Pholoso Mbatsane region awaits ‘lobbying’ on Trevor vs Thabang

They want him to retain the post – dark or blue…

Mpumalanga ANCYL secretary Pholoso Mbatsane’s region of eHlanzeni is waiting for the other regions to lobby them on who should take the provincial chair seat between Trevor Nkosi and Thabang Mathebula.
This is according to regional secretary Siyabonga Malandule who said that they will not pronounce a position until they have spoken to the other regions.
Malandule said a meeting between Bohlabela leader Precious Tonga, secretary Mourice Khoza, Gert Sibande leader Thulasizwe Thomo, secretary James ‘Castro’ Nkosi and Nkangala leader Bobo Mtshweni as well as secretary Mathebula will determine whether Nkosi or Mathebula becomes the chair.
He said they will “obviously guide the process” as the leadership.
 “As a region we are clear on comrade Pholoso” Malandule said when he spoke to the 013NEWS reporter on Sunday mid-day.
“We are still in the process, branches are still busy with BGMs,” he said over the phone.
“And we are still going to enter into discussions with the other regions and lobby or be lobbied on the position of provincial chair. Remember what must happen we must first lobby them for our candidate and they will then bring their own candidates for preference, that’s when we will sit down and agree on the preferences,” said Malandule.
He said branches were currently “sending them out” as a regional executive committee and were saying, “this is our preference, go and discuss with the other regions and then you will tell us as to how you engaged with the other regions”.
“The branches have the right to view,” the secretary said, “they can nominate any leader but we will obviously guide after consolidation,” he said.
The Mpumalanga province is preparing for an ANCYL provincial congress – a congress that is important moving forward to the national one.
Both Nkosi and Mathebula, who is the secretary of Nkangala, want to be chairman of the Mpumalanga ANCYL.
Nkosi, a current provincial deputy chair and who some believe is the right leader “to take the province forward,” runs a slate that national contestant Ndumisio Mokako regionally depends on in order to be the national secretary or President of the ANCYL.
The ambitious Mokako is from the Gert Sibande region, a region Nkosi hails from and allegedly controls.
Provincial spokesman Bheki Sithole said the RECs do not have the right to lobby each other, “only branches” do have the right.
“What do you mean when you say you will ‘obviously guide the process’, obviously you want to tell branches who to nominate,” Sithole said over the phone.
“Frankly, remember that this is not a congress of the regions but it is a congress of branches and will be attended by branches who elect delegates. Those people who attend congresses we call them delegates because they are given delegation powers by the branches to go and represent them.
“So branches are allowed to lobby each other on any matter going to congress. For example, a branch in eHlanzeni can lobby a branch in Nkangala and come out with a preferred candidate but not the RECs. The RECs cannot do that. The REC cannot ‘guide a process’, only the constitution guides a process,” Sithole said.
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Disgruntled Bohlabela ANCYL members want Bheki Sithole as secretary in Trevor Nkosi slate

They also mention YCL provincial spokesman Lucky Zitha as their preferred man for the position of provincial deputy chair.

Bohlabela ANCYL members belonging to a faction that wrote to national secretary Njabulo Nzuza complaining about a May 2018 regional elective congress being marred by unfairness are currently infiltrating the ground to garner enough support for league provincial spokesman Bheki Sithole to become the provincial secretary when a congress is held soon.

Led by Bushbuckridge subregion ward 10 chairman Kabelo Ndziyo, the members said they are on a mission to seek a new leadership in the province that will “revive” the ANCYL from its “grave”. The group believes Ndumiso Mokako is the right leader for the position of President, Trevor Nkosi for the position of Mpumalanga league chairperson and Sithole as secretary.

They also want Lucky Zitha, the YCL provincial spokesman, to become the deputy chairman.

But this is setting them against the leadership that won the May congress which wants provincial secretary Pholoso Mbatsane to retain his post.

The group stood up and left the May 2018 Bohlabela ANCYL elective conference in exodus soon after credentials were adopted, complaining that NEC deployee deputy president Desmond Moela was conducting the conference unfairly and they no longer wanted to participate.

Disgruntled Bohlabela ANCYL members want Bheki Sithole as secretary in Trevor Nkosi slate

The Bohlabela conference hall after the other faction had allegedly staged an exodus, crying unfairness.

They later wrote a letter to Nzuza complaining of the way the conference was conducted and the “bogus delegates” that were allegedly added to defeat them.

“We want Trevor as chair, Lucky Zitha as deputy chair, Bheki Sithole as secretary, Musa Nkuna as deputy secretary and Sthembile Mhlongo as treasurer,” Ndziyo told the 013NEWS reporter this week Wednesday.

He said nationally they will prefer Mokako and KZN secretary Thanduxolo Sabelo as secretary general and that they had the number of branches to ensure this happens.

“We don’t want Pholoso Mbatsane because he is part of the group that was conducting the conference unfairly and robbing us in order to get the people they want to remote-control to emerge.

“Both Tim Mashele and Mbatsane failed the ANCYL, we don’t want them. Since they got elected in 2015 they never had programs,” he said.

“Trevor is better because we saw what he did in Gert Sibande in terms of programs and is someone who is not arrogant and is able to deal with people peacefully and that’s why we want him and Sithole,” Ndziyo said.

Disgruntled Bohlabela ANCYL members want Bheki Sithole as secretary in Trevor Nkosi slate

Lucky Zitha.

The Ndziyo group had wanted former acting regional secretary Nhlamulo Mayindi to become the secretary as well as Musa Nkuna to become the chair but lost to Precious Tonga who got elected the chairwoman as well as Mourice Khoza who became the secretary on the day they chose to leave.

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They claim the current leadership of Tonga and Khoza is an “imposed structure” and is scared of calling a Regional General Council to finish the business of the May 2018 congress “because they know they don’t have the branches” and were elected by “bogus delegates”.

They also accuse them of being “remote-controlled” by ANC provincial spokeswoman Sasekani Manzini and “cannot do anything without her permission”.

“Precious even worked in Sasekani’s office and each and every program they want to have they ask Sasekani first and if she says no they won’t do it,” Ndziyo said.

Manzini, who is also health MEC, is from the Bohlabela region and previously served as the ANCYL provincial secretary.

“That structure we don’t recognise it. It is a structure of Sasekani and Desmond,” he said, adding that the reason the structure was “imposed” it was for the sole reason of using it to pronounce league provincial leader Tim Mashele as the regional secretary of the ANC in the Bohlabela region in the near future.

Disgruntled Bohlabela ANCYL members want Bheki Sithole as secretary in Trevor Nkosi slate

Sasekani Manzini (L), Tim Mashele (C) and Desmond Moela (R). 013NEWS/ZK.

Ndziyo said the current leadership has few branches, “very few” and that of the 123 delegates that attended the May 2018 congress a number of 74 delegates were “on our side and that is the reason they had to get bogus delegates to add to their numbers,” he said.

Disgruntled Bohlabela ANCYL members want Bheki Sithole as secretary in Trevor Nkosi slate

Manzini told the 013NEWS reporter that she refuses to be dragged into ANCYL squabbles as she is no longer an ANCYL member.

She said she only attended the May 2018 conference as an invited guest and is having nothing to do with the other claims.

Moela promised he would respond to media enquiries but never did.

Regional secretary Mourice Khoza rejected the claims, saying the Ndziyo group will always say but can never give names of the people they claim were bogus delegates.

Disgruntled Bohlabela ANCYL members want Bheki Sithole as secretary in Trevor Nkosi slate

Bohlabela ANCYL chairwoman Precious Tonga.

“Everything in that congress was fair. I was contesting against the former Regional Task Team member comrade Nhlamulo Mayindi and delegates from branches rejected him,” Khoza said.

“We were not imposed at all but elected by branch delegates of Bohlabela region,” he said, “and I think it’s about time they must provide names of the so-called bogus delegates and the names of delegates they say left congress, they can’t provide that information because there is no such,” Khoza said.

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Khoza said as far he knows the few BGMs that had taken place had nominated Mbatsane to retain the post of secretary.

“We are busy with BGMs and few branches which went to their respective BGMs in the region want Lucky Zitha to be deputy chairperson and Pholoso Mbatsane to retain his position as secretary of the province.

“We will support anyone for chairperson and we are waiting for the other regions to lobby us as a region. I heard that there is a name of Thabang Mathebula and Trevor Nkosi. Both are capable to lead the province,” the secretary said.

Provincial spokesman Bheki Sithole said it was good that branches were conducting BGMs to choose preferred candidates and were exercising their constitutional rights in that manner.

He said any member of the ANCYL in good standing had a right to elect or get elected, adding that he will only stand “only if I’m approached by branches, not just a person standing there calling my name. No”.

He said it was the branches that have the right to choose who must lead the province and “not the province”.

“If branches sit and put people’s names forward, people they believe should lead the province they are practising their constitutional mandate and is a mandate that no one should take away from the branches. It must be a bottom up approach and not the other way around,” Sithole said.

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Thabang Mathebula wants to meet Trevor Nkosi, discuss “what is best for Mpumalanga”

The league says they don’t see Ndumiso Mokako in the picture ahead of national congress and were having “some discussions” with Reggie Nkabinde to replace Collen Maine “but there are still room for other engagements”.

Nkangala ANCYL secretary Thabang Mathebula says he is longing for that time to meet and discuss with provincial deputy leader Trevor Nkosi ahead of a provincial league congress.

Mathebula, endorsed by his own region to take the reigns as Mpumalanga ANCYL chairman, says they are willing to be lobbied as Nkangala for the hot seat and that will happen “in the interest of ANCYL”.

He spoke to the 013NEWS reporter this week after a regional executive committee meeting that resolved he must go contest Nkosi, who is endorsed by the Gert Sibande ANCYL to become the provincial chairman once and for all.

“Trevor is my brother,” Mathebula said over the phone.

“There is no bad blood between myself and him. We are brothers. We are comrades. We are still to get that chance and discuss what is best for Mpumalanga. We will. Very soon,” Mathebula said.

Thabang Mathebula wants to meet Trevor Nkosi, discuss

Thabang Mathebula (R). PIC 013NEWS/MLM.

“Like I’m saying we are opened for discussions with the other regions,” he said.

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Mathebula became the secretary of the Nkangala ANCYL during a May 2018 conference.

His region also wants provincial secretary Pholoso Mbatsane to retain the post and become the national secretary on a slate that wants national treasurer Reggie Nkabinde to be the President.

“We are currently having discussions with Reggie Nkabinde but even on it we are opened for talks for the interest of the ANCYL but we are seeing the race being between Thanduxolo Sabela and Reggie Nkabinde,” Mathebula said.

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He said they will not support Ndumiso Mokako, the league’s NEC member who also wants to be the President.

“We will support Pholoso Mbatsane to be the SG,” he said.

Sabela, who is the KZN ANCYL secretary, is favoured by all 11 regions in his home province to be the President.

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Trevor available to serve as chair “if branches so wish”

His name has been punted amongst those contesting but he says the thing is not about positions.

Mpumalanga ANCYL deputy leader Trevor Nkosi will avail himself for the position of league provincial chairman.

He said this will occur only if branches want him to.

Nkosi was speaking to the 013NEWS reporter on Tuesday this week.

He said over the past months he had felt the need to “give others a chance but if branches believe I should lead I won’t refuse”.

“The organisation teaches us that if branches and membership want a specific leader to lead in a specific position you cannot refuse,” Nkosi said over the phone.

“That leader doesn’t decide where he wants to go. Branches do that. If that happens I will do exactly [that].

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“But personally as Trevor Nkosi I no longer have interest in leading in any of the positions. I just feel that other young people should be given the opportunity to serve in positions,” he said.

Nkosi, a popular and affable youth leader from Ermelo, is favoured by some quarters of the ANCYL in Mpumalanga to serve as the provincial chairman when a congress is held in September 2018.

He was elected the deputy provincial chair in July 2016.

Nkosi said he believes he has played a major role in ANCYL struggles and has groomed others to take up positions.

“If comrades still believe that Trevor Nkosi can still lead and take us there, then let it be, who am I to say no. But also what you must understand is that it’s not about me but the interests of young people in Mpumalanga,” he said.

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Gert Sibande branches to choose Trevor’s successor

The ANCYL is preparing for regional congresses.

The person who will fill Trevor Nkosi’s shoes will be chosen by branches, the league has said.

Branches will have a say, spokesman Thulasizwe Thomo said.

Nkosi, who holds two ANCYL top-5 positions, will relinquish one of them when the league convenes a regional elective congress in few months’ time.

013NEWS heard that the league made mention of preparations for a congress at its regional executive committee lekgotla in Badplaas over the weekend and they want it in September 2017.

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But the next leader of the ANCYL in one of Mpumalanga’s biggest regions will have, more than all, to have the blessings of ANC regional leaders that are aligned to Premier David Mabuza, who of late has been positioning himself as the light-house of an ANC that ought to unite if it still wants to be relevant and see the day.

Nkosi was elected the deputy provincial chairman of the Mpumalanga ANCYl in mid-2015 and has also been holding the position of Gert Sibande league regional chairman.

In terms of party rules, a member may not hold a position in the region and province at once.

Thomo said they do not discuss names but branches will decide who becomes the next leader.

“Branches will do that job,” he said.

“We have opened the ANCYL to all people, even those we don’t agree with, so everyone will have that chance,” he said.

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