PRET withdraws decision to contest election after “fruitful” meeting with Mandla Ndlovu

Ndlovu confirmed having talks with the Mpumalanga organisation.

The Practical Radical Economic Transformation (PRET) group will no longer contest the 2019 general elections after having “fruitful” talks with Mpumalanga ANC acting chairman Mandla Ndlovu.

Ndlovu confirmed having talks with a PRET team that included Themba Sgudla and Sunday Mathebula.

013NEWS understands the meeting between the two parties occurred “in order to iron out” the differences that exist between them – after PRET publicly slammed ANC deputy president DD Mabuza for endorsing Ndlovu to succeed him and “ignorant” leaders who were “unwilling” to work with PRET.

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“I can confirm that we had a meeting with PRET,” Ndlovu told the reporter over the phone, adding that it was to “speak about issues”.

In a statement released this week, Mathebula, who is PRET’s secretary, said his organisation met with Ndlovu on 2 April 2018.

He said they agreed that as an organisation they “will always be biased to the ANC” but will no longer endorse certain leaders to lead it at its special general council.

“PRET SA has no view and therefore instructs and advices [sic] all its members in their own rights to go to their representative branches and exercise their democratic rights as stated in the ANC constitution,” Mathebula said.

He said PRET “will continue to support the newly appointed leadership and watch closely their commitment towards radical economic transformation and unemployment”.

“We will continue to mobilise all our efforts, energies and progress in making sure that private sector delivers on corporate social investments and social labour plans,” said Mathebula.

“It is important that the Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) between PRET SA and the Mpumalanga provincial government is implemented without any delay,” he said.

He defined relations between Mabuza and their leader Sgudla as “healthy and bouncing”.

“To the best of our knowledge and the engagement that were carried through during Easter holidays their relationship is healthy and bouncing,” Mathebula said.

“We will continue to raise issues sharply with the deputy president of the country because we believe he is capable enough to champion the issue of Radical Economic Transformation,” he said.

“Secondly, we will continue to believe in him as the individual and collective in championing and implementing the resolutions of the 54th conference of the ANC without any delay,” the secretary said.

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Mpumalanga Govt says they never had “formal” deal with Sgudla’s PRET

Government says they only “endorsed” them and “appreciated” the good work they do in mobilising for the betterment of young people.

The Mpumalanga government has denied they ever signed a Memorandum of Agreement with the Practical Radical Economic Transformation (PRET), saying they only “endorsed” them as an organised structure for youth development.

The government responds a week after PRET accused it of being “unwilling” to work with them in fulfilling the agreement they had with former Premier David Mabuza a year ago.

Called a ‘Memorandum of Agreement’, the controversial Mpumalanga organisation said the agreement was signed by Mabuza and forces the provincial government to commit to youth development.

The organisation is led by eMalahleni businessman Themba Sgudla as President and features former eMalahleni municipal councillor Sunday Mathebula as secretary.

It said there is “slow progress” in fulfilling the pledges made in the Memorandum of Agreement as well as “non-existent implementation of resolutions” they reached with Mabuza last year in terms of how the memorandum would “be rolled out”.

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“There was never a formal agreement,” government spin doctor Zibonele Mncwango said on Monday this week.

“The former Premier just endorsed them as a structure working with youth, that the government should assist them in their programs but there was never a formal agreement,” Mncwango said.

He said PRET was particularly needed to come as “an organised structure” when the Mpumalanga government partnered with Standard Bank in a bid to create jobs by empowering small businesses late last year.

“That’s when the former Premier said ‘no, because you are an organised structure come involve yourself here’,” Mncwango said.

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PRET praises Malema, wants to invite him to its Summit

They say they will speak to him and see when a space in his busy schedule is available in order to host him.

The Practical Radical Economic Transformation (PRET) group of Mpumalanga has showered EFF national leader Julius Malema with praises, saying truth be told the young man is progressive.

Now PRET says they want Malema to come speak during its Summit to be held in May or June 2018 in Gauteng on the issue of economic transformation.

“We are considering inviting him,” PRET leader Themba Sgudla said on Wednesday this week.

“It will be an Advisory Summit and we want him to just give us a lecture on the topic of economic transformation and black empowerment,” he said.

He said Malema is too smart and brave at the same time and “we want a majority of our members to be like Malema. In fact, we like that boy,” Sgudla said.

“That boy is a talker and a doer and that is why as PRET we are planning to invite him in our Summit just to lecture us so that he can transfer the wisdom to us,” the wealthy eMalahleni businessman said over the phone on Wednesday night.

“That boy is very brave. He believes in what he says and he’s an implementor,” Sgudla said.

He said where the EFF was assisting the ANC implement its own policies they will not fold their arms but will assist as well.

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Sgudla said he will stick with PRET and achieve its goals of assisting the poor, unemployed.

He said as a property developer he believes in “local beneficiation, expropriation of land without compensation, “I believe in localisation, not in BEE”.

“Our members we must do something completely different, we must not do things that are in the market already. We must be real enterprenuers. So everybody who joins PRET must not join PRET in order to go to ANC and get a government job, no. All of us must go to private sector. We must grow the economy ourselves and create jobs,” Sgudla said.

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SANCO wants cops to arrest Sgudla for “money-laundering”

The civic movement discussed the issue during its extended provincial working committee meeting on Friday last week.

The South African National Civic Organisation (SANCO) in the Mpumalanga province has called on cops to do their job and arrest the founding leader of the Practical Radical Economic Transformation (PRET) group for money-laundering.

The civic organisation says the businessman’s dishing out of R200 notes to people during events should be looked at by the police and dealt with as it is.

Sgudla, a rich tenderpreneur from the eMalahleni area of Mpumalanga, founded the organisation together with secretary Sunday Mathebula in March 2017 but is known for giving out R200 notes in community meetings to what he says are “the needy”.

But SANCO believes this is a crime and something must be done by the cops to stop it.

“SANCO views this distribution of money as utter money-laundering,” provincial secretary Mike Soko said in a statement this week.

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SANCO therefore calls on the state security agencies to investigate and arrest these money-launderers with immediate effect,” said Soko.

“More worrying is that the ANC in Mpumalanga seems to have found comfort to abdicate its responsibility of this organisation,” he said.

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Sgudla didn’t immediately answer smsed questions on Wednesday night.

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Mpumalanga ANC postpones January 8 statement

The party says they had to postpone it to accommodate a provincial executive committee Lekgotla the coming weekend.

The ANC in the Mpumalanga province has postponed the much-talked about January 8 statement that was scheduled to be delivered by deputy president DD Mabuza.

Mabuza, who was in Limpopo the past weekend, was going to come to the Mpumalanga province to deliver the January 8 statement marking 106 years since the birth of the ANC in 1912.

The event was set to take place at the Ackerville stadium in eMalahleni on Saturday, 3 February 2018 and posters had already been circulating on social media.

The ANC Mpumalanga event has generated a lot of talk on social networks after it was discovered that the Practical Radical Economic Transformation (PRET) group led by businessman Themba Sgudla was also going to have its own separate event – a ‘Unity’ rally – on the same day as the January 8 statement.

Some people commenting on social media networks have suggested that the reason the ANC is postponing its birthday celebration in the province is because it has been “bullied” by PRET – but then this has been rejected as a lie by both the ANC and PRET.

Mpumalanga ANC postpones January 8 statement

ANC provincial spokeswoman Sasekani Manzini said the reason the event is postponed is because they want to have a PEC Lekgotla.

“We have postponed it for the PEC Lekgotla at Nutting House Lodge in Mbombela on Saturday and Sunday,” she said over the phone.

“Yes, that’s the only reason we have postponed it,” she said.

Sgudla on the other hand said they will never in their lives “fight or clash with ANC programmes” because the ANC is their home.

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He said they are continuing with their rally at the Lynnville stadium – in the same eMalahleni area – the coming Saturday because the ANC has postponed its event.

“We can’t be treated as if we are in competition with ANC, that’s a misunderstanding. The blood of ANC flows in our veins,” Sgudla told the 013NEWS reporter on Tuesday afternoon.

“PRET is dominated by ANC members and everywhere we are we push the views of the ANC. There’s no way that we can fight the ANC or give the impression that we are bigger or more important than the ANC. We all belong to the ANC, it’s our home. The January 8 statement is postponed and we carry on with our Unity rally,” he said.

He added they have been in constant talks with Mpumalanga acting chairman Mandla Ndlovu ahead of preparation for their rally and there is no bullying of the ANC by them.

“We can’t. The ANC is our home. We respect it too much,” Sgudla said.

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