Premier Refilwe Mtshweni-Tsipane dumps ex-Mabuza spokesman for SABC newswoman

The appointment apparently happened a week ago or this week.

Mpumalanga Premier Refilwe Mtshweni-Tsipane has considered SABC newswoman Sibongile Mkani-Mpolweni for the job of the person who must speak for her ahead of her 5-year term as the province’s first citizen.

Mkani-Mpolweni will now represent the face of what ought to be a new leader as Mtshweni-Tsipane becomes the new leader of the Mpumalanga government and flexes her muscles in the process.

Zibonele Mncwango, the man who has been speaking for Mtshweni-Tsipane since last year February and who did most of ex-Premier DD Mabuza’s public relations work since 2012, told the 013NEWS reporter late Wednesday evening that the “appointment of a spokesperson is political appointment”.

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Mncwango meant that the political leader of a government has the right to choose who must represent him or her during their elected term.

This includes advisors and bodyguards – who are preferred by the elected premier as a woman in charge of the provincial state machinery.

It is said that both Mtshweni-Tsipane and Mkani-Mpolweni will formally meet on Thursday morning this week (6 June) at her office inside the Riverside government complex.

Mncwango said he will remain in Mtshweni-Tsipane’s office “as part of communication”.

Mkani-Mpolweni confirmed the powerful Mpumalanga woman appointed her as spokeswoman.

“Yes I can confirm that I have been appointed, today I had a meet and greet with staff members in the office. It’s only tomorrow when I will meet my principal and from there I will be able to give interviews on my appointment, ” she said Wednesday night.

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Moela’s ‘incubation’ programme is good but “about youth without youth”

An event aimed at bringing on board mining bosses to help the youth also become miners was convened a week ago.

Mpumalanga youth manager in Premier Refilwe Mtshwen’s Office, Desmond Moela’s ‘incubation’ programme is good only that it is about the youth but without them, the South African Youth Council (SAYC) has said.

They will now write to Premier Refilwe Mtshweni and “register” their “dissatisfaction”.

Last week Moela, who is also the ANCYL’s deputy president, convened an event aimed at bringing on board mining bosses to come groom the youth of Nkangala about the mining business.

Called ‘Future Miners Incubation Programme”, the event was actually going to be launched at the Ridge in eMalahleni on 19 February 2019.

It could not continue because of disagreements but now the Nkangala SAYC believes the programme was good only that “it was meant to be in the dark”.

“If it was not meant to be in the dark why didn’t they invite SAYC in the region because SAYC is a formation of all youth structures in the region?” the council’s regional secretary Pascaline Mazibuko said this week.

“Okay, let’s leave that [they didn’t invite us aside], why would a programme meant to empower poor young people be held at the Ridge? Why not here in the township halls or school?” she asked.

Moela's 'incubation' programme is good but "about youth without youth"

“It was meant to be in the dark and they would then use it to empower themselves. At SAYC we have the database of the poor young people who have the companies that should be incubated by the big mining companies for mining skills and you do not invite us, what do you call that? Who exactly do you convene the event for? See, that’s why I say it was about us without us and meant to be in the dark,” she said.

Moela didn’t answer his phone on Tuesday.

The programme wants to create future miners by getting mining giants together with small businesses owned by youth from previously disadvantaged communities.

The poster said its aim was to “introduce” it and then “carry out a consultative session on the opportunities available for the execution of the Future Miners programme”.

“It is further to encourage youth economic participation in the mining sector,” it reads.

It was then supposed to occur in an “open way”, Mazibuko said.

She added they will now “register” a “dissatisfaction” with Mtshweni’s Office about the event “because we want them to re-convene it but in the proper and open way”.

“It’s a good programme but we are seriously opposed to arrogance,” she said.

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PRET hauls Kusile bosses before DD Mabuza

Power station managers agree to meet PRET leaders at the Premier’s office.

The Practical Radical Economic Transformation (PRET) wants Kusile power station managers to appear before Premier David Mabuza to explain job creation.

Secretary Sunday Mathebula said Kusile power stations had agreed to employ 10 000 young people and they will make this commitment during a meeting in Mabuza’s office a week to come.

This week both Themba Sgudla, who is the group’s president, and Mathebula led a march to the Kusile power station in Delmas, demanding that 16 000 people be employed by the Eskom power station and that hundreds of companies owned by Mpumalanga youths be given tenders there.

The march – called ‘Massive Stay Away’ – was organised to start at the Kusile power station on Monday (20 Nov) and then on Tuesday go to Duvha power station but then the Duvha leg could not happen because Sgudla and other PRET members got arrested during the Monday one at Kusile, spending the night at the Ogies police station.

In a reply to the group, Kusile agrees to meet Sgudla and Mathebula at Mabuza’s office in Riverside, Mbombela next week Wednesday (29 Nov).

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It apologised for a miscommunication that the meeting at Mabuza’s office would be this week Wednesday (22 Nov).

“We note the correspondence from PRET about the meeting at the Premier’s office in Mbombela tomorrow Wednesday 22 November at 3pm. Without hesitation we offer our sincere apologies in advance for a possible miscommunication about the Wednesday meeting,” the company wrote in an e-mail to Mathebula’s PA on Tuesday.

“We have been of the understanding that the meeting at the Premier’s office was for next week Wednesday 29 November. This date affords us sufficient time to provide feedback to the Group Chief Executive about the proceedings of 20th November [meeting] at Kusile and the agreed next steps with the leadership of PRET. Furthermore, it also affords us the opportunity to engage all the Implementers of the programme (e.g. power station managers) and create the required alignment,” the company said.

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Mabuza showers Cleopas Maunye with special advisor job

His latest greener pastures comes after he quit as a member of the Bushbuckridge Resident Association.

Ex-BRA MPL Cleopas Maunye has been given a high-paying job in Premier David Mabuza’s office.

Maunye will now be the special advisor to DD Mabuza, earning more than R70 000 a month.

An appointment letter leaked on Facebook shows Maunye was appointed on 2 May 2017.

Addressed to Maunye and titled, ‘Appointment as special advisor to the Premier: Yourself,’ the letter reads: “I have the pleasure to notify you of your appointment to the post of Special Advisor to the Premier: Mpumalanga province”.

Maunye defected from the Bushbuckridge Resident Association to the ANC on 2 April 2017 after a brawl with its leadership.

Maunye, who was a member of the Mpumalanga legislature, had been accused of selling out to the ANC after it emerged to its leaders that he was holding secret talks with ANC leaders to help dissolve BRA.

His party suspended him as secretary and recalled him from the legislature with effect from the last day of March 2017 but then Maunye jumped ship on 2 April.

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When asked whether he had now been appointed to advise DD, Maunye could neither confirm nor deny it, saying ‘the right time’ will come when such will be announced.

“In the right time, the office of the Premier will announce it if there’s such, I can’t say anything,” he told the 013NEWS on Thursday night.

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Mpumalanga to establish metros

The Mpumalanga province could have a metro…

This was proposed during a two-day meeting to Premier David Mabuza – the Premier’s Coordinating Forum meeting in Mbombela last week.

DD Mabuza’s spokesman, Zibonele Mncwango, said the proposal was made for the province to consider having at least two metros.

He said the first metropolitan municipality would be a combination of eMalahleni, Steve Tshwete, Victor Khanye and Emakhazeni.

He said the other metro would be “the consolidation of the city of Mbombela and Nkomazi municipalities” and that according to the proposal “another consolidation will be explored around Govan Mbeki as the neighbouring municipality [of eMalahleni municipality]”.

“This will eliminate unguided settlement growths – informal  settlements resulting in rising costs of eradicating informal settlements, proper resettlement of communities, and the provision of basic services,” Mncwango added.

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