Sometimes we learn to accept defeat, says Sgudla after getting 0.24%

His is one of the scores of small political parties taking the IEC to court.

Co-founder of Mpumalanga’s new-born political party SANCOTA and eMalahleni businessman Themba ‘Masofa’ Sgudla has reacted to the 0.24% that his party got on 8 May 2019 general elections.

Sgudla said his defeat was the consequence of irregularities by the Electoral Commission (IEC) and “the fact that when we came we didn’t have experience of how the whole thing works”.

“Now we have mastered the system. We are one of the political parties that are taking the IEC to court because we are fixing the IEC to that when we contest in the future we are able to feel the independence of the IEC,” he said shortly after results were announced on Saturday evening.  

Basically, of all the 1.9 million registered voters in Mpumalanga only 2 884 voted for SANCOTA while 29 512 voted for the Freedom Front Plus, DA (118 915), EFF (155 573) and ANC (858 589).

The ANC got 70.58% in Mpumalanga, a decline from the 77% they got during the 2014 general elections. This translates into 22 seats in the 30-seat provincial legislature; a decline by 2 seats compared to the 24 they got in 2014.

The EFF got 12.79%, making it the new official opposition province, while the DA received 

9.77% followed by FF+ which got just over 2% or 1 seat in the legislature. 

SANCOTA and a string of other political parties are heading to court arguing that the 2019 general elections were not fair. 

They mention the instances of alleged double voting reported in the media, scanners at some station not working, not enough ballot papers and the allowing of people who were not registered to vote to cast their votes. 

Certified voters’ roll were changed on election day to allow those who were not registered, their lawyer said in a court paper seen by the 013NEWS reporter.

Sgudla says the independence of the IEC “should be felt by everybody in the country” and “it should not be IEC that claims to be independent but that independence”.

“For example when you go to a private hospital in the country you should not be told that the hospital is running things efficiently but you should feel that thing within you, ‘that that thing is a good hospital’,” said Sgudla.

“Same as the IEC. It should not go all over the places telling people that it is an independent body while we don’t feel it. South Africans don’t have confidence in the IEC,” he said.

He said they were calling for claim amongst their membership and “we should all of us wait for the outcomes of the court case”.

“We will fix the system and then contest a corrupt-free election. To our members, we know that the disappointment and bruises are running deep but sometimes it happens that as a human being sometimes you learn to accept defeat. It’s a long road,” Sgudla said. 

Meanwhile, Jimmy Manyi’s African Transformation Movement, which had been part of a protest by the scores of political parties at the IEC results centre in Tshwane and the battle against the IEC, has done an about-turn.

They say they now accept the outcomes of the election and cannot “hold the country to ransom”.

“The ATM is satisfied that the IEC has acted in good faith and professionally in answering to its institutional demands met continuously since its inception. The current statistical probe indicates a variance of around 1.3 percent, which, although not material, is also not acceptable,” said ATM. 

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Sgudla donates beds, blankets to church members during SANCOTA’s final push

He says they are targeting church members and rural bases led by chiefs.

Co-founder of Mpumalanga political party SANCOTA and eMalahleni rich man Themba ‘Masofa’ Sgudla has donated a string of beds, blankets and groceries to scores of church members in his party’s final push ahead of 8 May 2019 general elections.

Sgudla visited the United Families Christian Ministries near Vosman in eMalahleni where he urged congregants to “keep the issues of the country in your prayer”.

The businessman, also an estranged friend of deputy president DD Mabuza, is expecting 10 seats at the 400-seat South African house of lawmakers in Cape Town and “various seats” in the Mpumalanga legislature.

One of these seats, Sgudla said, will be given to jailed abaThembu King Buyelekhaya Dalindyebo “to face the system that humiliated him”.

Dalindyebo, who serves a 12-years sentence since 2015 after an appeal court upheld a 2009 sentence handed down to the King, is in the process of being released on a presidential pardon. 


Sgudla donates beds, blankets to church members during SANCOTA's final push

Thousands of elderly people were treated to donations of blankets and beds at the United Family Christian Ministries near Vosman.

The justice department has already been advised by private lawyers to give the King a pardon and President Cyril Ramaphosa is currently applying his mind. 

The Mthatha High Court sentenced Dalindyebo to 15 years in jail for a string of charges involving the physical attack of his subjects. He faced several charges of kidnapping his subjects, kicking them up, burning down their homes, killing them and in the process blocking the hand of law from getting to the bottom of the matter. 

Sgudla donates beds, blankets to church members during SANCOTA's final push

abaThembu King Buyelekhaya Dalindyebo who is awaiting his presidential pardon

After being sentenced in 2009, the King went to appeal but then in 2015 the appeal court upheld the Mthatha High Court judgement. They reduced Dalindyebo’s sentence by 3 years after setting him free on only one charge amongst the rest. It was the charge of culpable homicide.

The Supreme Court of Appeal in Mangaung said the reason the case dragged for so long was mainly due to the King’s “dilatory and obstructive” behaviour. They say he changed lawyers 11 times, causing at least 34 postponements to the case and the intimidation of those who were supposed to testify against him. 

“His behaviour,” the SCA ruled, “was more deplorable because the victims of his reign of terror were the vulnerable rural poor, who were dependent upon him”.

Sgudla said the putting of Dalindyebo in jail “is an insult to the ancestors”.

“The system cannot see that that man is a King. There was a way to deal with his issue, not embarrass him the way they did. We want him in Parliament to face the system that humiliated him,” Sgudla said.

He told the congregants on Sunday mid-day that his party was in talks with the company that manufactured the beds and wanted the company to be locally owned, perhaps by himself, so that it bolsters skills development and create jobs. 

Sgudla donates beds, blankets to church members during SANCOTA's final push

An elderly woman who received a blanket from SANCOTA.

“As Themba Sgudla I promise you nothing except the power of God and that power will free us,” he said. 

He added, to applause, that he would continue to donate to the needy “knowing that the blessed hand is the one that is giving”.

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War between George Xaba and Dingindoda tenants still on

The man has managed to evict some tenants while having others’ salaries garnished.

A wrangle started late last year by controversial eMalahleni businessman Themba ‘Masofa’ Sgudla to incite Dingindoda tenants to stand up and take the homes from their landlord is now getting quite worse. 

A string of court papers have been sent to the tenants who have been refusing to pay rent since last year September.  

Now the tenants, who say they are going nowhere, say the court papers being served are a “harassment” and wants to report it to officials at the eMalahleni local municipality.

The Dingindoda rental settlement, formally known as uThingo Park, is situated in the eMalahleni suburb of Tasbet Park and was built more than 15 years ago by government as part of addressing the housing crisis in the coal-mining dominated town of Mpumalanga. 

It was built by Sgudla’s company and it has roughly 1 500 units. Later on the constructor and politicians got into a fight, and the homes fell into a non-profit company called Emalahleni Housing Company.

The company’s boss is George Xaba, the Tasbet area’s former ANC branch chairman, and who through the company collects R3.7 million each month and uses it to satisfy his taste for expensive things. 

Sgudla told the tenants to stop paying and the homes should be transferred to the tenants for ownership rather than “renting forever”. They should enter into a “rent-to-buy” agreement with the developer of the homes – which is him, and pay towards owning the homes. 

 But Xaba is going to court over this and says the homes cannot be transferred to the tenants for ownership because they were never meant for that process in the first place. He said the homes are like hostels, they are meant to accommodate immigrant workers who are low income earners. 

He also said that Sgudla wants to “profit from the sale of social housing units built with public funds”.

EHC's George Xaba accused of enriching himself "from poor's suffering"

Formally known as uThingo Park, the Dingindoda rental area in eMalahleni.

But Sgudla says a document called Land Availability Agreement his company signed with the eMalahleni local municipality at the start of the project in the early 2000s allows him to sell the units to “members of the public” and then take some of the money and pay the municipality for the land on which the homes are built. 

Both the Land Availability Agreement and Sgudla’s claims over Dingindoda are a subject of court. Xaba argues that the Land Availability Agreement is unlawful and should be reviewed by the Tshwane High Court sitting in Middleburg. 

It will be heard later this year. 

The tenants say they are marching to the eMalahleni municipality on 6 May 2019 to demand that it tell Xaba to stop “harrassing” them. 

In a message circulating on WhatsApp the tenants say the reason they are taking to the municipality is “because some have received court papers, some they have received illegal garnish orders delivered at their workplaces and some of their monies were debited without their knowledge and it looks like they [Xaba and his people] are trying to provoke the peaceful people of uThingo Park”.

“The municipality as the ones who hired these agents called Emalahleni Housing Company must tell them to stop harassing the peaceful community of uThingo because there are court processes that are running and lets all wait for the law to take its course and justice to prevail,” one of the leaders said. 

He said they will deliver a memorandum to mayor Linah Malatjie’s office about Xaba. 

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In his response, Xaba said he had been faced with people who had been stopping new tenants from coming in. 

“Staff members are also threatened and vehicles belonging to the non-profit company are damaged when they come to the premise,”  Xaba said. 

He added other tenants who want to comply are forced to stay away from work, with the other group blocking the entry.

He said the court has interdicted the tenants who refused to pay and had allowed “EHC to perform its duties”.

“I do not understand when he says EHC is provoking and harassing peaceful people of uThingo. Is it peaceful when you burn down properties? Is it peaceful when you barricades the complex and force everyone to stay away from work? Is [it] peaceful when you block people from exercising their democratic rights to stay away from your meetings . Is it peaceful when you continuously harass and provoke security person for doing their job to protect innocent and law-bidding citizens?” Xaba asked in his response.

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Sgudla wants to help Mbombela court “to bring evidence of Mabuza’s wrongdoing”

He is vowing to fight and expose what he believes were “unprincipled activities” during DD Mabuza’s Mpumalanga term.

eMalahleni multi-millionaire Themba ‘Masofa’ Sgudla has said that he is joining one of the ANC factions currently in court as a friend of the court, assisting with evidence of alleged wrongdoing he witnessed while he was deputy president DD Mabuza’s friend.

The controversial eMalahleni millionaire, known for treating harshly those who stand in his way,  says the election of the ANC’s national executive committee in Nasrec on 18 December 2017 was “illegitimate” and that his organisation the Practical Radical Economic Transformation (PRET) will now fight the NEC decision that removed Jacob Zuma as President of the South Africa on 14 February 2018.

Sgudla spoke to 013NEWS this week and said the fight against the leadership of Mabuza and ANC President Cyril Ramaphosa “is on” and doesn’t just happen now because there is elections.

He said his PRET has taken a decision to join the court case as a friend of the court in order to provide the court with evidence of the alleged fraud committed by ANC Mpumalanga structures through the creation of bogus branches in the lead-up to the party’s 2015 provincial congress that elected Mabuza for a third term.

Last week the Mpumalanga High Court in Mbombela heard heads of arguments from both the current PEC and the faction led by Peter Nyoni that wants the Mpumalanga PEC disbanded.

Sgudla said he knows how the “fraud got carried out” allegedly by Mabuza and his henchmen in the province, an activity he was apparently part of, and was “happy to assist the court and everybody else” get to the bottom of the entire Mpumalanga political issue.

Last month Sgudla made startling claims while addressing traditional leaders in the KwaNdebele area of Mpumalanga of how he knows of Mabuza’s skeletons in the closet and how there was no way if they called Mabuza to the Zondo commission they would not call him.

He said that he had been “there with the man” and “they call him,  they also call me. And I will do the same because I have been there with the man”.

The applicants in the matter to disband the Mpumalanga ANC are led by chairmanship hopeful Peter Nyoni and are arguing that an NEC resolution from 2015 instructing the then PEC to align the two regions of Bohlabela and eHlanzeni into one in line with government demarcation was not followed. Therefore, the Mpumalanga delegates that elected the 54th ANC national leadership were “bogus”.

“PRET has an interest in this case because we believe we can assist the court,” Sgudla said over the phone.

“We are joining as friend of the court as we believe that the ANC’s 54th national congress was unconstitutional because it was constituted by bogus branches. We know how those branches were created and we have proof, we were part of it. We were the businessmen there,” Sgudla said.

“The former secretary general Gwede Mantashe was aware that Mpumalanga never passed the audit, he was aware that his office’s instruction to align the regions and branches was not implemented. I know who are the people who were conducting the audit.

“So its our view that the NEC that recalled president Jacob Zuma is an illegitimate NEC which had no right to recall a democratically elected president,” said Sgudla.

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“We are currently consulting with our lawyers with a view to file urgent court papers because should we be successful, and it also means that the date of 8th May that was declared by Ramaphosa for elections is illegal as he is not a legitimate president.

“We want Zuma reinstated because he was removed by an unconstitutional NEC and if our call is not heeded, then we will challenge the legitimacy and outcomes of these elections,” Sgudla added.

ANC spokeswoman Sasekani Manzini declined to comment saying the matter was before court.

“We have not been informed of PRET’s legal action and therefore have no comment, we will deal with the court process,” she said

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Nyoni said they welcome Sgudla’s support of their court case although they believe it’s a “tad bit too late”.

“The arguments were presented and the case was heard last week, we wish his support had come sooner. From where we are sitting we are now waiting for the judgement and it will be delivered no later than 15 April 2019,” Nyoni said.

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Sgudla claims he knows Mabuza’s skeletons in the closet

He spoke to leaders of the KwaNdebele tribal kraal before addressing community members in the Kameelrivier area.

Co-founder of Mpumalanga’s newest political party SANCOTA and estranged friend of deputy president DD Mabuza has this week claimed to be someone who knows the ANC leader’s skeletons in the closet.

Themba Sgudla said the day Mabuza would be called to the Zondo commission there is no way he won’t be implicated because “I have been with the man”

“They call him, they will call me also to come and testify,” Sgudla said while addressing traditional leaders at Chief Ndzundza Mbahoko’s royal kraal in Kameelrivier.

“And I will do the same if they call me,” he said Tuesday afternoon.

“When I speak about Mabuza I speak about somebody I know and the day they will ask me, ‘Where do you get all this money?’ I will say, ‘Ask him’,” the multimillionaire said to laugher from izinduna who had come to listen to him and Chief Mantjolo Mnisi explain their newly formed political party, Tuesday 19 March 2019.

“He is still my friend because I know if they call him at the Zondo Commission he will call me and I will do the same,” Sgudla repeated.

Soon after the meeting at the tribal council, both Sgudla and Mantjolo went to address a community meeting, launching SANCOTA in the KwaNdebele area.

Sgudla claims he knows the skeletons Mabuza's closet

Two weeks ago the two were in Bushbuckridge, where they officially launched the party.

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Sgudla claims he knows Mabuza's skeletons in the closet

FROM LEFT: SANCOTA co-founder Themba ‘Masofa’ Sgudla, Chief Mantjolo Mnisi and Chief Fene Mahlangu.

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He told the KwaNdebele leaders that during Apartheid, when they used to have a Bantustan, they were able to make certain developments possible for themselves.

“But since the ANC took over what do you have today,” he asked.

“Everything has stopped,” he said, adding “not even in Mabuza’s 10-years as Premier”.

“Its only me [who] developed under Mabuza’s term. That I won’t deny but how about you?” he asked. “I was made a millionaire alone in this province and why only me?” said Sgudla to applause later when he addressed community members.

‘SANCOTA’ stands for ‘South African National Congress of Traditional Authority’ and was registered early this year by both Sgudla and Chief Mantjolo – the traditional leader of the Enkonjeni royal kraal near Badplaas.

It will contest the upcoming general elections to be held on 8 May 2019.

Sgudla claims he knows Mabuza's skeletons in the closet

It is led by traditional leaders and Sgudla will serve in its executive committee as a leader of his PRET, an alliance structure of SANCOTA.

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Mantjolo is an executive committee member of the Mpumalanga house of traditional leaders.

Chief Ndzundza didn’t form part of the Kameelrivier SANCOTA meeting at his kraal but did send izinduna and Chief Fene Mahlangu to represent him.

It was addressed by Mantjolo, Sgudla and Mahlangu – and they have agreed to work together.

In his address, Mantjolo said SANCOTA was not found to oppose any political party “but to listen to the nation”.

“SANCOTA listens to what the nation says and does. The problem we are having today is that the leaders tell the nation what to do and is no longer a nation having the involvement of chiefs,” said Mantjolo.

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