntshalintshali has commended the cops who nailed the man suspected of kidnapping and killing 13-year-old Gabisile Shabane and 1-year-old Nkosikhona Ngwenya.

The decomposed bodies of the two kids were found on the N4 towards Tshwane following their kidnapping on the Sunday night of 28 January 2018 while they were asleep with their moms at their home of Hlalanikahle township, Kwa-Guqa.

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“The police officers deserve kudos,” Ntshalintshali said.

“The police officers who worked under tremendous pressure, and for long hours searching for the three suspects, have restored the community’s trust and confidence in the police system,” she said on Thursday.

“The arrest, while it will not bring back the two children, will go a long way to ease the pain of the family and the community.

Gabisile Shabane.

“At least we now know who was behind the dreadful deed that was meted out at the two children,” the mayor said.

'Gabisile had only started secondary school' - principal

Nkosikhona Ngwenya.

She said they hope the courts will “speed up the wheels of justice”.

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Police spokesman Bridagier Leonard Hlathi said investigations are continuing as they believe the suspect, 32-year-old Thokozani Msibi, did not do ” the evil act alone”.

He said the decomposed bodies will undergo DNA test to determine whether they truly are those of the kids.

Mpumalanga police boss Lieutenant-General Mondli Zuma thanked the community members who assisted the cops with information, leading to the arrest of Msibi and the discover of the bodies.

The children were sleeping with their moms on the night when unknown men broke the dining room window, pointing a gun at their parents and disappearing with them into the night.

Msibi will be back at the eMalahleni Magistrates Court on 26 February 2018 for a formal bail application.

Ntshalintshali said: “This time we expect the wheels of justice to turn fast and to grind effectively”.

She called on community members who have been hurt and disgusted by the murders of the kids to exercise “maximum restraint” and allow law enforcement as well as the judiciary space to execute their duties without interference.

“God answered our prayers by giving police the necessary wisdom to crack this case and we hope that the judiciary will apply justice,” she said.

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Help police find one of Gabisile Shabane’s kidnappers

The 13-year-old girl was kidnapped while asleep with her mom on 28 January 2018.

The Mpumalanga police have released the identikit of the face of one of the men who came to the house of a 50-year-old mom in eMalahleni and took her daughter at gunpoint.

Another one, a 15-month-old, was also taken and their parents are crying over their safety.

Police experts interviewed the mother and she described to them how one of the three men who broke into her Hlalanikahle home on the night, pointing a gun at her and vanishing with her daughter but not before taking another one in the same house, looks.

Help police find one of Gabisile Shabane's kidnappers

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Police launch search for kidnapped 13-year-old Gabisile Shabane

Kidnapped – Gabisile Shabane.


Nkosikhona Ngwenya

Cops believe the ID kit will assist in the speedy finding of the men and perhaps the children may still be alive wherever they are.

Anyone with information should call the cops on 082 372 2195, 082 600 8532, 073 995 7655 or 08600 10 111.

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BREAKING: Witbank mom cries over safety of kidnapped daughter (13)

The police in Vosman have opened a case.

A 50-year-old eMalahleni mom is worried sick and crying about the safety of her daughter who was kidnapped on Monday night this week.

Annah Shabane said her daughter was taken by force from her during the mid-hours of Monday night while they were sleeping.

Her name is Gabisile Shabane, a Grade 8 pupil at the Leonard Ntshuntshe Secondary School in the eMalahleni area of Kwa-Guqa.

It’s understood the three men forced entry by breaking a window. When they were inside, they pointed a gun at the mom, before escaping with Gabisile and another child, a 1-year-old, belonging to another woman living in another room.

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It is believed the men had intended to kidnap both Gabisile and her younger brother – who are both albinos – but instead kidnapped another baby as it was dark and they couldnt see.

The family lives in the Hlalanikahle township of Kwa-Guqa, west of eMalahleni.

Anyone with information should call the cops on 08600 10 111.

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