Residents demand water or “else tyres will burn”

They brought their demands to the municipal offices this week.

Tekwane North residents have threatened the Mbombela municipality with closing roads with burning tyres should they not meet their demands for water.

The residents say they are tired of empty promises from officials.

Lowvelder reports placard-wielding protesters were outside the municipality, demanding to see government connecting water supply to Tekwane North’s Joe Slovo section.

“We want water and it is high time that they provide it to us,” the residents say.

“They promised they would start supplying water after we were marching two weeks ago but to our surprise we do not see any action,” protest leader Calson Msimangu reportedly said.

“They showed us some papers saying it is proof but we have come to realise that those papers are just a plan,” he said.

Joseph Ngala of the municipality didn’t answer his phone on Wednesday afternoon.

(edited by ZK)

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