Speedy reacts to reports he supports CR17

He says he is shocked that those who are campaigning for CR17 are now using his name to confuse and create problems in the region.

Nkangala ANC chairman Speedy Mashilo has reacted to weekend reports that he is someone who supports Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa for the ANC presidency.

An emotional Mashilo spoke to 013NEWS on Monday afternoon.

He said he saw the TimesLive report on Monday mid-day and was shocked that those “who want to campaign for a particular view” are dragging his name in the mud.

“That’s utter nonsense,” he said of the report.

“Literally nonsense,” Mashilo said.

He said this was a “direct campaign for CR17 at my expense. Where do they get this thing that I support CR17? Why didn’t they phone and ask me for comment?” Mashilo said.

The TimesLive reported on Sunday that some quarters of ANC branches in the region are angry that Mashilo lives in Gauteng while serving in Mpumalanga and were calling for an early conference for him to be removed as the chairman of the ANC in the Mpumalanga region of Nkangala.

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Mashilo was re-elected four months ago as the leader of Mpumalanga’s economic hub.

The paper quotes an ANC branch leader who says Mashilo is secretly a CR17 supporter and is part of a cabal destabilising the region to boost support for CR17. It adds he has ambition of being Mpumalanga Premier should Ramaphosa win in December.

The paper said the ANC provincial executive committee is due to meet this week where the removal of Mashilo as chairman of the ANC in Nkangala will be discussed.

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ANC provincial spokeswoman Sasekani Manzini said they know nothing about a PEC meeting to sit and discuss stripping Mashilo off his chairmanship.

In an sms reply to questions, she wrote: ‘”We know nothing about this thing”.

Mashilo said he was speaking to his legal team for advice to take the TimesLive to the Press Ombudsman for “distorting my name” and not calling him for comment.

“Utter nonsense! Nonsense,” Mashilo repeatedly said.

“They can’t just campaign for CR17 using my name. I’m very angry they must know,” he said.

He said as a chair of the region he presided over a regional executive committee meeting that resolved to support unity and didn’t know where those who were saying he supports CR17 got that from.

He labelled the branch leader quoted in the report as “demagogues campaigning for a particular view” at his expense.

“Why say I want to be Premier? Where is comrade DD going? We never pronounced as a region he must go. So that story is fiction,” said Mashilo.

He said he lives in KwaMhlanga where his state security officers are posted and also own a house in Bronkhostspruit, Gauteng but doesn’t live there.

Mashilo is the MEC of Human Settlements in the Mpumalanga province.

“All I can say is that they are faceless demagogues trying to confuse and create problems in the region. We are watching them,” Mashilo said.

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Poor MK veterans to get houses

Not only those military veterans who served in uMkhonto we Sizwe but also those who served in the PAC’s People’s Liberation Army (APLA) as well as those who served in the South African National Defence Force (SANDF).

Nkangala ANC chairman Speedy Mashilo says the provincial department of human settlement will hand over houses to military veterans.

“The ANC had acquired liberation through the effort of Umkhonto weSizwe comrades,” Mashilo told a news agency on the sidelines of the elective congress that re-elected him to serve as chairman for yet another term.

“As we enjoy the fruits of freedom, the majority of them today are unemployed, homeless and facing abject poverty,” Mashilo said.

He said these houses will be handed over to the military veterans on Thursday (15 Jun) by the provincial human settlement department.

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Mashilo is the MEC for the department in the Mpumalanga province.

He said those belonging to APLA and SANDF will also get the houses, adding that 3000 other houses were being built in the eMalahleni area for the ordinary people.

“These military veterans have families,” he said.

The Nkangala ANC regional elective congress at the Zithabiseni Resort near Mathys Zyn Loop village on Friday and Saturday re-elected Mashilo to return for a third term as chairman.

Thomas Ngwenya returned as Mashilo’s deputy, Leah Khoza as secretary, deputised by Thomas Mabena as well as treasurer Moko Tlou.

ANCYL Nkangala chairman Mduduzi Nkosi was also elected into the mother-body’s regional executive committee.

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Outcomes of ANC regional congresses mean ‘MP is united’

With just a few months left to the 54th elective congress, it means David Mabuza will arrive with a united province at the Nasrec Showgrounds when Africa’s oldest liberation movement meets for its five-yearly elective conference in December.

The results of the ANC regional congresses in the Mpumalanga province mean that the ANC in Mpumalanga is united, delegates have said.

Delegates who spoke to 013NEWS on Friday and Saturday said they are united behind the elected leadership.

Nkangala ANC chairman Speedy Mashilo, Gert Sibande’s Muzi Chirwa, Bohlabela’s Gillion Mashigo and eHlanzeni’s Ngrayi Ngwenya were all re-elected unopposed at congresses that sat over the weekend.

Mpumalanga wants provincial leader David Mabuza to be the deputy president when the ANC holds its 54th national congress in December 2017.

But achieving this required that Mabuza’s allies be elected to lead the  four regions of Mpumalanga.

In his political report on Friday morning, Chirwa thanked Mabuza for his call for unity in the ANC “in dealing with the leadership question”.

“We acknowledge that we have made this call for organisational unity to help the ANC out of the challenges that are associated with the intense leadership contestation,” he said.

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Ex-AU chairwoman Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma may become the next president of the ANC on a slate opposed to deputy president Cyril Ramaphosa’s bid for the party’s number one job.

She will be deputised by Mabuza while Free State ANC chairman Ace Magashule is pushed to be secretary-general.

Nehawu rubbishes ANCYL's claims of anti-Chirwa plot

ANC Gert Sibande chairman Muzi Chirwa

The ANCYL wants the position of 2nd deputy secretary-general created for police minister Fikile Mbalula. Here, Jessie Duarte will be 1st deputy secretary and Mbalula the 2nd.

ANCYL provincial leader Tim Mashele was elected into the regional executive committee of the ANC in the Bohlabela region, his deputy Trevor Nkosi elected into the Gert Sibande ANC REC.


Nkangala ANCYL leader Mduduzi Nkosi was also elected into the Nkangala ANC REC.

Gert Sibande ANYCL chairman Trevor Nkosi.

All the top 5 in all four regions were re-elected, except in Bohlabela where Ruth Raganya took over from Steve Maunye as the deputy chairwoman of the region.

Gijimani Skhosana, who was being lobbied to take over from Mashilo, was elected into Nkangala ANC REC as an additional member.

Mpumalanga ANC secretary Mandla Ndlovu said the conferences were a success and told delegates at the Nutting House Lodge in Mbombela that as Mpumalanga they support Mabuza to be elected into the national top 6.

“Our position is that he should be deputy president, we have not yet pronounced on who should be president,” he said.

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Nkangala general council: Vusi Shongwe speaks unity

The provincial executive committee member addressed the regional general council.

Mpumalanga ANC treasurer Vusi Shongwe has appealed for unity, saying the time of congresses divides the ANC.

He said “conferences cause disorder” and they have accepted that as a “norm”.

Shongwe was addressing the special regional general council of the ANC in Nkangala on Saturday morning (25 Mar).

“I want all of you you here to go back in your branches and be ambassadors of unity,” he told delegates at the Banquet hall in Middelburg.

“And don’t allow your leaders to use you for their own agendas,” said Shongwe.

He said members who didn’t have money or power found themselves being used by those with money or power to achieve their own interests.

He also warned against greediness, saying the other way to stay united is to avoid being greedy.

“In order for us to be united we must try to not be greedy, we must know that there are comrades who are volunteers who get absolutely nothing in return for the love of the movement,” he said.

“ANC is not divided by ordinary members, it is divided by us the leaders of upper structures and deployees, it is us who think we know better,” Shongwe said, adding that should stop.

The ANC in the Nkangala region is expected to retain the current leadership as a way of forging ‘unity’.

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This campaign, called ‘maintaining the status quo’, is expected to elected current chairman Speedy Mashilo for a third term and Leah Khoza for a second term but another faction opposed to this wants change, saying the main faction’s call for unity is biased.

A source in the regional executive committee said that although the campaign seeks to maintain the status quo it does not mean that the positions of deputies wouldn’t be contested. “What we are looking at are key leaders, we want to retain the chairperson and and secretary and at the same time bring in young leaders into the fold as the chairperson has said”

The ANCYL in the province has been lobbying provincial leader David Mabuza for a forty-percent inclusion of young people into strategic positions in the party and in government for the past two years.

However one other faction has been lobbying for an outright leadership change and a take over of young people. It wants JS Moroka mayor Gijimani Skhosana to emerge as the new chairman when the region goes to its elective conference in May 2017.

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Kidnapping of Gijimani raises eyebrows

A high-ranking police investigator has been allocated the case of the kidnapping drama of Dr JS Moroka mayor Gijimani Skhosana.

The female detective, a lieutenant-colonel, will investigate the four men who kidnapped and robbed JS Moroka mayor Gijimani Skhosana and dumped him in Kwaggafontein, running away with his black Golf 6 GTI.

The kidnappers then drove few kilometres before abandoning the mayor’s car in the same Kwaggafontein area, in Section A.

Mpumalanga police boss lieutenant-general Mondli Zuma late on Thursday morning issued a statement and asked anybody with information to please call detective lieutenant-colonel Dudu Poto, saying his office will make sure that those who “trample on other people’s basic rights” will have to face the full might of the law.

The incident happened on Wednesday night – after 9pm – and 5 months after Skhosana’s persona assistant Nicholas Peu was shot dead.

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“Once again we are making an earnest appeal to the community to cooperate with the police in creating a safe and secure environment,” Zuma said in a statement.

Two sources in the provincial executive committee of the ANC in the Mpumalanga province told 013NEWS on Thursday afternoon that both the police provincial boss and Premier David Mabuza were made aware about the incident of Skhosana’s kidnapping on Wednesday night, at around 10pm, by Nkangala regional chairman Speedy Mashilo.

Kidnapping of Gijimani raises eyebrows

INCUMBENT: ANC Nkangala chairman Speedy Mashilo. ©MfisoDIGITAL/ZK.

Police spokesman Brigadier Leonard Hlathi said the four men were waiting outside Skhosana’s house in Siyabuswa’s Section D for him to arrive from work and when he got off his car to lock the gate, the men attacked  him.

“The miscreants allegedly threatened him with a firearm, forced him into the house and took a plasma screen TV.

“They then shoved him into his car and drove away with him,” Hlathi said, adding that detective lieutenant-colonel Dudu Poto was investigating a case of kidnapping and house robbery.

Skhosana’s spokeswoman Ramatsetse Masabata didn’t respond to texts on Thursday morning but a source in the JS Moroka municipality said when Skhosana was being taken by force his wife was there at home “and we heard she told neighbours about it”.

At least four of six ANC members across the Nkangala region who spoke to the 013NEWS reporter over the phone  said they believed Skhosana’s kidnapping was politically motivated as Skhosana was gaining support “in the 11th hour” ahead of the regional congress but two of the four said they didn’t understand how.

“We can’t say he stage-managed his own kidnapping seeing the injury he sustained in the head, also we can’t say it was the work of the other faction because they would have killed him outright. We will know later as investigations are still on,” said one of them on Thursday morning.

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013NEWS has established that Skhosana is tipped to be Mashilo’s deputy when the region maintains the ‘status quo’ at its elective congress in few weeks to come.

It is understood that Mabuza has instructed regions to collapse all factions and forge consensus on leadership that is to be elected at the upcoming regional elective congresses which will take place in April.

However Skhosana is being lobbied by another faction opposed to Mashilo’s bid for a third term to emerge as the region’s chairman.

The faction says they believe Skhosana’s taking over from Mashilo will “re-energise and radicalise” the ANC in the region because he is young but it is unclear whether his election for the Nkangala’s number one post will be favourable to Mabuza who wants to emerge as the ANC’s deputy president on a slate that wants Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma as president because Skhosana is seen to be having the backing of the SACP.

The SACP is opposed to Dlamini-Zuma and Mabuza ascending to the highest ANC offices and will rather follow Cosatu in its preference of current deputy president Cyril Ramaphosa.

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